Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/24/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/24/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

 Today: Tony sets a trap for Brady, only it ends in devastating results while Colin's murderer confesses to someone. Hope is sure, thanks to Larry, that she killed Colin as Belle prepares for her special night.

Cast: Tony, Brady, John, Chloe, Hope, Bo, Larry's voice, Zack, Shawn, Cassie, Belle, Rex, Marlena, Bart.

At the DiMera Mansion

In the secret room, Tony and Bart are talking as Tony complains about the mess. They find out that Brady is trying to hack into the computer, so Tony decides to give his self-righteous nephew all the rope to hang him with. He talks about how he learned to trick the opponent into a trap and then, the hunter becomes the hunted. He also says that he is going to make this a life altering experience for Brady. Later, Tony calls Brady and tells him to meet at Popham road. After he hangs up, Tony tells Bart that Brady will never be the same again.

At Brady's loft

Chloe arrives to find Brady on the computer and he is happy when he hacks into the DiMera server. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door and in comes John, who starts to talk about his actions earlier at Salem University. Brady tells his father that he better do something before "Count Dracula" lures Sami and Belle into his cave and it's too late. He tries to get John to leave by asking him to give him and Chloe time alone, but Chloe assures John that it's okay. John tells Brady that it is his battle, not Brady's and he will take care of Tony. John sits at the computer and shuts it off as Brady berates him. After John leaves, Tony calls and asks Brady to meet him. He agrees and rushes off. Chloe calls John and informs him.

At the penthouse

Cassie and Rex arrive as Marlena tells them that she's come to a decision as Cassie asks if she wants them to call her mom. Cassie tells her that she looks a lot more like her than Belle as Marlena thinks that's ridiculous. Evil Twin #1 (Cassie) twists things and asks Marlena if she thinks of them as aliens and tells her that Tony isn't afraid of closeness. Rex tells her to back off. Cassie tells Marlena that now that her doctor role is done and she turned them into civilized human beings, her job is done and she doesn't need them anymore. "Well we don't need you, either," Cassie replies and she storms off. Rex explains that Cassie has this thing about family; the more they have, the more she wants. They talk about friendship, the past, and the future, etc., as Rex tells Marlena that he wants to be a psychiatrist just like her. She asks him if he wants to learn about his past and he does, he just doesn't want to be angry like Cassie as Marlena remembers singing the song in the white room. Rex asks Marlena why she is always sad. They hug as John walks in and asks Rex what he's doing there and he replies "just leaving." John tells her about how Brady wants to fight Tony and he is worried. Later, Chloe calls John and he rushes off. Later, after that, Marlena picks up a picture of the twins and says she does love them.

At Tuscany

Belle finds Shawn and asks him to open up to her. She promises that if he is with her tonight...that'll fix everything. They agree to meet at her dorm room in 20 minutes as Belle leaves. Cassie walks up and he asks why she is there. Cassie tells him that they need to talk about the night Colin Murphy was shot. Shawn says that he wants to forget about it, but Cassie says they can't as she saw him on the balcony with Colin. She tells him that she saw him and Dr. Murphy arguing, and Shawn had a gun, they fought, and he shot Colin, and ran. Cassie begs him to tell her that she imagined it.

At Salem University

Belle arrives and finds a sexy blue top to wear as she gets Rex and asks his opinion. He likes it and tells her not to worry about Cassie, cause she'll get over her crush. Later, Belle decorates the room with candles and asks Rex's opinion again. He likes it too, but Shawn's late.

At the Brady's

Bo and Hope are at home as Bo asks her where Zack's bear is. Suddenly, Larry begins saying Murderer, murderer as she looks nervous. Zack cries and Bo goes upstairs as Hope keeps hearing Larry. Finally, she says "I did it. I killed him." as Bo walks in. She tells Bo that she killed Colin as they sit down and talk about it. Hope picks up the phone to call Abe.

Later, on Popham Road

Tony is waiting for Brady, until he spots him across the street. Brady heads over, but Chloe arrives and stops him. John approaches in his car as he asks "what the hell?" Tony yells as Brady sees a car heading for him.Tony pushes him out of the way as there is a freeze-frame.


*Bo tries to convince Hope that she didn't kill Colin.

*Cassie tells Shawn that he was protecting Bo, but Shawn calls himself a murderer.

*We hear Chloe scream as Tony lies on the road.

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