Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/23/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/23/03

By Rebecca
Pictures by Juanita

TUSCANY PART ONE - Shawn, Belle, and Mickey are trying to get the TV to work (Belle figured it out) and Shawn is still distant from Belle while Jack brings over Abigail and they are greeted by Jennifer. They go off and pass Brandon and Sami who are greeted by Maggie. They chit chat and Brandon mentions Roman's absence, but Sami tells him about his work and informs Brandon that she never wants him to be a cop, they can't have much of a social life! Sami has brought gifts form her family who couldn't be there, and also tells her that Caroline was still with her grandpa, and makes a joke about the Irish mafia. She starts going off on Colin calling him a slut which surprises Maggie. Hope is bringing in a box when a hand touches her shoulder and she screams 'Aah! Get away from me, Larry! I'll kill you!' but it's just Bo. He calms her down, but Larry is watching from behind the bushes, wanting her to have a total mental breakdown.

TUSCANY PART TWO - Jennifer and Jack show Abby pictures of when Jennifer was little, and Jack comments on how young Alice was, but his ladies remind him that she still is! Lucas and Will come in and they all say hello. Lucas asks about them being together again, but Abby explains that they're getting along and 'Don't jinx it, uncle Lucas!' (aww) Sami comes by and greets Will calling him baby, which he doesn't like very much. Maggie comes by and takes the children to do a kitchen project. Jennifer and Brandon chat and so do Sami and Jack, but Lucas wants to know why she's here! Jack, Jennifer, and Brandon leave (they make up excuses to get away from the feud, really cute) Sami tells Lucas that her son is a Horton and she lived by Alice and has known her longer than he has. Lucas tells her that none of her goodness rubbed off apparently and leaves but Brandon comes back. Maggie gets a call from Lexie giving her apologies since she wasn't up to go to the party, all the while Brandon and Sami watch. Belle comes by and calls Brandon sexy, and when he asks she tells him that no, her boyfriend wouldn't mind. Meanwhile, Shawn has flashbacks of Colin's dead body. Hope apologizes to Bo and says that she cannot trust herself anymore, but she needs to snap out of it to celebrate Gran's birthday. Bo reminds her that Mrs. H would only wants her to be happy and that they are going to work together to end this, but Larry has other plans for her...

TUSCANY PART THREE - Jennifer and Jack are back but Jack gets a phone call and Jennifer scurries off after seeing an upset Hope. She asks what's wrong but Hope tells her that she's putting a happy face on for Gran, and Jennifer agrees telling her to let Gran inspire her. Belle finds Shawn outside and Belle tells Shawn to open up to him. Shawn agrees, and tells Belle about his mother's problem - her hallucinations of Larry Welch and because of that she threw a vase at him that morning. He tells her that Hope just needs their support and Belle ask if that's all. Shawn grows angry and says 'Isn't that enough?' But eventually he tells her about his horrible New Year's Eve and how their special moments are always ruined. Belle tells him that it won't be forever and 'as long as we know that we're meant to be together, everything will be okay.' Larry, who is listening in, takes joy in their conversation. Bo and Hope help themselves to a few appetizers and Hope hope's Zack will get over his sniffles, but Bo tells him that his parents are spoiling him to death! Hope just wants him in her arms, and also is thinking of hitting him and Shawn earlier and she doesn't want Zack hurt. Just then Maggie announces that Alice is here and everyone hides.

TUSCANY PART FOUR - 'SURPRISE!' as Alice walks in the door with Doug and Julie. Alice is touched and blows everyone a kiss. Afterwards, Julie asks her if she was surprised, she replies by saying 'Well, if you and Doug hadn't been on either side of me, I think I'd have keeled over!' and laughter all around. They tell her that she's going to have a night of excitement and a special guest! They also tell her that she will receive testimonials from everyone who loves her and Julie begins. She says that it all started on January 23, 19- ....Alice answers, 14!! Cheers and applause from the crowd and Jack mentions it's from the last century! She was the daughter of Sid and Abigail Grayson (cut to her namesake, aww) Julie goes on: 'And when you were 21 years old, you met tom Horton. Together, you had five wonderful children. Their names were tom jr., Addie -- my mom... hope's mom -- and Mickey and bill, Marie. Five in all. How did you do it? I think I know how you did it, but how did you manage it? And then, of course, along came the grandchildren to give you even more trouble, starting with me.' Jennifer and Hope pipe up to also get some credit for that! She goes on: 'And now we have our wonderful great-grandchildren. But no great-great-grandchildren yet. So, you have always had your hands full with your family, but you kept all of the rest of us very busy, too.'

TUSCANY PART FIVE - Maggie is up, and tells her that the day she became a Horton was the happiest day of her life! She tells her that if everyone she's helped held hands they'd reach around the world, and most everyone raises their hands to that. She mentions the good food and how Alice starts her goodness with their stomachs, but it reaches their souls. She talks about the community center and her range of careers, and Bo pipes up and says that it includes undercover agent! He walks up and talks of the story about how Roman was in jail on some trumped-up charges and Alice decided to bust him out and we have flashbacks to the event. He says that Mrs. H was the original rebel with a cause and laughter from the crowd. He says that his wife got her guts from Alice, being a cop when most women would do otherwise. Mickey comes up and tells everyone about his parents marriage, and how years later they realized it wasn't legal! So they decided to do it right, and we get some flashbacks of those events. Mickey mentions the bouquet which had a flower for each child, grandchild, and great-grandchild but their have been some changes. Abby and Will, come of the new additions, come to her and give her the new bouquet - with 22 flowers. Afterwards, everyone cheers Alice. 'Hear Hear!' to the good times in Alice's life.

TUSCANY PART SIX - And then the special guest arrives, Tom Horton! Shawn-D made a DVD from a documentary long ago of his life, that the television never aired. We see Tom reading a love poem and applause afterwards, while Alice is touched. Alice orders all the couples to kiss, which they do (Belle and Shawn have a tiny one, and Lucas stands watching) Jennifer gives Jack a peck on the cheek which he will never wash again! Mickey announces the gifts and says that the family has decided to give something to her that symbolizes her life. Bo asks if it's a new donut maker but it's donations to different charities, and Jennifer mentions that Abby bought a goat in Guatemala so they could have milk! The Mickey announces that there's going to be a trust at university hospital called the Tom and Alice Horton Fund, and she is asking Lucas to administer it, which he agrees saying it's an honor (Sami looks disgusted) Mickey also gets Alice's granddaughters Hope and Jennifer to be co-chairpersons and they agree also. Bo mentions to Hope that this would help her and Jack compliments Jennifer that her heart, stubbornness and smile she gets from Alice and Jennifer is touched. Lucas rubs it in that he and Sami'll be working together and Sami doesn't like that too much!

TUSCANY PART SEVEN - Alice calls for all couples to dance which they do, and Lucas kisses her hand and sits beside her. Later, Julie brings out the next surprise - the Horton family quilt. Everybody in the family made a square: Bo/Hope - A life preserver, for all the times you've saved our lives Doug/Julie - The circle of life, and later an angel for Addie Shawn/Belle - Her ruby, "more precious than rubies." Mickey - A gavel, her teachings of right and wrong Maggie/Melissa - Dancing shoes, because you showed us how important it is to do what you love The Deverouxs - The tree's for mommy, daddy, and me. I put daddy's name on it after we got here tonight. Jennifer - You know what the candle's for, to -- to light your way Lucas/Bill - A bone, Bill wanted me to let you know that he'll never forget all those archeological expeditions you two went on years ago (Which Will finds as "cool") Jacks asks Jennifer if it was Alice that inspired her to be a reporter, and Jennifer says that Alice always called her nosey, but it was Jack who inspired her. To seek the truth, and that's why she's going on with the Colin's murder case.

TUSCANY PART EIGHT - Doug goes to Hope but she says she's fine and leaves to get some air. She has flashbacks of seeing Colin's dead body and Larry comes out saying 'You killed Colin Murphy. Don't you remember? Remember?' Inside, the big birthday cake comes out and Alice gets Will and Abby to help her blow out the candles and they sing happy birthday to her. Belle thanks Shawn for inviting her, and it was good to spend time with him. But when she goes for a kiss he needs a drink and leaves. Later, Hope worries asking herself 'Could it be true? My god, did I kill Colin?' as the credits roll...

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