Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/10/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/10/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

Today: Sami and Brandon argue.....Tony is questioned......Hope opens up to Marlena.

Cast: Hope, Larry, Marlena, Tony, Bo, Roman, Belle, Shawn, Sami, Brandon.

At the penthouse

Marlena and Tony continue to talk as she promises not to let John exhume the body. Roman calls Tony and orders him to the police station. After he hangs up, Tony tells Marlena that her ex-husband wants him to confess to Colin's murder. He goes sarcastic and tells her that he did murder his physician and friend. Marlena tells him that she isn't going to feel sorry for him as he remembers their talk in the park. Tony claims not to be controlling her and leaves.

At the Brady's

Hope comes downstairs after hearing a noise and grabs a vase. Bo comes in and asks where Zack is. Hope tells him that he is staying with Caroline tonight as he gets angry. They argue and Hope claims to be tired. Bo brings up Jack and Jen being released. As they hug, Hope looks at Bo and sees Larry, so she grabs Bo's gun. He wonders why she is grabbing his gun, so she tells him to lock it up. Bo wants to get Zack, but Hope says no and he wants to call Roman and get time off, but Hope says that he needs to catch Larry Welch's killer. Bo catches on, but Hope covers, so he takes a shower. After he is gone, Hope sees Larry and tries to will him away. Upstairs, Bo calls Marlena and asks her to come over and talk to Hope. Later, Bo lets Marlena in as Hope looks at her and sees Larry. She tells him to leave us alone as Bo asks why she told Marlena to leave. Hope says hello and claims that they will be fine, so Bo leaves.

At the police station
Belle and Shawn arrive for his questioning as he overhears Roman say that Jack confessed to Colin's murder. Shawn says there's no way Jack killed Colin as Belle claims that he is just upset. Roman takes Shawn into the office. After they go into the office, Tony arrives and tries to con Belle into revealing info about the murder, but she won't. In Abe's office, Shawn tells Roman that he went searching for Hope and Roman asks if he saw anything suspiscious. Shawn has a flashback of hiding in the bushes as he sees Colin looking through the window.

Back outside, Tony continues to interrogate Belle, but she tells him that the police won't let her tell anyone else outside of them. She also tells him that Shawn is in with Roman.

Back in Abe's office, Shawn continues his flashback as Colin turns around and sees him. Roman continues questioning him, but Shawn lies and claims that he didn't see anything. Belle and Shawn leave as Tony is brought in for questioning.

At Sami's apartment

Sami rushes into her apartment as Brandon follows her. He wants to know what is wrong with her as she blows up and argues with him about all the secrets and lies about Lexie. He claims to only be friends with her, but she calls him a liar. Finally, Sami admits hearing Brandon talking to "Lexie" at the fake wake and asks him if he had sex with Lexie. He admits it as she has flashbacks of the fake wake. Brandon says that he is sorry, but she tells him that sorry doesn't cut it....sorry doesn't make Lexie not be pregnant. Brandon claims not to be the father, but Sami asks what if he were. He finally gives in and says that he would be there for the child, but doesn't understand why she needs to know. Sami asks if they can go back to the way things were before and he agrees.

Later, at the murder sceen, Shawn arrives and looks at the pool of blood as he has a flash back of seeing Colin's body.

Back at the police station

Back in Abe's office, Bo and Roman question Tony as he acts sarcastic. Tony tells them that he was out of the country as Bo tells him that they have a witness, who claims to have saw Tony and Colin discussing Raymond Grant's murder. Tony accuses them of hating Colin too as a cop comes in and orders the two cops outside. The cop gives them a letter, where Colin claims that the Brady's hated him--especially Bo. Tony watches from the office and says that this was better than he thought.

Back at the Brady's

Hope and Marlena discuss her trouble sleeping, the wedding, and the murder as Marlena asks why she didn't bring up the kidnapping. Hope claims that she won't let anyone control her anymore. Hope begins hearing Larry's voice and tries to drown him out by asking Marlena things as she rushes to the kitchen. When she returns, she asks Marlena if she wants to help take down the tree. Marlena agrees as she finds a really nice ornament. She drops it and goes to get a broom as Hope looks down and sees a body. As the camera moves to the face, it is Larry. Hope stares in shock as blood fills the screen as the previews roll.

Preview Cast: Marlena, John, Jen, Jack, Carson Palmer, Bo, Roman, Craig, Nancy.

*Craig tells Nancy that there are no leads in Colin's murder.
*Bo, Roman, and Carson are talking about Colin's letter.
*Jennifer tells Jack to just say it....."I slept with him."
*John tells Marlena that he doesn't know how to be Tony's brother.
The End.

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