Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/9/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/9/03

By Rebecca
Pictures by Juanita

Tony comes in saying that John will NOT dig up his mother's grave, and Marlena is stunned that John would do that and agrees. Tony is surprised that she's taking sides against her husband but Marlena just feels that he's gone too far. Tony talks to her kind of personally, and Marlena thinks that he might have the same sick obsession his father had, but Tony flat out denies it. Marlena knows he wants something from her and he agrees, he wants her to be a mother to the twins. Marlena doesn't like the thought of it but Tony argues that the twins need more than just him and talks of her connection to the twins...

Brandon comes in and wants to know what Lexie told Abe about his visit the night Colin was murdered. She feels really bad so he goes to get her water and asks if she needs a doctor. Lexie says she was just being over-dramatic and tells him that she said nothing to her husband about his visit. She feels the baby kick for the first time and puts Brandon's hand to her stomach. She hugs him in excitement and knows what she wants.

Mickey comes in and mentions to Jack of Jennifer's interrogation, and he explodes. He pushes an officer and runs to Jennifer, but they put him back in his cell.

Abe and Bo question Jennifer, thinking maybe Jack his protecting her. Bo gets a call saying what Jack did and has a plan. Jack is escorted to Jennifer and she tells him that she did NOT kill Colin, she just passed his body and that's how she knew he was dead. Bo is glad to see that he was right and everyone leaves to give the couple some privacy. Jack tries to touch Jennifer but she backs away, still feeling horrible about her tryst with Colin. She tells him that every time he touched her, she told herself how much she hated him. Jack wants her to forgive herself, and realizes the request was stupid. He tells her that he knows why, and doesn't hold it against her. They talk a little more, and Jennifer takes Jack to see their daughter. (Good ending!!)

Sami comes in to see Roman and Kate also arrives. Roman questions them and he tells Kate she can go. Roman tells Sami that he found her gloves and there WAS gun powder residue on them. She's stunned, but begins to explain that it was accidentally fired at the Salem Inn parking lot. She tells him that she went to scare off Colin since he was threatening her, and also tells him of seeing Colin with Jennifer. When they're done, she sees Brandon walking in with Lexie at his arm and is furious. He gets Sami away and Abe walks in. Lexie takes him into his office. Meanwhile, Sami and Brandon talk of her interrogation. He wonders what Colin had on her and thinks that she might have slept with him, which she denies in disgust, since he was her cousin!! Abe is annoyed that Brandon took her there. She smiles and says that the baby kicked for the first time! Abe is happy and is in for a treat because it happens again right there, and the couple laughs with joy and decide to go home for the rest of the day.

Bo comes to Roman and tells him the news about Jack and Jennifer, as he tells him about suspect Sami, and the test to prove if the bullet came from Roman's gun. Afterwards, Kate comes to Roman and apologizes, which he accepts (talking kinda sweetly too) Meanwhile, Brandon looks towards Lexie and Sami utters 'Why can't that little whore leave you alone?' Brandon is mad at the comment, and wants to know the truth. Abe and Lexie come out (Lexie and Brandon give each other a smile) and leave. Later, Sami yells that NEITHER of them have told the truth and runs out of there to Roman (leaving a confused Brandon) Sami comes in to Bo and Roman, as Roman reveals that the bullet did not match his gun, and Sami is innocent. They ask if she knows of anyone else who might have done it, and she leads them to Tony Dimera...Afterwards, Bo and Roman talk, and Bo says 'If we can find the evidence to connect DiMera to Colin's murder we'll have exactly what we need to put DiMera behind bars for life...' as the credits roll...

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