Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/8/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/8/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

Today: Jack gets arraigned and thrown in jail as Billie bids her final adieu to Abe, Roman, Bo, Hope, and of course, Jack! Lisa Rinna leaves her role of Billie while Shawn gives his statement, Rolf is ordered to take the twins out of their spell, and Marlena receives important news.

Cast: Jack, Rex, Cassie, Billie, Kate, Roman, Jen, Abe, Hope, Bo, Lab technician, Mickey, Tony, John, Marlena, Rolf, Bart, Belle, Shawn, Delivery man, Woman.

At the Brady's
Belle arrives and Shawn immediately kisses her. They fall onto the couch as Shawn says that he can't bear letting something happen to her. They make a pact not to talk about Colin, the DiMera's, or anything else as the phone rings. Shawn answers it and Bo tells him to come down to the station to make a statement. Shawn agrees and leaves.

At the DiMera Mansion
Bart and Tony arrive as Tony asks Bart, who has arms full of suitcases to get the door. After Bart looks at the boxes in his hands, Tony opens the door and they go into the foyer. In there, they talk about Tony's plane trip, how Tony was out of the country, so he can't be nabbed as a suspect, and Bart shows Tony the front page of the newspaper as Tony comments on Murphy's 30 seconds of fame.

Back outside, Rex catches Cassie just arriving in her "last night clothes" as he asks "where the hell were you last night." Cassie claims to have went to a party, checked the front desk to learn that Belle and Shawn didn't check in last night, and when she came home, the door was locked, so she slept in the barn (LOL as at least the DiMansion didn't burn down while she was "in" the barn like the other mansion did with Chloe and Philip). Rolf arrives and is relieved that Rex found her. Cassie asked how many other people he told, but "Dr. Putnam" is the only one. They go inside.

Back inside, Bart greets Cassie, Rex, and "Dr. Putnam" as he pretends to not know Putnam. They go in the library as Tony asks where they were last night. Cassie mentions about him keeping secrets, but says that she is glad he brought Dr. Putnam to town. Tony asks to speak with Dr. Putnam alone and when the twins are gone, Tony says "I'd kill my hairdresser if I were you." Then, Tony orders him to deprogram them...NOW! He also tells him that Colin's murder is a warning....if he doesn't do what he says, he'll end up on the mantle next to daddy. Rolf pulls out the bracelet and key, explaining that the twins wore the bracelets 24/7 while they were cryogenically frozen, until John Black used the key to unlock the bracelets. He then explains that he called in a few favors and got the bracelets back and programmed the twins to do the DiMera's' bidding as Tony demands their deprogramming now. Rex and Cassie come in, sit down, and the bracelets are put on. Rolf says all this mumbo jumbo and the twins are in a trance as he snaps them out of it. Tony sends them upstairs as a messenger arrives and hands Rolf a package. Tony opens it and rushes off.

Later, Rex asks Cassie to tell him where she was last night. Cassie silently says that no one can ever learn where she last night.

At the penthouse
John reads the newspaper headlines about Colin's murder as he gets a call from Shane. John learns that the ISA is investigating Colin's connection with the DiMera's. Marlena asks John who would kill Colin as John thinks that Tony set up the murder and left the country. A messenger arrives with the portrait and they learn that there are no bugs, no poison, nothing. The portrait is clean. Marlena mentions the twins having an identical tattoo just like John's and suggests they are related, but that makes him angry, so he rushes off. After he leaves, Tony arrives and tells Marlena that John won't dig up his mother.

At the police station
Abe tells Billie that the ISA dropped the charges and Bo adds in that she is back on the force as Kate congratulates her. Billie asks to speak with Abe alone and tells him that she will tell him how to be a better cop.

In an office, Roman gives the lab man Sami's gloves and asks him to run a test on the gunpowder residue. After the man leaves, Roman wonders what the hell Sami has done now as Kate overhears when she walks in.

In the interrogation room, Mickey orders Jack to level with him or he could be charged with Murder by lethal injection.

Meanwhile, Jen is with Hope as she tells her that she told Jack she slept with Colin. Hope gets worried as that could give Jack motive.

In Abe's office, Bo tells Abe that Jen had sex with Colin and Abe tells him that gives Jack motive. Bo explains that there isn't enough evidence.

Back in the other office, Kate asks Roman where Billie is. Roman tells her to call her cell phone and she does, but there is no answer. They talk about their children coming between them as Roman talks about where they left off last night.

Back in the interrogation room, Billie is now with Jack and asks him what he is doing. She lashes out at him and orders him to tell the truth. Jack tells her that he committed murder and will pay for it, so leave it at that. Billie tells him goodbye and mentions returning to Paris, they hug, and she leaves.

Later, Billie tells Kate about her decision to return to Paris. Kate leaves to get the car as Roman walks out. He tells her that he talked to Shane and he said that there is a spot open on the ISA force for her in London, telling her that she'd make a damn good agent. They hug as Kate returns. Billie goes into Abe's office and says bye to Bo as Hope stands there. She says that she never came to Salem for him and leaves as Hope hugs her husband.

Later, at the airport
Billie and Kate arrive as Billie asks her to get her some fashion magazines. When Kate does, Billie asks the clerk for a ticket change to London. Kate comes back and they say their final goodbyes as Billie leaves Salem.

Back at the police station
The lab man brings the results back and Roman learns that Colin was shot with a 45. caliber. He looks at his gun and says that could've been my gun.

Bo tells Jen that he told Abe about her and Colin as she gets upset. Hope comforts her. Abe walks out and tells Jen to come in for questioning now.

In the prison, Jack is lying down staring at the ceiling as he promises to protect Jen as the previews roll.

Preview Cast: Marlena, Tony, Guard, Jack, Mickey, Sami, Kate, Roman.

*Sami is in with Kate and Roman as she tells Roman that he should be interrogating Kate. Then, she turns to Kate and tells her that she probably seduced her father, so she could commit murder.
*A guard opens Jack's cell as Jack rushes out, but the guard stops him and they fight. Mickey yells at Jack.
*Tony tells Marlena that he protected his mother when she was alive and he'll do it when she is dead. Marlena asks "from who, Stefano?"
The End.

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