Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/7/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/7/03

By Rebecca
Pictures by Juanita

Short Summary today. Summary: Suspects are rounded up, Jack sticks to his confession, and Victor takes control.

Bo and Roman talk about the murder when Roman realizes his gun has been used, and he figures Sami used it. Jennifer, comforted by Maggie, wants to see Jack but is denied. Hope sees "Larry" again, and afterwards leaves to the police station to see Bo and helps with Jennifer's situation also. Mickey and Abe (The DA is also there) plead with Jack to give some kind of evidence, but he gives it to them vaguely.

Brandon and Sami talk about the murder when Roman walks in. An officer takes Brandon in for questioning and Roman stays to question his daughter about his gun being fired that day. She denies it, and after he's gone puts in evidence (her gloves) in the dumpster, which Roman collects.

Afterwards, Brandon is interrogated by Abe and they argue back and forth (Lexie is brought up) and Abe lets him go, which he angrily does. Bo goes in to see Jack and Jack finds out that Bo knows about Jennifer's tryst with Colin. Bo says that there is motive, and he can't do this! Jack tells him not to mention what Jennifer did because he does not want her name dragged through this. The DA comes in and says that they will arraign him.

Jack is sent to the PD office and sees Jennifer. They stare at each other, and Jennifer is about to break down. Afterwards Hope says that Jack couldn't have killed Colin, as the credits roll...

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