Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/6/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/6/03

By Justin
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Today: Many are suspected in the murder of Colin Murphy as Justin Melvey airs his last time. Later, someone confesses to murdering Colin.

Cast: Jen, Jack, Bo, Nicole, Sami, Kate, Victor, Roman, Brandon, Lexie, Abe, Fay, Belle, Hope, Shawn, Colin, Cop, Justice of the Peace, Harpist, Larry.

Replay of the last segment of Friday's show
At the wedding, the minister walks the harpist out to her car as Victor clues Nicole in that he knows why she was late. Meanwhile, Sami is at Roman's apartment and says "I did it for us, Brandon." Back at the wedding, Victor continues interrogating Nicole, until Shawn comes in and asks if they saw Hope or Belle. They say no, so Shawn rushes off. Elsewhere, Jen tells Jack that she wished Colin dead and now her prayers have been answered. Outside, Fay is yelling for Brandon as Belle is yelling for Hope. Suddenly, Belle spots Colin on the ground, covered in blood and screams. At the Bradys', Bo arrives home and finds Hope with blood on her hands.

At the Carvers'
Abe and Lexie are enjoying a nice quiet New Year's Eve as he mentions her being sick. She says that she is just so happy to be back with him. Later, Abe receives a call about the murder and tells Lexie that Colin Murphy has been murdered.

Back at Roman's apartment
Roman and Kate walk in to find Sami. She stutters and is all bumbly as he asks her why she didn't ring the doorbell. Sami asks if they are serious, and when Roman replies "yes," Sami goes to leave, but the phone rings. Roman answers it, and someone tells him about Colin's murder. He leaves after telling Sami and Kate to stay put as Kate wonders who would want to kill Colin Murphy. Kate asks Sami if she killed Dr. Murphy, and Sami rushes off. Kate says something and then, we hear a crash. Sami got in an accident. Kate smiles.

Back at the Kiriakis Mansion
Belle's screams alert Brandon, who arrives and calms Belle down. By now, Shawn rushes out, followed by Nicole, Victor, Jack, Jen, and Fay as Jack looks at Jen and Vic looks at Nic. Victor asks if anyone called an ambulance, but Brandon says "too late....he's dead." Jack calls 911 and tells them that Colin Murphy has been shot at the Kiriakis Mansion. Shawn tells Belle that his dad called, and he has to go home and be with his mom as he kisses her good-bye and leaves. Sirens blare as Jack questions Jen, but she evades when Abe, Roman, and the other cops arrive. Abe asks if there are any witnesses as everyone eyes each other. The cops question Belle, who says all she saw was Colin's body. Jen asks Jack what they are going to do as Roman questions Nicole and Victor about the guests. Fay notices that Brandon is missing as the cops ask Belle about Brandon, and they tell Abe that he was here when Belle found the body. Abe says that he wants Brandon there now as Fay is convinced that Brandon didn't kill anyone.

Back at the Bradys'
Bo asks Hope about her hands as she claims to have cut it. He asks why she left early, and she claims that Victor's driver took her home. Bo questions her as she remembers hearing Colin and tells him that she isn't lying. Bo calls Shawn and learns about Colin's murder. He asks Shawn to come home and watch Hope. When he hangs up, Hope is unhappy that she needs a babysitter. When Shawn arrives, Hope calls Caroline and makes sure that Zack can stay over. Bo tells Shawn that Hope doesn't know yet and leaves.

Back at the Carvers'
Brandon arrives, and he and Lexie talk about Colin's murder. She asks him about it and asks why she left as he tells her that if Abe is investigating, he'll be the number 1 suspect. Abe calls and asks Lexie if Brandon is there, but Lexie lies and Abe hangs up. Lexie tells Brandon that she can't lie anymore as he leaves, telling her that if Abe calls back, tell him the killer was there.

Back at the Bradys'
Hope questions Shawn, but he covers, explaining that he thought she was kidnapped again. Suddenly, Hope sees Larry and makes him go away as she locks the doors, telling Shawn that "they" are gone. Shawn calls Belle.

Back at the mansion
A cop finds Nicole's veil, and she claims that it blew off. Sami and Kate arrive as Sami immediately tells Roman that she's innocent. Kate tells Roman that Sami crashed her car as Sami demands to see Brandon. She learns that he is missing. Bo arrives and gets an update from Abe. Bo tells him that Shawn will answer questions tomorrow as Abe asks when Hope will be up to it. Bo snaps back "leave her alone, Abe." Abe calls Lexie.

Back on the murder scene, Kate taunts Nicole. Kate calls her a black widow as Victor asks Nicole if she saw her veil ripped in two. Jen goes to the restroom to collect herself as Bo questions Jack. He accidentally tells Jack that Colin wanted him dead as Jack asks if they can question Jen tomorrow. Kate taunts Nicole as Sami talks with her dad. Jack pulls Bo aside and whispers "I did it. I killed Colin," as Jen walks up and overhears as the previews roll.

Preview Cast: Hope, Jack, Mickey, Brandon, Sami, Roman, Bo, Nicole, Victor.

*Nicole is walking by as Victor stops her.
*Roman smells his gun as he tells Bo that it has been fired.
*Brandon tells Sami that they both wanted him dead.
*Mickey is with Jack as he tells him that he killed Colin.
*Hope reads the Spectator headline: Dr. Colin Murphy Dead! Freeze-frame.
The End.

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