Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/3/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/3/03

By Rebecca
Pictures by Juanita

Lots and lots of show, and LOTS of moving around! Sorry if some things are not in the right order!


PART ONE - Bo is comforting Jennifer and goes to get her something to drink. Brady and Chloe chat about the wedding being intense and uncomfortable, and how it is never going to start. But Brady is patient since it IS his grandfather. Belle comes up to Sami (who has a gun on her). Colin has a note for Nicole (which she finds in her room) telling her that there is more than one of that tape and he's going to get more money out of the future Mrs. Kiriakis. Victor was watching and comes by. Fay tells Brandon to at least PRETEND to be happy about this wedding, but he can't. He's also mad about Colin, and tells Faye vaguely what he's done.

PART TWO - Bo tells Jen that Jack should appreciate the sacrifice she made for him but Jennifer never wants Jack to know, and Bo tells her that he won't hear if from him and vows to make Colin pay for what he's done to her. He leaves but Jack then comes and confronts Jennifer about what Colin had told him, that they had slept together. Jennifer tells him it's true, and Jack asks if he forced her into it. She replies that he did, but not in the way that he thinks. Jack can't here anymore and leaves a broken Jennifer. Belle and Sami chat about their special someone's and Sami leaves. Hope hears Colin on the phone saying that he's going to kill Bo Brady tonight, but she gets a hallucination of it being Larry and convinces herself it wasn't him. Shawn comes up and frightens her, but she tells him she's alright. Meanwhile, Bo is still searching for Murphy...

PART THREE - Shawn and Belle talk about how everyone is acting strange tonight, and Nicole tells Victor that the note is from Faye, and Bo comes in looking for Colin. Victor tells him that he wants to take care of him, but Bo wants to more, and says that he'll handle it. Victor holds his bride-to-be very tight and tells her that if she has anything to say, say it now, but she only tells him that she loves him and he kisses her. Victor tells Nicole to hurry up, everyone is waiting, and leaves.

PART FOUR - Hope goes to Jennifer and they leave to talk. Bo is still looking for Colin, but stops when him and his dad see that all of the guests have vanished! Henderson finds Chloe and Brady and takes them inside, which gives Colin perfect aim to shoot Bo! Hope asks Jennifer what happened and she tells her that when she heard Colin says that he's going to kill Jack, she had to... Henderson manages to get Belle, Shawn, Chloe, Brady, Faye, and someone else there but Victor asks where his bride is! Bo tells Shawn to go find Hope which he does. Victor goes to find Nicole, and Bo tells everyone to sit tight. Victor comes in with a disturbed Nicole, but Bo wants to find his wife and son. Victor tells him to stay, and that he needs him, so he does. Nicole and Victor get married, and Victor kisses her in the 'kiss of death' sort of way (it was REALLY creepy) and they finish the ceremony.

PART FIVE - Shawn comes in looking very disturbed, and Bo comes by thinking it's because they can't find Hope. Bo tells him not to worry, she's probably fine and leaves. Belle comes by and they go to find Hope also. Victor wants to know the reason why she was late to her ceremony, but Faye comes by worries about Brandon, but Nicole tells her there's nothing for her to worry about. Brady and Chloe come by to wish Victor all the best and the leave. Faye's back, and they give a toast to the marriage. Then Faye realizes Nicky doesn't have her veil, and Nicole tells her that she forgot about it, but then we see it outside under a bush in the wind...

PART SIX - Chloe and Brady arrive and his lost and they are HAPPY to be alone! They also have a little new years eve celebration and they kiss a lot ;) Victor is made that Nicole forgot her veil and he STILL wants to know the reason she was late, but Nicole repeats that she needed more time, but Victor tells her that she is lying. Faye comes by Jennifer and asks is she has seen Brandon. Afterwards, Jack comes by and Jennifer begins to explain but Jack still doesn't want to hear it. He wants to forget it but Jennifer tells him that now he will always be a part of her. The music lady gives Victor and Nicole her card and leaves with Henderson. Victor tells Nicole that he knows why she was late, so Nicole replies that then she doesn't have to tell him anything! Meanwhile, Faye is still looking for Brandon and elsewhere Sami looks very guilty.

PART SEVEN - Shawn-D comes by Vic and Nic and asks about the whereabouts of Belle and Hope, but they don't know, they were busy getting marries. Jack asks Jennifer is she wants to be with Colin rather than him, but Jennifer flat out denies it, saying that she hates Colin and prayed for his death, and her prayer was answered. Belle is trying to find Hope and stumbles upon Colin's body! Bo comes home and finally finds Hope who is coming out of the kitchen with blood on her hands as the credits roll...

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