Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/31/02

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/31/02

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

Today: Everyone prepares for New Years Eve, whether it includes murder or love.

Cast: Tony, John, Marlena, Roman, Kate, Belle, Shawn, Rex, Cassie, Sami, Colin, Nicole, Bo, Larry, Brandon, Victor, Henderson.

Belle and Shawn's plans.....
At .Com: Belle and Shawn are talking about their plans as Shawn shows her some chocolate flavored body lotion and Belle tells him that he has to wait to see her surprise. Just then, Bo walks in and Shawn tosses something for their night to Belle. He gives Belle the bag as Bo asks about their plans for tonight. Belle goes to get coffee as Shawn tells Bo about the Horton Cabin and Bo promises to check it out, leaving. Belle returns as Shawn says that he is going to put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on their door.

Outside, Roman runs into Bo. They talk about how Kate could be involved in Grant's murder as they also talk about Colin. Bo says that he wants to give Colin enough rope to hang himself as he says that for Roman's sake, he hopes Kate didn't kill Grant.

Victor's plans.....
At the Kiriakis Mansion, Henderson is directing all the servants and caterers as Victor calls Nico, asking him to send Colin an invitation to the wedding and hangs up. Kate walks in, not believing that he is actually going through with the wedding. Kate tells him that Philip called from boot camp in Paris and hopes Philip doesn't call back soon as she was tempted to tell him about Victor's wedding present to Nicole. Victor rushes Kate out as he thinks to himself that Sami and Kate are least of her worries, he's going to make 2003 hell for his blushing bride. Later, Roman arrives and informs Victor that he knows of his wedding gift to Nicole. Finally, Victor orders Roman to leave, just as Henderson announces Bo's arrival and Bo comes in, with Roman explaining about a last minute security check. Bo asks Victor why Roman was there, but Victor brushes him off by asking him to be his best man. Bo happily agrees and leaves as Victor calls Nico, saying that he is anxious for his bride to see what he has in store for her.

Brandon's vengeful plan.....
At Brandon's apartment, Brandon returns, damning Murphy for blackmailing Nicole as Sami comes out of the bedroom, asking where he was. Just then, Nicole arrives, demanding he give "it" back now. Sami questions them, but Nicole warns her not to screw with her today, so Sami leaves after kissing Brandon. After some arguing and threatening, Brandon finally gives Nicole the check back and she leaves. Later, Brandon calls Colin's hotel and learns that he isn't in.

Tony's plans.....
At the DiMera Mansion, Tony questions Cassie about where Rex is. Just then, he returns from testing out his new car. They all talk about John and Marlena as Tony murmurs Marlena and is questioned. Later, Sami barges in and blabs about Colin as Tony suggests she seduce him. Sami gives him a reminded: "He's my cousin!" LOL at the expression on Sami's face. Sami explains about seeing Colin and Jennifer together and how he plans to tell Jack, and wants her to lure Jack to lookout point. Tony figures out that Colin is gonna make it look like Jack commited suicide and Sami wants to tell her dad. Tony reminds Sami that Colin will spill the beans about her and she rushes off. Tony vows not to let there be a loose cannon in the DiMera organization.

Sami and Brandon's plans.....
Back at the apartment, Brandon goes to find Colin, but runs into Sami. Sami seduces him into staying as they make out and fall onto the couch.

Colin's murder plans.....
In Colin's room, he returns after an emergency at the hospital and gets a call from Larry. Larry reminds him to kill Bo before midnight or he'll wish he were dead as Colin explains that he doesn't want the murder pinned on him. Larry thinks he's going to pin the murder on him, but Colin tells him that everyone thinks he's dead. Larry hangs up after warning Colin not to screw up as he points his gun at something. Back at Salem Inn, Colin talks to his Bo bullet again. Later, Nicole arrives and demands the tape. After some arguing, Colin gives her the tape and she makes sure there is no copies. Colin asks if she wants a quickie before the wedding and she slaps him and leaves.

Belle and Shawn's plans....continued
Back at .Com, as Shawn and Belle discuss the wedding, Cassie and Rex arrive and overhear. Cassie blurts out that they can't marry tonight, but Belle assures her that it is Shawn's grandpa.

Outside, Roman runs into Kate and offers to be her body guard. She agrees, not wanting to hide in the closet with Will's baseball bat.

John and Marlena.....
At a graveyard, John and Marlena visit Daphne's grave. Later, Tony arrives and he and John argue. Marlena rushes up, overhearing Tony say that he'd never steal Marlena away from him. John and Marlena leave with him promising to kill Tony if he ever laid a hand on her. After they are gone, Tony promises to steal Marlena as the previews roll.

Preview Cast: Brady, Chloe, Shawn, Belle, Rex, Cassie, Colin, Sami, Larry, Hope.

*Brady wishes Chloe a happy New Year.
*Belle and Shawn kiss.
*Rex hits a mistletoe out of Cassie's hand, telling her to get a grip.
*Colin holds his BO bullet, promising for the new year to start off with a bang.
*Sami confronts Colin about his plans and tells him to forget it.
*Larry is behind Hope as he startles her, telling her that he isn't going anywhere.
The End.

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