Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/30/02

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/30/02

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita


Today: Jen makes a desperate act to save Jack and later regrets it as Jack races to find Jennifer. Bo surprises Hope for her birthday after she keeps seeing images of Larry Welch while Belle and Shawn think that someone else was at the Horton Cabin.

Cast: Colin, Sami, Bo, Hope, Larry, Belle, Shawn, Jack, Jen, Brandon, Nicole, Victor.

In Nicole and Victor's Salem Inn room
Replay of Victor finding the check to Colin as he hears Nicole coming out. He hurries up and puts it away as Nicole comes out and he leaves for a "meeting." Nicole realizes that he must have saw the note.

At .Com
Jack is searching for Jen as Brandon is also there, looking for Sami. Jack asks him if he has seen Jen, but he hasn't, so he calls Sami. Sami is outside of Colin's room and has just witnessed Jen ask Colin to make love to her. Sami tells Brandon where she is and that Jen is there too. After Brandon hangs up, he tells Jack where Jen is and Jack rushes off.

At the Brady's
Hope comes downstairs to find the room full of balloons and Bo wishes her a happy b-day as he says that Caroline came by and got Zack. He tells her that there are more surprises and tells her to start popping as he gives her a pin. Later, Bo and Hope are rushing around popping balloons as Hope finally finds the Spa reservation and she hugs Bo, looking into a balloon and seeing Larry's face. She remembers Larry's threat to kill Shawn and Hope says that Shawn is in danger.

Back at Salem Inn
In the lobby, Jack runs into Sami and questions her about Jen. Sami tells him that Jen already left and thinks that she doesn't want to tell Jack that Jen is two timing him.

Back at .Com
Nicole arrives and meets with Brandon. She is shaking as Brandon asks her what's wrong and he doesn't buy the pre-wedding jitters, so Nicole tells him that she was unfaithful to Victor. Brandon gives her a lecture and tries to talk her out of marrying Victor, but to no avail. Finally, Nicole tells him about the tape and how someone is blackmailing her as he asks who it is. She tells him about the 5 million and how she suspects Victor knows as Sami walks up, questioning them. Nicole tells her that it is NYB as she starts crying.

Later, back in the Kiriakis suite
Victor is talking to Nico on the phone, telling him to deliver a wedding invitation to Colin Murphy.

Back at the Salem Inn
Back in the lobby, Jack stops Bo when he and Hope arrive. Jack asks them where Jen is as Hope goes on into the spa and Bo stays back to help Jack (Jack called Colin's room, but there wasn't an answer). Bo goes upstairs.

Up in Colin's room, Colin tells Jen about his suspicions of her coming onto him so hard and she claims that she loves him. Later, we see them having sex in bed as Colin is making out with Jen while she sits back, remembering Christmas with Jack. To herself, she says that she loves Jack and would do anything to protect him. After they have ex, Jennifer has her back turned to Colin and is crying as she claims to be alright. There is a knock at the door and Jen hides in the bathroom as Colin answers in his robe. Colin finds Bo at the door and they exchange comments as Colin claims to have worked late at the hospital all night. Bo suggests that Jen is not there and leaves as Colin wishes him a happy new year. Jen comes out as Colin asks her to come to Ireland, but she makes excuses....Abby, her job, etc., but Colin thinks it's Jack. She denies it and leaves as Colin decides he needs to really get rid of Jack.

Back at .Com
Sami gets a call from Colin and he tells her to meet him now as she leaves. Soon, Nicole leaves and then, Brandon finds the check to Colin Murphy.

Back at Salem Inn
Back in the lobby, Bo tells Jack that Jen was not with Colin. Jack gets a call from Jen, who keeps repeating she's sorry as Jack tells her to calm down, but she hangs up. We see Jen hiding behind the wall, watching Jack as he is sure she's in trouble.

At the Horton Cabin
Larry is cleaning up as Belle and Shawn arrive and he hurries up and hides. Shawn and Belle are glad that their parents aren't there or the twins aren't there and they can have some time alone as we see Larry hiding behind the wood pile, with gun in hand. The teens decide to build a fire as earlier, Bo called. Shawn assures him they are okay, but Hope is still worried. Shawn goes to get something as Larry watches and they figure out that someone has already been there. Shawn figures Mickey and Maggie as he gets a piece of wood and accidentally knocks it on Larry's head, knocking him out. We see blood trickling down as the teens decide to leave. Larry comes to and hides again as Shawn finds a Santa beard and leaves. Larry says that he's glad he didn't have to kill them.....he's going for the big fish.

Back in the Salem Inn lobby
Hope returns from the spa and brings Bo into the back to get their massages as she sees Larry's face again.

Later, in an alley
Sami arrives as Colin emerges and tells her that he saw her spying on him and Jen. He asks "the biggest blabbermouth in Salem" to reveal the truth to Jack and take him to lookout point tomorrow night. Sami refuses, but agrees when Colin threatens to reveal the truth to Brandon and she leaves. After she is gone, Colin imagines Sami taking Jack to lookout point and telling him the truth and he is upset as he yells at Sami to leave. Colin emerges and shoves Jack off the cliff. Back in real time, Colin says "Jack will find out he lost Jennifer and everyone will think he took his own life," as the previews roll.

Preview Cast: Nicole, Brandon, Sami, Colin, Larry, Tony, John.

*Nicole barges into Brandon's apartment and says "Give it back to me....I know you have it," as Sami watches.
*Larry calls Colin and tells him to kill Bo or he'll wish he were dead as he points a gun at something. Flash to Colin telling Larry not to call him again.
*Tony says "Marlena."
*John kneels next to Daphne's grave as he says "Mother."
The End.

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