Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/27/02

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/27/02

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita
proofread by Brianne

Today: The Wesleys tell Chloe her true father's identity. Roman questions Kate. Jenn acts quick to save the man she loves. Jack worries about the woman he loves. Victor finds a check to Colin.....from Nicole. Sami overhears something very big.

Cast: Sami, Colin, Jenn, Jack, Mike (reporter), Roman, Kate, Tony, Victor, Nicole, Chloe, Craig, Nancy.

At the DiMera Mansion
Sami barges in and asks Tony to silence Colin. Tony asks her if she wants Dr. Murphy dead, so she backs off. She confesses that Colin is blackmailing her, and Tony asks her with what, and she doesn't tell him. She begs for help, so he tells her no promises.

At Jenn's house
Jack arrives and kisses Jennifer as they both remember the night before. From outside, Colin watches, and we see a very angry side of Colin. Jack and Jenn profess their love to one another as Colin returns to his car, puts a silencer on his pistol, and says, "time to get rid of that bastard (Jack)." Back inside, Jack and Jenn can't wait until Colin is out of the way as Jack reminds her of the interview. After they tell each other that they love each other, Jenn walks outside. She sees Colin in his car, talking to Tony on the phone, who wants to see him now. After talking to Tony, Colin says "as soon as I get Jack alone, he's a dead man," as Jenn overhears and panics.

At the Wesleys'
Craig fixes Nancy some breakfast as he tells her about Sykes. Chloe comes down and hears him, so he tells them both about how he found Sykes, and whenSykes' DNA didn't match Chloe's, he didn't know who the father was. Nancy tells Chloe that she was so sure that Sykes was her father as she had a DNA test, and it came up positive. Chloe asks who her father is, and Nancy tells her that it is Craig as they all cry and hug. Later, Chloe fixes the camera and takes a family photo.

At .Com
Sami arrives and orders coffee, running into a very happy Jack. Jack pays for the coffee and they sit down as Sami wonders why he is happy. Jack explains that he is a man in love as Sami tells him that she is sure Jenn loves Colin, revealing that she hates Cousin Colin. They both talk about their adventures at the Moon hotel and how that made Colin mad, and they give each other advice. Suddenly, Sami rushes off in joy.

At the Salem Inn
In the lobby, Nicole looks over her cashier's check for Colin as Victor walks up, and she quickly hides it. She explains that she is there to face her fears as they hug. Nicole sees Kate and Roman.

Elsewhere, Roman stops Kate and questions her about Raymond Grant's murder as she says that she did it. Roman can see through her lie as he says that he only wants to help her as Kate spots Nicole and Victor. Kate tells Roman that for a wedding present for Nicole, Victor is going to destroy her and Sami, as he figures out that that is why she and Sami have been hanging out lately. Sami rushes in and overhears, asking Kate why she can't keep her mouth shut.

Up in Colin's room, Tony is waiting for Colin as he arrives to find him there. Tony orders Colin to stop chasing Jennifer and mixing up with Sami and get the job done as Jenn rounds the corner, eavesdropping. Jenn hears Colin tell Tony that he is going to kill Jack as they also talk about who could've killed Grant. Tony leaves, warning Colin to get his act together as Colin says "sorry Tony.....I must eliminate Deveraux" as Jenn panics, mumbling about saving Jack and going to the police.

Back in the lobby, after Nicole spots Sami and Kate and Roman, she asks Victor to get a room so he does.

Later, in Nicole and Victor's room, she asks Victor to draw her bathn and he does as she hides her check in her glove. After Nicole gets in the bath, Victor finds the check to Colin.

Back downstairs, Sami rushes off as Kate receives a call from Tony (who is now at the DiMera Mansion). Kate leaves. Later, Roman leaves a message for Kate, vowing to help her whether she wants his help or not.

Later, back at the DiMera Mansion
Kate arrives as Tony asks her about her relationship with Stefano. Kate won't tell him and leaves as Tony vows to find out what she is hiding.

Later, back at .Com
The man (Mike) arrives and asks Jack where Jenn is. When Jenn doesn't arrive, Mike leaves and Jack wonders where the hell Jenn is.

Back at Colin's room Colin grabs his gun and heads out the door as Jenn stops him in tears, flirting with him. She says that she wants him as he calls her a liar. Jenn kisses him as Sami overhears her asking Colin to make love to her. Sami gasps as there is a close up on Colin's face as the previews roll.

Preview Cast: Jenn, Colin, Nicole, Brandon, Bo, Hope, Larry.

*Jenn is in bed with Colin and professes her love to him.
*Brandon finds Nicole's check at .Com. Nicole tells him that she is in trouble with Victor and needs his help.
*Bo tells Hope happy anniversary as she sees Larry's face in a balloon.
The End.

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