Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/26/02

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/26/02

By Rebecca
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Brianne


PENTHOUSE - John and Marlena chat, saying that none of the kids are around, but having a quiet Christmas is pretty good! They talk about the DNA results, and they have a couple of flashbacks of Aremid when they are professing their love. Marlena comes in with dessert and they have a lil whipped cream fight (aww). The DNA results come in, and Stefano is NOT John's father; Tony and John share a common mother - Daphne DiMera. She had had an affair with another man and gave the child to her sister's family, the ALAMAINS! Thatís why Lawrence and John share a common DNA - they are cousins. John also figures that that was reason enough for Stefano to make him his pawn, but then John comes up with another mystery, who IS his father? Marlena says, "You know what they say -- the past is history, the futureís a mystery. All we have is the present, and thatís a gift," and shows him her present to him, a lil Santa dress (lil meaning LITTLE!! lol!) And the love making begins!

DEVERAUX RESIDENCE - Jack and Jennifer exchange gifts. Very cute, because Jacks gets a Mrs. Claus doll and Jennifer gets a Mr. Claus doll! Jack wants Jennifer back, and they have a flashback of Jack coming through the chimney dressed as Santa (sweeeet!). Jack tells Jenn he really wants to kiss her right now but Jennifer wants to put Abby to sleep, so they do. Afterwards, they talk of Colin Murphy, and Jack's worries, but she tells him that she'll be alright. She goes on, telling him, "You know, it was Christmas when -- when I accepted your proposal, and I accepted it because I knew that it was meant to be. And how many times did we think we were never going to make it to the altar, Jack? But in the end, we did. We did because it was meant to be. So I'm telling you, I donít want to turn my back on destiny. I donít want to turn my back on you." They kiss, and Jack picks her up (they're about to go to the bedroom, obviously) when little Abby comes by wondering why daddy is carrying mommy! Jennifer gives her the ol' stubbed toe excuse, but Abby just wants some water so Jack goes to get her some. They go and tuck Abby in, and Jennifer lays beside Abby. Jack asks "Do you have any idea how much I love you?" which they both reply with an "I love you, too" (awwwww). And it ends with Jack saying, "Merry Christmas..."

HORTON CABIN - Larry is there plotting revenge on Bo and Hope, daydreaming of telling a tied-up Hope that he had Bo killed using cousin Colin. It ends with the smell of up-coming revenge...(I can smell it at least, hehehe).

SALEM INN - Colin is at his room at the Inn daydreaming of making love to Jennifer. Later, he says to himself (or inviso-Jenn), "Jack will never break your heart again. He'll be out of your life forever." And also looks at his bullet, with Bo's name on it...

BRADY HOUSE - Bo and Hope talk of Zack and Shawn and also have some Christmas flashbacks of Bo giving Hope a music box, a rug for the fireplace (but she doesn't have a fireplace!), etc., etc. Hope smiles wondering just WHERE that rug is! She sees Larry at the door and screams for Bo, and he goes to the door and looks around. He doesn't see anyone, and Hope just tells him she thought she saw cousin Colin, but it was probably just a neighbor. She calms down, and they make love.

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