Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/25/02

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/25/02

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Brianne

Today: Many couples in Salem celebrate Christmas with good news and evil people while Jay K. Johnson says his final good-byes as Philip and leaves Salem.

Cast: Bo, Hope, Zack, Mickey, Maggie, Caroline, Shawn Sr., Lexie, Abe, Roman, Kate, Colin, Jack, Jen, Abby, Chloe, Brady, Philip, Mimi, Belle, Shawn, Victor, Henderson, Billie, Lucas, Nancy, Craig, Kids at the hospital.

At the Wesley home
Chloe and Brady wake up, naked next to each other, and start kissing and saying "I love you." Later, Brady wants to make love to Chloe, but she wants to get to the hospital to see Nancy, so they leave.

At the Carvers'
Abe brings Lexie some Christmas coffee and she tells him about how she woke up, not believing that she was in their house again. Abe gets up and gives Lexie a gift to open.

At the Deverauxs'
Jack and Jen are surrounding Abby as she unenthusiastically opens gifts. Jack asks what's wrong, and she says that she has all she ever wanted, them as a family spending Christmas together.

At the Bradys'
Bo and Hope help Zack open his presents as Shawn videotapes them with his new digital camera. Shawn is videotaping Bo as the doorbell rings, and Shawn answers it, to find Belle, bearing gifts. He lets her in as they head to the kitchen. Bo takes Zack to open another present as Hope picks up ribbon, having a flashback of Larry tying her up, and she says "no." We return to find Bo asking Hope what's wrong, but she doesn't answer. In the kitchen, Belle and Shawn make out until he gives her a card with a Salem Inn reservation for New Year's Eve, and they rejoin the family. Later, Mimi arrives and tells Belle and Shawn that Philip asked them to come over, and they leave.

At the hospital
In Nancy's room, Nancy awakens to find Craig sitting next to her. She tells him about the dream she had, and he tells her that it wasn't a dream. Nancy asks if there was a mistake as Chloe and Brady walk in, but Nancy covers. Chloe gives Nancy a hug as the baby kicks, and Craig and Chloe feel the kick.

Out in the lobby, Colin arrives and greets Shawn, Sr. and Caroline. Roman arrives with gifts for the children as Mickey, dressed as Santa, and Maggie, dressed as Mrs. Claus, emerge from the elevator. Maggie tells Roman, PopShawn, and Caroline that Mickey has laryngitis as he can't even speak. Roman complains, as Mickey was supposed to read the story this year. Later, Chloe and Brady come out while Craig pushes Nancy. Alice and Caroline ask Chloe to read the story, and she finally agrees. As she sits down, all the kids gather around and listen to Chloe preach the whole story of baby Jesus. The camera pans around to all the kids and even Melissa Reeves and Matthew Ashford's real life kids. After Chloe is done, everyone applauds. Jen, who is also there, is approached by Colin, and she tells him that she is spending time with her family. Colin asks if their date is still on as Jack spots Colin kissing her hand. He rushes off and hides as the doctor walks off. Jack gets Abby and tells Jen that they have to leave.

At the Kiriakis Mansion
Kate barges through the doors and greets Henderson with, "Bah Humbug," as she rushes into the library to find Victor reading. She asks him if he has talked Philip out of joining the Marines as Philip walks in and says that nothing will change his mind, and he is leaving today. Victor congratulates him as Kate says that Billie and Lucas are coming later and hopefully they can talk him out of it. Later, Lucas and Billie arrive, to learn of his future plans. They gladly congratulate him and leave. Much later, Mimi, Belle, and Shawn arrive and also learn of the news. Mimi is not happy about it, but agrees, telling Philip to watch out for hot guys for her. The three teens leave.

Later, before Philip leaves, he asks Victor to look after Kate, who has left, for him and says good bye to Henderson, also. Just before Philip leaves, Chloe and Brady rush in, saying Belle called them. Chloe can't believe he would leave without saying good-bye and asks for some time alone with Philip as Victor and Brady go outside. Chloe asks Philip if he's leaving because of them, and he replies yes, but there is more to it. She tells him that maybe it didn't work out for a reason and gives him the tree pendant back, but he won't accept it. Finally, Philip accepts it and says good-bye to Chloe, Victor, and Brady, grabs his bag and heads out the door, closing it (that was Jay's final scene).

Later, at Kate's apartment
Kate is alone, grieving over Philip's decision as Roman arrives. She tells him the news, and he comforts her. Roman says "Kate, I need you," as they kiss onto the couch.

Later, back at the Deverauxs'
Jack and Jen are now there as Jen promises not to hurt herself. Jack makes her wear the wire as they come close to kissing,and Abby walks in, with a happy look.

Later, back at the Bradys'
Belle and Shawn arrive and talk of how they can't wait until New Years Eve. They take their jackets off and begin heavily kissing.

At the Brady Pub
All the Bradys gather together as Shawn, Sr. puts a "closed sign" on the door for family only. Abe arrives with a gift for Zack and gives Hope one from Lexie, but Hope won't accept it. We see Lexie outside, staring through the window. Hope looks at Bo and then goes outside, putting her arm around Lexie, asking her to come in. Lexie and Hope come inside as Bo places Zack in Lexie's arms, and she kisses him as he opens the gift-a football. Lexie announces the news about the baby and about how her and Abe are back together. Shawn, Sr. goes and gets a shot for everyone to toast to the Carvers. The camera pans to Colin outside as he pulls out a gun and says, "Soon, Cousin Bo." Back inside, everyone toasts as we see shots of various couples--Maggie and Mickey, Caroline and Shawn, Sr., Lexie and Abe, and then to the closing scene of Bo, Hope, and Zack hugging as the previews roll.

Preview Cast: Marlena, John, Bo, Hope, Larry.

*Marlena and John talk about how wonderful it is to spend Christmas alone.
*Bo tells Hope, "Happy anniversary, Fancy Face."
*We see Larry at the Horton Cabin, and he slams his glass down, saying "Cheers!"

The End.

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