Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/23/02

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/23/02

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

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Today: Craig, Chloe, and Brady stand vigil by Nancy. Billie takes a polygraph test while others await the results. Colin blackmails Sami and then Nicole, while Philip breaks some shocking news to Victor and Kate. Mimi questions Belle about the previous night.

Cast: Craig, Nancy, Brady, Chloe, Bo, Hope, Abe, Roman, Billie, Polygraph Man, Sami, Brandon, Lexie, Dr. Bader, Kate, Victor, Philip, Nicole, Colin, Mimi, Belle, Waiter.

At Brady's loft
Brady opens a box he finds as Isabella watches. Inside, he finds a bunch of ornaments as Isabella tells him that John kept them after she died. Brady pulls out the angel and says that he will celebrate Christmas for Chloe and for his mother.

At the police station
Kate and Billie arrive for the polygraph test as Abe and Roman walk out. Billie says that it's time to find out whether or not she is innocent as Bo and Hope walk in and Hope says, " We all know the answer to that." Abe and Roman tell Bo and Hope that they have to wait outside as the tension may affect the test. Billie goes into the office with Roman, Abe, and the polygraph man as the questioning begins, and Hope watches. She begins to head in, but Bo grabs her, leading to flashbacks of Larry, and she tells Bo to let her go. She apologizes, claiming that she just wants Billie to pay as Kate insists Billie is innocent.

In the office, the man asks Billie if she thought Larry Welch was an ISA agent, and she replies yes. Next, he asks her if she helped Larry Welch kidnap Hope and Zack ,and she says no, as Abe and Roman worry. Later, Billie and the cops step out as Billie says that she was proven innocent, and Hope doesn't believe her because she saw her with Larry Welch. Abe and Roman warn Billie to stay away from Hope as harassment is against the law. Kate gets a call from Victor, who wants her at the house right away, so she leaves.

At .Com
Mimi and Belle meet as Mimi questions her about the previous night with Shawn. Belle tells her that the sprinklers went off, and they didn't have a chance to finish making love. She also says that she wouldn't be able to live without Shawn. Later, Mimi and Belle spot Philip and call him over to their table. He tells them that he is moving on as Belle tells him to stay in school, but he doesn't want to go to New York. The girls tell him that whatever decision he makes, they will love and support him. Outside, Philip goes to leave and says, "That's it!"

Back inside, Belle and Mimi are checking out at the counter, and a guy says Merry Christmas, and they say it back. They both decide to be there for Philip over the holidays.

At the Kiriakis Mansion
Nicole is walking around, mumbling about feeling empty as Audrey, Austin and Sami's old wedding planner, arrives. Nicole yells that she wants the best for her wedding as Victor walks in and says money is no object. Audrey leaves, and then Nicole gets a call from Colin, telling her to meet him in a half an hour, or there will be no wedding ,and she agrees, brushing Victor off. After Nicole leaves, Kate arrives and asks what this is all about, and Victor is clueless too. Philip arrives and tells his parents that they are now the parents of a Marine. Cue shocked looks on Victor and Kate.

At the hospital
In the lobby, Lexie arrives for the test results as Brandon walks over to her and starts arguing with her. Brandon says that he will not let Abe raise his kid.

At the nurse's station, Colin confronts Sami and taunts her about the test results. From afar, Brandon and Lexie are still arguing as Dr. Bader gives her the results. Colin tells Sami not to cross him and walks off as Lexie privately reads the results and is relieved that Abe is the father.

Brandon is talking to Sami, and she tells him to forget about Lexie and concentrate on her and the holidays. He walks off and runs into Lexie, who shows him the results. Brandon is shocked as Lexie says that she and Abe are going to start a family and leaves.

After Brandon walked off to talk to Lexie, Colin approaches Sami. He compares himself to her and says that they are a lot alike as they would do anything to hold onto the one they love. Colin reminds Sami that she owes him, and he goes to meet Nicole. Later, Brandon returns and agrees to join Sami for the holidays.

Later, in Colin's office, Nicole arrives, with Colin telling her to meet him in the lounge in 5 minutes. She meets him, and he turns on the video as she watches "Dr. Murphy's Sex Videos." Nicole calls him a bastard as he asks for 5 million. Colin wishes her a Merry Christmas and leaves.

Back at the police station
Roman and Abe explain that Shane called and said they found a leak in the ISA, and Larry duped Billie and says that Billie probably won't be charged as Billie leaves. Hope says that it isn't over.

In Nancy's room
Chloe and Craig stand vigil next to Nancy's side. Craig breaks down. Later, Brady arrives to find Chloe there. They head to the chapel to pray and run into Craig on the way. He goes back to Nancy's room.

In the chapel, Chloe and Brady pray as she admits to not praying for awhile. She begs for God to spare her mother and her sister as Brady comforts her.

Back in Nancy's room, Craig begs for Nancy to come back to him as he looks at the monitor and notices something strange as the previews roll.

Preview Cast: Belle, Shawn, Cassie, Rex, Nicole, Tony, John, Marlena.

*Belle asks Cassie what she knows about the sprinklers.
*Nicole is outside the Kiriakis house and wonders what she will do if Victor sees the tape.
*Tony arrives at the penthouse, with gifts, but Marlena and John aren't too happy.
The End.

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