Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/20/02

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/20/02

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

Today: Colin meets with Larry as the teens have a dance.

Cast: Colin, Bo, Larry, Jack, Jennifer, Brady, Chloe, Nancy, Craig, Philip, Dr. Bader, Rex, Penny, Alec, Cynthia, Cassie, Belle, Shawn, Caprice.

Philip leaves the dance and overhears Chloe and Brady talking about making love. Later, he chops the PC4ever tree down with an ax.

Cassie goes to great lengths to stop Belle and Shawn but can't. She asks Cynthia for help but she is making out with Alec. Mimi alerts Philip, so he leaves with her. When Cassie returns, Belle and Shawn are upstairs making love. Cassie turns on the sprinklers.

Craig tries to convince Nancy not to give her life up. Nancy starts convulsing, but Craig can't do anything, so he calls Chloe.

Jack meets with Bo and Jen. Jen tells them about what she overheard and Bo tells her that he can't arrest Tony and Colin. He tells Jen that she has to bring Colin down. She agrees and Jack walks her home.

Colin meets with Craig and tells him that he got an overseas job. Craig asks him to go in Nancy's room and cheer her up. Later, Colin meets Larry and they discuss things. Larry gets back to his "ho, ho, hoing." After talking with Jennifer about Colin's connections with Tony, Bo runs into Colin. They say their goodnights and Bo heads off as Colin says that Bo is going to sleep forever. The End.

Preview: Mimi asks Belle about the night before. Billie prepares for her lie detector test. Colin threatens Sami. Brandon says that Abe won't raise his child.

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