Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/19/02

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/19/02

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Today: Sami tampers with Lexie's test results, and Colin catches her. Nicole unknowingly saves Victor from Larry's deadly aim. Brandon is convinced that Lexie's baby is his, while the teens prepare for the dance (Belle and Shawn prepare to make love).

Cast: Colin, Sami, Nurse Brenda, Dr. Karen Bader, Eugenia, Larry, Nicole, Victor, Lexie, Brandon, Celeste, Caprice, Lisa (Brady Pub waitress), Belle, Shawn, Philip, Mimi, Cynthia, Cassie, Rex, Student.

In the alley
Colin and Larry argue as Larry tells him that instead of working for Raymond Grant and Tony DiMera, now he is working for him. He also tells Colin that he will withhold the 2 million dollars offered to him by Grant, until Bo is killed. Colin threatens him until Larry tells him that he will send his criminal files to Bo.....but Shane and Tony are the ones who Colin is afraid of, so Colin agrees, but wants to do it on his own time. Larry Claus gives Colin until January 1st, 2003 to kill Bo and then walks away saying "ho, ho, ho." Colin pulls out the Bo Brady bullet and ponders what to do.

At the Brady Pub
At Brandon's table, Lexie joins him and he agrees to talk.....about the baby. She states that the baby is Abe's, but Brandon thinks otherwise. He is beeped away and tells her that they aren't finished yet.

Meanwhile, at Victor and Nicole's table, she is looking at brochures for the honeymoon as Victor asks if she is only marrying him because of what he will do to Sami and Kate. Nicole denies it, talking about an ego trip, and Victor wonders if she is marrying him for money and power only.

Outside, Celeste arrives and spots Brandon returning to his table, with Lexie waiting for him. Celeste says that Lexie can never be with Abe if her relationship with Brandon Walker continues as she turns around to be faced with Caprice. She asks Caprice who she is, and Caprice says that she doesn't owe her any answers, but Celeste definitely owes her some and walks away.

Back at Brandon and Lexie's table, Brandon talks to Lexie about how she and Abe have tried for years to get pregnant and all of a sudden, she is. Lexie spits back that at least she is giving Abe a baby: all Sami will give him is grief. Finally, Lexie tells him to leave her and Abe alone and go screw up his relationship with Sami.

Back at Victor and Nicole's table, Nicole tells Victor that she was joking about the ego trip, and he has always told her that he likes her sarcasm. Victor tells her that being with him comes with rules. Nicole tells naive Vic that it's easy to stay with a man when you love him. Victor receives a call and learns that a meeting was cancelled and tells Nicole that he can spend the rest of the day with her, but she tells him that she has work. He tells Nicole that he gave her the whole day off and states that they are going home to bed. Nicole says "No way. Me go to bed with you?" She covers and talks about the "heart to heart" she had with Fay and her mother told her to wait until her wedding night. Victor states a simple fact: "That's a load of crap. And I'm not buying it."

At the Salem Inn
Colin returns to find his room decorated and reads Jennifer's note. He dials up her work place and asks for her voice mail. He thanks her and hopes they can spend time together. After he hangs up, Colin reads a message for Nicole on his cell phone and calls her up.

Back at the Brady Pub
Back at Victor and Nicole's table, she tells her husband-to-be that she's the new Nicole, version 8.0. Nicole gets the call form Colin, inviting her to another romp in his bed, and she happily agrees. When asked, Nicole lies about some dresses she has to try on and leaves.

Outside, Larry watches Nicole leave and looks the window. He sees Victor and decides to start his holiday off with a bang as he pulls out his gun.

Back in Colin's motel room
Nicole arrives and knocks on the door. Colin answers, in his robe, and invites her in. She asks who decorated his room and learns that it was the boring Jennifer Horton. They end up collapsing to the bed and making passionate love. Nicole is really into it, until Colin says "Jennifer, I love you." That makes Nicole mad, and she leaves as Colin pulls out his video tape and we learn that he taped the whole entire making love scene.

At Salem U.

Belle and Shawn talk about their finals as Shawn tells Belle that it was Cassie's tutoring that helped him. Meanwhile, Philip arrives and hugs Mimi, happy to have aced his finals. Then, he tells her that he has to repair his relationship with Victor before he leaves for Columbia (remember Philip fans: Philip has 3 more airdates until he leaves Days). Back to the kissing couple, Shawn asks Belle if she is ready for their special night and she is, as Cassie watches them kiss. Rex suggests they get ready, since Tony is going to be picking them up. Cassie heads to talk to Tony into letting them stay. She returns and confirms that they can stay for the party. Rex is happy as he heads off, and Cynthia joins Cassie and the two watch Belle and Shawn make out. Rex spots Caprice and helps her carry stuff upstairs.

Cynthia tells Cassie that her test has just begun, and she needs to break up Shawn and Belle, but the twin refuses her help. Cynthia calls Cassie dumb. She spots Philip and asks about Columbia. He confirms it, and Cynthia tells him that the best thing to do is stay away from Chloe Lane.

Later, in Shawn and Rex's room, Shawn returns to find Rex playing a game and Shawn is setting up all kinds of stuff and tripping all over the place. Shawn asks Rex to stay with Cassie tonight, and he agrees as Shawn leaves, running into Cassie on the way out. He hugs her, thanking her for her help as he walks off, and Cassie is happy to report that that hug was 1.8 seconds longer than the last one. Later, Shawn returns to his room and decorates it with candles and puts a box of protection in the drawer. He picks up a picture of him and Belle and lays it on his nightstand.

Later, back to the dance, Mimi finds Rex under a mistletoe and kisses him. Rex likes the tradition as Mimi, too. Philip barges out of Hartley House as Mimi follows him. Belle and Shawn dance and kiss as Cassie watches, unhappily.

Back at the Brady Pub
At Victor's table, he is talking to Lexie as Celeste walks in. Lexie thanks Victor for appreciating all that she did to help Hope, and he steps outside. Celeste tells Lexie that she has a bad feeling about her relationship with Abe.

Outside, Victor walks out as Larry points the gun at him. Larry has a flashback of a much younger Victor and him having a talk at the prison with Victor promising him only 2 years in prison. Back to real time, Larry says that Victor owes him and points the gun as Victor turns and asks "What the-?" 'Tis Nicole, upset about the pressure of marrying him. Victor and Nicole leave as Larry emerges, saying that he could have taken them both out, but that takes the fun away. He's going to make Vic experience the pain of losing Bo.

At the hospital
Sami is mumbling about her plan as Karen taps her and says that she heard her name. Sami tells Dr. Bader that Brenda told her to tell her that a patient went into labor, sooner than expected.

Later, Brenda confronts Sami with "Dr. Bader told me what you are up to." Sami has a "deer in the headlights look" as Brenda tells her about Dr. Bader telling her that the patient went into labor and questions Sami about it. Sami tells her that it won't happen again, and Brenda says that it better not and walks off. Sami says that she doesn't want to see her now.

In the lab, Sami walks in and asks Eugenia for the lab results for Lexie Carver. Eugenia refuses as it's against hospital policy. Sami threatens to tell Dr. Wesley that it was her fault that the one patient got test results that she had cancer, but it was only a cold. Eugenia agrees as Sami states that due to fancy paper work by her, she didn't get fired. She hands Sami the test results and leaves. Sami walks out, reading them and learns that Brandon is the father of Lexie's baby. Sami returns to the lab and alters the results to show that Abe is the baby's father.

At the nurse's station, Brandon arrives and asks where Sami is. Brenda tells him that she was at the lab, so he heads over there. Just before Brandon opens the door, Brenda calls him back to do something.

Back in the lab, Sami prints out the new test results as Colin arrives and tells her that she has no authorization to be there. He grabs the paper off of Sami and shreds it and tells her that her secret is safe with him as long as she follows his rules. Sami rushes off in panic. Back in the lab, Colin realizes that this day turning out to be very good for him as the previews roll.

Day Ahead Preview Cast: Shawn, Belle, Philip, Mimi.

*Shawn tells Belle to prepare for the longest night of their life.
*Philip asks Mimi what's happening tonight.
*Shawn is waiting in his room as Belle walks out of the bathroom in a robe.
As the credits roll. The End.

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