Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/18/02

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/18/02

By Rebecca
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Brianne

HOSPITAL - Colin gets a call from Tony and  some conversation in codes about Grant's murder. Tony tells him to meet him at the Salem Inn, and he leaves. Sami stands near Dr. Bader while she talks on the phone to Lexie about her test results. Lexie is impatient but understands they are backed up, and they end their conversation. Brandon comes by Sami but sees a patient (in a wheel chair) and talks to him. When he leaves, Brandon comes by and takes Sami away (we find later it's to the Brady Pub).

PENTHOUSE - John and Marlena find out from Shane that he is NOT the brother of Lawrence Alamain, because the technology of years ago was not accurate. Marlena tells him over and over that nothing will change (that's most of their part of the show, convincing him that nothing will change). He calls ISA and tells Shane to see if his DNA matches Stefano's, and Marlena comforts him.

SALEM INN - Jennifer, with the help of the hotel manager, sneaks into Colin's room and snoops for clues as to his connection with the DiMeras. She then hears Tony and Colin coming in and hides inside the closet. Colin and Tony chat, and Colin mentions his loyalty to the DiMeras, which Jennifer overhears! Tony leaves, and Colin gets a phone call from Larry Welch and leaves. Jennifer comes out and is amazed to find out that Jack and Bo were right! Colin works for the DiMeras! She leaves presents on his bed (her excuse to get in) and is now determined to get to the bottom of the Colin Murphy mystery.

DIMERA MANSION - Lexie is inside thinking about her baby boy inside her. She has flashbacks of telling Abe about it, and then flashbacks of having sex with Brandon. She prays that Abe is the father, not Brandon. Lexie is leaning on the table when Tony walks in. He asks if she's alright, and she says she's fine. They talk about Grant, but he tells her that there is nothing new. She tells him that she's worried about him, and he replies "You know me better than that. I've cheated death. I can do it again" which Lexie gets upset over, wondering what he means. He tells her it's just an expression and also tells her that this will all end soon (everyone's war with their family). He talks of always being one step ahead of his enemies, and there is nothing to worry about. He mentions her CVS test results and how she didn't know she was pregnant for so long. She tells him that she thought it all was just stress, but now she's excited about the baby. Tony mentions the "who's the daddy situation," and Lexie gets angry and tells him to lay off. She tells him that she wants put all the bad stuff behind her and focus on the future, and he agrees. She also tells him that it's going to be a boy! He's happy for her, and she asks about what happened at dot com, that he was going to tell her something but decided not to. He tells her to trust him, and he knows exactly what he's doing...

BRADY PUB - Victor finds Nicole (who was sending a message to a CMURPHY, lol) and asks if she's trying to see Colin, but she denies it. She thinks that he followed her, but Victor denies it but also says that she shouldn't have anything to hide if he did. They chat, and Sami and Brandon walk in and see them. They walk over and say hello, and Sami walks to the ladies room because she suddenly feels sick, and Nicole and Brandon talk privately. Same old "I don't want you to be with that person" conversation, and Sami walks past Victor who tells her that that sick feeling is fear. She tells him that Nicole is a slut and will betray him and that she hates him. She thinks to herself "Your marriage had better make you as miserable as it's making the rest of us. Like my grandma would say, 'you reap what you sow.'" She gets a phone call from the lab saying that the results are ready and runs out on a stunned Brandon.

SALEM STREETS - Colin walks by and Larry tells him (in his Santa suit) that he's the one who's been calling him and reveals himself. Colin pulls out a gun and says that Tony DiMera wants him dead or alive. Larry tells him that he has to goods on him - things he got from Grant's desk, things he wouldn't like Tony to see...

ENDING WITH LARRY - "You know, you, uh, have been a very naughty boy -- working with Raymond Grant behind Tony DiMera's back. He wouldn't like that one bit, would he? But, you know, that's okay, because not only are you not working for Raymond Grant anymore, you're also not working for Tony DiMera, either. As of right now, you're working for me..." as the credits roll

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