Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/17/02

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/17/02

By Justin
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Today: Lots going on at the hospital as Colin is ordered not to kill Bo, Lexie orders a paternity test, and Nancy writes a living will. Bo and Roman investigate a death while Kate and Tony enjoy dinner.

Cast: Colin, Larry, Raymond Grant, Bo, Roman, Secretary, Kate, Tony, Waitress, Nurse Brenda, Brandon, Abe, Sami, Dr. Karen Bader, Kim, Lexie, Craig, Nancy, Mickey, Chloe, Brady, Isabella.

At the Wesleys

Chloe gets a call from Craig, who tells her that Nancy is fine, but her blood pressure is not going down. Chloe agrees to bring him clean clothes and hangs up. She opens the door to find Brady in a sleeping bag, on the porch. Chloe brings him in the house and gets him hot cocoa as they talk about Nancy, the baby, and their feelings for each other. Chloe brings Brady some graham crackers and tells Chloe that he'll drive her to the hospital. She agrees and they leave.

At the hospital
Brenda is the only one with Christmas spirit as she hangs decorations. Sami arrives, and Brenda orders her to deliver something. Brandon is also there and suggests they get coffee on her next break. Sami agrees and trots off as Brandon spots Lexie and Abe arriving. Nurse Brenda confirms their appointment as Brandon looks disgusted. Meanwhile, Colin arrives and gets paged. He asks Brenda if any other staff members can cover for him, but she tells him that no one else can. Colin realizes that he can't make the meeting, and Brenda offers to call the person, but Colin doesn't want her to.

In Nancy's room, Craig returns and finds Mickey there with Nancy. Nancy tells Craig that she's written a living will, and they argue over it. Nancy's BP rises as Mickey rushes to get a nurse. The nurse calms her down, and Craig finally agrees. In cubicle 3, Lexie and Abe are with Dr. Karen Bader as they have the ultrasound done. Karen confirms that it is a boy as the Carvers celebrate. Abe stays for the CVS, too.

Elsewhere, Sami joins Brandon, but he is venting about how Abe shouldn't be a father to any kid. Sami tries to reassure Brandon as Brenda has her run an errand. Abe joins Brandon and asks to speak with him for 5 minutes.

At Raymond Grant's office

Larry arrives, in a blond wig and opens Grant's door. Larry lays an envelope on Grant's desk and hears someone coming, so he hides. Grant arrives and finds the letter. Larry makes himself known and claims to be a delivery boy for the DiMeras. Then, he reminds Grant that Colin hasn't killed Bo Brady yet, and Grant knows that DiMeras never tell delivery people that much secret info, so he goes to call security. Larry says "Hang up the phone or I'll send your ass to the morgue," as he pulls out a silencer pistol and holds it to Raymond's head. He admits working for Stefano before in Europe as he talks about ordering the hit on Victor, blah, blah, blah. Grant is shocked as Larry tells him that Bo, Hope, and Victor will pay for making him spend 10 years in prison. Then, he says that Hope should've married him. Grant figures out that he is Larry Welch and offers to get him back into the DiMera organization. Larry knows better than that, stating that he framed Lexie, and they want him dead. Grant compares him to Stefano as he likes to work solo. Then, Larry says that like Stefano, he doesn't want any witnesses, and then he shoots Grant in the chest. After Grant falls to the ground, Larry shoots him in the back. He opens the drawer and laughs, saying "Salem PD, roll out the body bags. Larry Welch is on a roll."

Later, Colin arrives to find a dead Raymond Grant. He searches around and hears Grant's secretary come in, so he hides. She screams and rushes out as Colin stands up, hearing her call 911. Colin grabs some papers and leaves.

At the Brady Pub

Bo is reading a newspaper as Kate rushes in, asking the waitress where Roman is. She doesn't know, so Kate gets coffee and waits for him. Tony arrives and joins Kate. Kate informs him that she knows what he wants. She also knows that he and Lexie would love to know her secrets and tells him that he's not getting it. They order breakfast as Bo slips outside.

Outside, Bo finds Roman and tells him about Kate asking for him as they both spot Kate's car in the parking lot and Tony's next to it.

Back inside, Roman walks in and questions Kate about her asking for him. Roman comments on how Kate could use some kippers with her eggs, and he walks off. Roman gets a call from someone and tells Bo. He informs Kate and Tony about Grant's death, and the Brady bros. leave.

Later, at Brady's loft
Brady returns, and Isabella congratulates him on how he treated Chloe. She suggests he get some rest, so Brady goes upstairs.

Back at the pub
Tony and Kate talk about Stefano's secrets as he pays for the breakfast, and she hands him her business card.

Back at Raymond Grant's office
Bo and Roman are investigating, hoping to find some clues as to who shot Raymond Grant.

Back at the hospital
Chloe arrives and asks Brenda where Craig is, and she tells her, so Chloe puts Craig's clothes in his office. Colin returns and goes to the ER.

On the terrace, Abe and Brandon argue about Abe's love for Lexie, and Brandon warns him not to break Lexie's heart. If he does, he will pay.

Outside the cubicle 3 room, Sami eavesdrops as Lexie orders Karen to do a paternity test and she agrees. Sami damns Lexie and hopes that Brandon isn't the father.

Outside Nancy's room, Chloe arrives and hears Mickey talking to Kim, Nancy, and Craig. Mickey reads the living will aloud, and Chloe rushes off in tears.

Back in the lobby, Colin is standing as Brenda receives a phone call from Larry. She gets Colin to come over there as he wonders who it is. Larry orders Colin not to kill Bo, until he gives him the okay. Colin says that cousin Bo gets to live another day as the previews appear.

Day Ahead Preview Cast: Brandon, Sami, Lexie, Dr. Bader, Tony, Colin, Jennifer, Victor, Nicole.

*Nicole asks Victor if he's following her. He asks if there is a reason to.
*Tony and Colin prepare to enter his room as Jen hides in the closet.
*Dr. Bader calls Lexie with the results as Sami overhears.
*Lexie says that Brandon can't be the father as we see him tap Sami on the shoulder and say "Surprise!" Sami has a shocked look on her face.

The End.

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