Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/16/02

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/16/02

By Rebecca
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Brianne

Lots and lots of show, sorry if I missed anything!

BRADY'S LOFT - Brady is frustrated that Chloe's not replying to his phone calls and is on his way out to see her when IzzyB shows up! She tells him to back off or he will lose her and that he's acting like Phillip (ouch!) He realizes the truth in that and gets depressed a little over it (lol). He leaves Chloe a very sweet message on her answering machine: "Hi. Chloe, it's, uh... it's me -- Brady. How are you doing? Um, listen, I understand that you're in a place right now where you need to be alone for a while, but, um, I guess I would really love to hear your voice tell me that you're okay. So if you could maybe give me a quick call or -- or leave me a message, that would be great. And, listen, if there's anything that you need -- anything at all -- you know there's nothing I wouldn't do for you. I love you," and his mother smiles :)

WESLEY HOUSE - Chloe is really depressed, thinking her life is virtually over, and is not taking Brady's calls. Then he knocks on her door! He gives her some ice cream, but Chloe says she wants to be alone. Brady says that he understands and he'll be here. She gives him a weird look and closes the door, and Brady stays outside in the cold...

PENTHOUSE - John and Marlena get a copy of the DNA tests from Shane which says that with 80% accuracy, Tony and John are brothers. John goes with the 20%, but Marlena tells him to stop it. They wonder how he can also be related to Lawrence Alamain and fear if Stefano is John's father. John thinks he is, because Stefano didn't kill him when he had the chance, the night Stefano escaped. Marlena tells him that no matter what his children and his wife will love him, and they make love. No afterglow, just John going to the mirror looking at his phoenix tattoo, with Marlena looking on.

OUTSIDE THE PUB - Billie is hesitant of going in the pub, but Jack tells her that it'll only be 5 minutes, so she agrees to wait outside. Then Bo and Hope come by with Zack . They tell her she's not welcome here, and when Billie sticks up for herself, she gets smacked down (this is really stupid; Bo and Hope should find something new to do with their time). Then Roman comes by with the news that Billie is going to be indicted for the kidnapping crime and'll probably get a nice, long jail sentence. Roman goes into the pub with Zack, and Hope says a lil' more to Billie. Billie wants Bo to defend her, but he tells her to stay out of their lives. Bo and Hope go inside, and Billie rushes off.

BRADY PUB - Lucas, Jennifer, and their children are decorating the tree. Caroline takes the kids for some hot chocolate, and Lucas mentions to Jennifer seeing Jack with Billie at the lighting of the tree at Salem Place. Jennifer seems fine with it, saying that Jack is what Billie needs right now. They compliment each other saying that their loves will come. Jack walks in and settles a dispute between Abby and Will (Will is a real brat in this scene), then Jack goes to Jennifer, and they chat. He wants to call a truce for the holidays, for Abby's sake, and she agrees. Jack sees Zack and wonders about his parents, and then remembers Billie! He runs out and screams her name, but she isn't there. He sees Vern and shoos him inside since he's concerned about Billie (poor Vern!). Just then Jack gets a call, and it's Billie, saying that she was tired and went home to bed. Jack wants to know if she'd like company, but Billie tells him that she's wiped out and that she'll see him later. She hangs up, and it's shown that she's right in front of the Cheatin' Hearts "Beer" sign. Back at the pub, Lucas goes to Jack and asks about Billie, and Jack gives him the update, which makes Lucas run out of there (also asking Hope to watch over Will until Sami arrives). Jennifer asks if he went to help her, and very rudely Jack replies "I wanted to, yes, but, uh, she told me she wasn't up for my company. At least she was being honest with me" and leaves. Vern goes to Jack and tells him that he's being selfish for treating Jen that way and that he wants him out of his house! Jennifer takes Hope aside and tells her not to go down too hard on Billie and that Larry Welch is the bad guy here. Roman and Bo discuss Larry's body not being found and that he might have been wearing a bullet proof vest! Jack goes back over to Jennifer and tries to start something again, but this time Jennifer takes a stand, saying how in his eyes Jennifer is the devil for keeping a secret to save her cousin but Billie is a saint for probably helping Larry kidnap her which shuts Jack up! Next thing I know all of them have gone to the xmas tree that Grandpa Shawn finally has up with Hope alone (go to ENDING).

CHEATIN' HEART - Billie walks in and sits down, and a couple of guys give her an "I want you" look, but she gives them a "you sleazy pig'" look back (priceless, I swear!) She orders a vodka and is about to drink it, but she stops and puts it down. Lucas comes by saying that he is very proud of her. He wants to help her, and she tells him to take her to an AA meeting, so they get up to leave. She thanks him, but Lucas says that that's what brothers are for! They're outside the place, and Lucas goes to bring the car around.

ENDING - The show ends with Billie: "I know exactly what I want, and nobody's going to stop me from getting it. Not this time." and Hope: "I can't relax, Bo... not until I know Billie's out of our lives for good." Half screen Billie, half screen Hope, freeze frame as the credits roll....

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