Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/13/02

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/13/02

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita
proofread by Brianne

Today: Colin gets a visit from Tony, and then joins the Bradys in a celebration as Larry puts his second plan in motion. Marlena runs into Tony.....John receives shocking test results as the twins pledge allegiance to the DiMeras.

Cast: Colin, Bo, Hope, Larry, Marlena, John, Belle, Shawn, Rex, Cassie, Tony, Rolf.

At the Bradys'
Replay of Hope hugging Bo and seeing Larry (it really is Larry). She rushes to the door and sees Belle and Shawn outside. Outside, Belle tells Shawn that she can't go in there, so they agree to meet up later and she leaves. Shawn heads inside just in time for Bo to lecture him about sex.

In Colin's motel room

Tony arrives and questions Colin as to if he is loyal to the DiMeras. Then, he asks what is going on between Raymond Grant and him. Tony also wonders what is going on with Kate, and then he asks Colin why he hasn't carried out his assignment. He wants Colin to bring him Larry Welch's body, dead or alive or even half eaten by fish. If he doesn't, he will be in grave danger. With that, Tony leaves. Larry calls Colin and reminds him of the meeting they have in Grant's office. Colin asks who he is, and Larry says that Colin doesn't know him, but he knows Colin and hangs up.

At the penthouse

John gets off the phone and tells Marlena that the results aren't in and also says that if he and Tony are brothers, it will change everything. Marlena questions him as to how it could change everything, and he talks about the kids being of DiMera genes, and she tries to reassure him. Marlena says that she has to pick up a few things and leaves. After she leaves, John breaks a picture of Belle and Shawn.

Later, Belle arrives and mentions going shopping, school, and Shawn. Belle brings up the twins, which irritates John, and they argue. Shawn pages Belle, and she leaves after telling John she loves him.

At Dr. Putnam's office

Rolf has the bracelets on Rex and Cassie and asks them to pledge allegiance to the DiMeras. Rex does, but Cassie won't, saying "I will not....I will not....I will not." Finally, she says "My allegiance is to me.....I want Shawn.....I will not let Belle have him," and she repeats this as Rolf looks worried. Rolf finally gets them both to pledge as the twins rush off to buy gifts for Belle and Shawn.

Back at the Bradys'
Bo continues to make fun of Shawn about the fertilizer until Hope picks up Shawn's sack of dirty clothes, and they joke around. Shawn mentions Belle not wanting to come in, due to embarrassment from the night before. Shawn goes into the kitchen as Bo comforts Hope. When Shawn returns, Hope is crying about Larry as Bo assures her that Larry is gone.

At .Com
We find Marlena reading a book, until Tony interrupts her. They engage in small talk about gifts and Friday the 13th. Tony leaves for the DiMera Mansion as Marlena wonders if Tony knows about being John's brother.

Later, at the DiMera Mansion

In the basement, Rex and Cassie are looking for a place to hide their gifts and stumble upon the secret room. In there, they find the portrait of Marlena as Tony arrives. Quickly, Tony covers up and says that the portrait is a gift for Marlena. He makes them leave the room and summons Rolf.

Back at the Bradys' again
Colin arrives to be faced with an angry Bo. Hope welcomes him in as Colin gives them a bottle of whiskey for including him in their Thanksgiving celebration. Bo rationalizes that it was Pop's idea in the first place.  Colin brings up Victor's wedding to Nicole, and he reassures Bo that he won't interfere. Shawn pages Belle and leaves.

Later, back at .Com

Shawn and Belle meet up and they talk about their plans as he gives her an ornament. They kiss as Rex and Cassie arrive, with Cassie vowing to steal Shawn away.

Back at the DiMera Mansion
Tony tells Rolf that the twins gave him a perfect idea....he will give the portrait to Marlena as a gift. First, they must do something.

Later, back at the penthouse
Marlena returns, and John mentions arguing with Belle about the twins. Marlena mentions her encounter with Tony at .Com as the phone rings. It's Shane, and he gives John an update. Tony and John are brothers. John and Marlena stare in complete shock.

Back on Smith Island
Larry holds up a picture of Colin and says that Salem will be surprised by his next plan and that his kidnapping Hope was nothing.

Back at the Bradys'

Colin, Bo, and Hope toast and he wishes them a "Merry Christmas." Bo tells Hope that he fears Colin is up to something. Outside, Colin hopes that the Bradys' New Year starts off with a bang as there is a split screen on Colin and Bo/Hope as the credits roll, followed by the previews.

Day ahead preview cast: John, Marlena, Isabella, Brady, Chloe, Bo, Hope, Billie.

*John tells Marlena that all his years in Salem have been a lie.
*Isabella tells Brady that he can't lose the girl he loves. Brady says "I do love her."
*Chloe wonders why she should study if she won't be alive long enough to use what she learned.
*Billie is with Bo and Hope outside the Brady Pub and says "I didn't want to hurt Hope!"
Next, Hope calls Billie a liar.

The End.
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