Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/12/02

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/12/02

By Rebecca
Pictures by Juanita


Lots of stuff happened today, so sorry if things are a lil out of place, spelling errors, or if I missed anything! Thanks!

DIMANSION - Rolf mentions to diary to Tony, but Tony tells him that only him and his sister will ever read its contents. Rolf understand, but Tony does mention that after reading about what occurred years ago between the Brady's and the Dimera's, he is even more determined to destroy John Black and the Brady's. Rolf tells him that his father would be proud of him, and Tony tells him to work on the twins, and get all the information he can on them.

DOTCOM(DIMERAS) - Lexie gives Celeste the good news, she's having a baby! Celeste is excited and Nicole walks by asking if she's going to be an auntie (Can we say IRONY?!) She laughs about it and leaves, and Celeste asks if she's sure the baby is Abe's. Lexie verifies and says it's a miracle, and it'll bring Abe and herself together forever. Then Tony walks in, his first time at dotcom, and goes to Lexie. He orders a drink (whatever Lexie is having) and asks for the news. Lexie tells him that he is going to be an uncle! He's not to excited, but just says that he's shocked. Tony asks the good ol' question of the day, who the daddy is. He mentions her little sprint with Brandon which Celeste overhears. Cassie and Rex walk by and spill Tony's poisoned coffee (the looks on Tony and Lexie's face was really funny!) Tony says no harm done and the twins leave. Tony tells Lexie that her mother and her brother are both very happy, but concerned about his paternity, Then Roman walks by with 'Well, nice little corner over here. How are things going, Tony?' and Tony tells him to shoo (Lexie kinda tells him to stop) but Tony goes on saying how they imprisoned his sister for a crime she did not do. Cute lil dialog here *Tony: Consider yourself fortunate that I didnít sue you for false arrest. *Roman (w/ a smirk): Well, consider yourself fortunate that I donít throw you in jail just for being a DiMera.* And then he walks away to see Kate again. Celeste inquires again as to her grandchild's paternity, saying that if you want to be with Abe it must be his child, and Lexie confirms once again that it is Abe's child.

DOTCOM - After Nicole's lil joke with Lexie, she runs into Kate and they spit a few words back and forth (about Vicot mostly) and Kate mentions the 5 million Nicole has in the bank which gets Colin's attention. Kate leaves and Colin stops Nicole and convinces her to go with him, somewhere private...

Cassie and Rex are talking about Shawn when they see a threat to the DiMera's, Kate (who said Damn the DiMera's for not helping me. I wish they were all dead) and they go weird and poison the drink she ordered. Only it was also the drink that Tony ordered, and it goes to him and they spill it (see DIMERA'S below) And go to Professor Putman.

Kate and Billie meet and Kate mentions a job for Billie in Rome, and Billie thinks Kate is trying to get rid of her and wants to know why. Just then Roman comes by and wants to talk to Billie. Kate leaves to place an order for coffee (look above) and the two talk. Roman still accuses her of kidnapping but Billie dismisses it and figures out that he slept with Kate. She thinks that it's just to get the story on the kippers, and then thinks it just to make her jealous (Roman laughs at this) and she steps out. Kate comes by and Roman tells her that Billie knows that they made love. Kate hesitates, but relaxes and they kiss.

Tony and Lexie see a Roman/Kate kiss and wonder what's going on. All they can think of is that Roman is trying to get the goods on the kippers Stefano bequeathed to Kate. Tony tells Lexie just to worry about her baby, he'll take care of Kate. Roman walks out and Tony goes to Kate and plays nice, with Roman watching.

BRADY HOUSE - Bo, Hope, and Zack are decorating the tree and Hope keeps seeing visions of Larry. The scene ends with Larry being right behind their door, with Hope's eyes locked on him...(shortened, I don't have much time)

PUTMAN OFFICE - Cassie and Rex go to see "Professor Putman" and then go into weirdo-DiMera mode. Rolf tells them what happened today and they tell him about how they tried to poison Kate, but the poison accidentally went to Tony Dimera but they covered. Rolf tells them never to hurt Tony, Lexie, OR Kate since Kate is a good friend of the DiMera's...

COLIN'S PLACE - Nicole comes in and Colin tells her that Victor isn't her passion, he is. She tells him that she wants to be free (give me a break) so they have sex. Afterwards, she tells him that that's it and she'll find another passion, but Colin is confidant she'll be back. (also shortened)

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