Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/11/02

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/11/02

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

Today: Brandon finds out that Lexie is pregnant as Jack continues giving Jen the cold shoulder. Rex bonds with Mimi as Cynthia joins forces with Cassie, who is bonding with Shawn.

Cast: Brandon, Abe, Lexie, Dr. Karen Bader, Sami, Jack, Jen, Billie, Philip, Mimi, Cynthia, Cassie, Belle, Shawn, Rex, Nurse.

At .Com Belle arrives, to find Philip who was just leaving. She asks if he is going to see Chloe and when he tells her that he is, Belle suggests he doesn't. She tells him that Brady and Chloe got closer while on their trip and tells him that it's for the best as she leaves.

At Salem University Mimi is studying, when all of a sudden, Rex comes down and decides to help her study. She loves the idea.

Upstairs, Shawn walks to Belle's room and Cynthia stops him. She suggests Belle will break his heart, but he basically tells her to buzz off. Shawn enters the room to find Cassie there and she offers to help him study for the finals. Shawn is really tense, so Cassie massages his shoulders as Cynthia looks in, figuring out that Cassie has it bad for Shawn.

Back downstairs, Rex questions Mimi about her notes as she states that she was drawing something about U2, which the group is coming to Salem. Then, she explains about lipstick on her paper, noting that that is the type of lipstick she wants to wear to the concert. Rex notices a heart circled around his name on the paper and questions Meems. Mimi makes up a lame excuse about wanting to study with him and while taking notes, she was thinking about studying with him. Cynthia struts up to the studying couple and comments on how Mimi is down here cozying up to one twin when the other one is upstairs, hitting on Belle's boyfriend. Rex thinks Cassie is hitting Shawn, but Cynthia clears it to him that Mimi is hitting on him. Cynthia invites Rex to the dance and he agrees, but Mimi invites him too, claiming that they can double with Shawn and Belle, so he accepts Mimi's invite as Cynthia hurries upstairs. Belle arrives and goes upstairs as Rex holds Mimi's hand.

Back upstairs, Cassie quizzes Shawn and he passes. He can't thank Cassie enough, so she pulls him into a passionate kiss as Belle arrives. Shawn and Belle kick Cassie out as Belle understands that Cassie has a crush on him.

Out in the hall, Cassie watches as Belle and Shawn kiss. Cynthia walks up and offers her help in breaking up Belle and Shawn. Cassie agrees and Cynthia whispers to Cassie as Rex and Mimi come up. Cassie and Rex leave as Mimi tells Cynthia to leave Cassie alone and Cynth says that they are already best friends. Cynthia leaves as Mimi vows not to let anyone come between Belle and Shawn.

Back at .Com Jen looks at a cd as Billie and Jack arrive, with him wanting to leave, but they stay. Jen goes to their booth and tells Billie that she is glad she's alive as Billie states all of her problems. No body likes her, Larry tricked her, the ISA, police department, and everyone else is investigating her and besides that she is great. Billie tells Jen that she is Hope's cousin and will understand if she hates her too, but thanks her for convincing Larry she was dead. Billie goes to Philip, so Jack and Jen have time alone.

Elsewhere, Billie catches up with Philip at a different booth. They comfort each other as Philip has flashbacks of North Dakota and then, getting drunk at Chloe's party. Later, Philip emails Chloe his friendship.

Back at Jack and Jen's booth, they argue about how she kept him in the dark and then, brings up her continuing to see Colin. Jack states that his feelings for her are history as Billie returns and he invites her on another date. She gladly accepts as Jack spots Jen asking Colin on a date over the phone.

At University Hospital Abe and Lexie arrive, happy as they chatter about their baby and meet with Dr. Bader (Karen) as Brandon spots them and wonders why they are meeting with Dr. Bader. Sami arrives, to find Brandon angry at her. Brandon questions Sami about wanting unprotected sex as she lies again and again, but he doesn't believe her, wanting the truth. She goes on and on about finding Roman and Kate together and then, she nearly hurled. They kiss and he heads into the back room. Sami "leaves."

In Dr. Bader's officer, Abe and Lexie continue to share their happiness with Karen as Lexie orders a CVS and an ultrasound. They leave as Brandon approaches and hides. A nurse runs out and Brandon hears her asking Lexie when she wants her ultrasound. Brandon is shocked and confronts Lexie after Abe leaves. He says that it has to be his son as Sami overhears. Lexie says that it isn't and leaves. Brandon runs into Sami and asks what she overheard.

Later, back at .Com Abe and Lexie meet up as he has a flashback of Lexie sharing the good news. He smiles, stating that their perfect life has just begun.

Back at the hospital Sami offers lunch to Brandon, but he declines, stating that he has work to do, so Sami leaves. After she is gone, Brandon is sure that Lexie is carrying his child. Freeze frame on Brandon face with a look of determination as the credits roll.

Day ahead preview cast: Bo, Hope, Tony, Rex, Cassie, Kate, Roman, Nicole, Lexie.

Preview: *Lexie tells Nicole that she is pregnant as she sarcastically remarks "you and my your dreams." *Tony is with Rex and Cassie as he says "the twins." *Roman finds Kate at .Com and says "this is an unexpected pleasure." *Bo and Hope say nothing; they give each other that look and then, Bo carries Hope off in his arms. The End.

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