Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/10/02

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/10/02

By Rebecca
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Brianne


SAMI'S APARTMENT - Sami calls Brandon, wanting them to get back together, but Brandon has to work and hangs up. Will is there getting his boots and complains that they're too small. Sami tells him to talk to Lucas about it and rushes him off to school.

ROMAN'S HOUSE - Roman and Kate are enjoying some afterglow (they talk about how their children aren't extremely happy over their relationship) and start to kiss again when Sami walks in. Sami screams at Kate, and they all argue for a bit and she runs out. Kate follows, with some protest from Roman, and tries to talk to Sami so things won't be bad between her father and her, but she just brushes Kate off and leaves. Kate tells Roman that they cannot do this anymore and gives him a goodbye kiss that turns out to be a little more...

MARLENA'S OFFICE - Marlena is staring off into space when Brady stops by and gives her the update on how his trip was wonderful until they got the news about Nancy, and now Chloe's blocking him out. Marlena tells him to be there for her and to just be himself. He thanks her and leaves. Craig stops by and tells her about Nancy and that they need a miracle. Marlena offers some time for Craig but he declines. She sees his stress, and he admits that he's very fearful of Nancy's condition. He tells Marlena about Chloe being his biological daughter, and Marlena tells him that's wonderful news to give to Nancy. They talk about confessing this to Chloe when Sami barges in weeping. Craig bows out, and Marlena snaps at Sami, telling her about her rudeness. Sami tells her that her life is falling apart. She informs her of Roman and Kate but Marlena has no objections. She also tells her mother about the situation with Brandon, and Marlena tells her that if it's destined to work out, it will. Sami now has hope and leaves. Later, Marlena hopes that Tony and John are not really brothers...

HOSPITAL (NICOLE) - Victor and Nicole come back from a doctor's appointment with the news of Nicole's clean bill of health. He talks to her about setting a date for the wedding, but she tells him not until they've planned everything out (he mentions New Year's Eve). He goes to make a dinner reservation, and Nicole goes over to talk to Brandon. They argue once again about each other's choices for love when Nicole spots Sami and leaves. She comes by and apologizes to Brandon, but he asks why she wanted unprotected sex the night before...

DOTCOM - Chloe comes in and asks for a drink and sees that she just asked Phillip. He sees that she is sad and sees that it's about Brady (and plays the jealous ex-boyfriend game again). Thinking that she and Brady have split, he goes to comfort her (I had to say "ew" out loud, folks this boy needs a hobby!) but she blocks him out, saying that she's not with ANYONE. Phillip tries to give her hope, and Brady comes in to join him in trying to lift Chloe's spirits. After Brady convinces her to go see Nancy, they leave. Victor comes to see Phillip and tells him about his New Year's wedding. Phillip congratulates him and tells him about Chloe. Victor tells him to move on and that she's with Brady now, but Phillip reminds him that he is a "Kiriakis!" and that they go for their loves, and Victor can't beat that!

HOSPITAL (NANCY) - Craig wakes up next to Nancy (again) and they talk. Nancy wants the baby to live at all costs, but Craig tells her that both of them will live. He tries to give her hope, and she agrees, saying he's the doctor! Brady and Chloe argue in the hall with Chloe saying that nothing can go right, and the sex was a mistake. Brady tries to give her hope again, and Craig comes by. She goes in to see Nancy, and they chat about her trip and that Nancy would like to lighten up the room. Chloe agrees, and they hug. She comes back to Craig and Brady who were waiting, and she goes to Brady for a ride home very coldly. Brady wants to help, but she doesn't want his help and leaves.

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