Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/9/02

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/9/02

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita


Today: Tony learns the truth, Marlena confides in John about a meeting, Lexie tells Abe that she's pregnant, Sami seduces Brandon, and Bo and Hope almost catch Belle and Shawn doing the nasty.

Cast: Tony, Marlena, John, Lexie, Abe, Sami, Brandon, Bo, Hope, Kelly Moneymaker, Belle, Shawn, Man on TV, Man's voice.

At the DiMera Mansion

Tony holds his father's diary and knows Stefano wanted revenge. Tony damns them all to hell. Later, Tony tells his father's urn that the secrets are making things difficult.

At the Blue Note

Bo and Hope continue dancing as Kelly sings. Bo serenades a verse from the song as he and Hope sit down. Bo suggests they go home, but Hope tells him no. He gets worried, but she claims that it is just because she told Shawn that they wouldn't be home until midnight.

At the hospital

Brandon fumes as he watches Lexie and Abe kiss. He walks up and tells Lex to reconsider this as Sami pulls him away. Lexie asks for time alone with Brandon and Abe agrees, hoping Sami knows what she's doing with Brandon Walker. Lexie tells Brandon that he has no right telling her what to do and she loves Abe. She also says that if they are friends, he has to respect her decisions and he agrees to. She hugs him and returns to Abe.

At the Black Penthouse

Replay of Marlena sitting up and repeating "Stefano. Stefano," as John rushes to her. She remembers the man's voice telling her to sleep as John mentions that she said Stefano. Marlena claims that Stefano was not the man in her dreams and says that she was afraid someone would break and fall. Marlena says that she needs to get some air and leaves.

At the Brady's

Shawn and Belle study, but get tired, so Shawn tells her about the belated party he is planning. He gives her a Moulin Rouge movie, a class ring, only it's an opal ring. He talks about how when Hope was missing she gave him Hope and hugs her. Later, we see the birthday cake with I Love You on it and they play spin the donkey. Shawn makes sure she wins and gives her LeeAnne Rhimes new cd. They put it on and dance. Much later, the two are on the couch, kissing and about to make love, until Shawn hears his parents pull in. Hurrying up, Shawn flips on the TV and Belle and Shawn pretend to be eating cake. Bo and Hope walk in and know much better than that. Belle offers them cake as Hope wishes Belle a happy birthday and her and Shawn head to the kitchen. Bo reminds Hope of her 18th b-day and they head upstairs.

Later, at Sami's apartment

Sami and Brandon arrive and she kisses him as they fall onto the couch. She wants to make love right there, but he leads her to the bedroom, where he looks for a condom. While they make love, Brandon tries to open the protection, but Sami doesn't want him to. They stop making love as Brandon leaves. Sami worries whether or not Brandon used protection with Lexie.

Later, at the Carver's

Lexie and Abe arrive, happy to be home as Lexie tells him that she has good news. She tells a startled Abe that she's pregnant and they hug. Suddenly, Lexie remembers Brandon and grows sad. Abe questions her, but she covers.

At the park

Marlena remembers her dream as she looks up to find Tony standing there. She asks if he followed her and he says that she looked distressed. They talk about various things, including: The DiMera's, Stefano, him, and the Phoenix (Much more details than this, but I really don't feel liek typing the whole conversation). Finally, Tony tells her that his family didn't choose crime and walks away. John joins her and she tells him about her meeting with Tony DiMera.

Later, back at the DiMera's

Tony returns and ponders whether or not to believe the diary. He says that the Brady's committed the first crime and must pay. Their future must be taken from them as the credits roll.

The End, followed by the Day Ahead previews.

Day Ahead Preview Cast: Philip, Chloe, Sami, Brandon, Will, Roman, Kate, Brady.


*Sami makes a call to Brandon and asks to meet him, but he tells her no. She then, rushes out of her apartment with Will.

*Philip tells Chloe that their relationship can work out.

*Brady asks someone for advice.

*Roman and Kate make love a second time as he promises not to leave her.

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