Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/6/02

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/6/02

By Rebecca
Pictures by Juanita

Very sweet episode, and a lovely end scene with Peter Reckell's wife playing a song to all of Salem's couples (or could be couples).

HOSPITAL/LEXIE - Lexie is watching Brandon as he asks Sami if it's true, if she told Lexie that he was just using her to get Abe. Sami says yes, because she is so insecure (which Lexie scoffs at, of course) and that she's sorry. Brandon makes her apologize to Lexie, but Lexie tells him that he deserves better than Sami. They hear reporters yelling and go to find Abe (accompanied by Mickey) yelling at the reporters saying that Lexie Carver is a caring, compassionate woman who went through tragedy and never left his side. Lexie listens and gives a tiny smile. Abe walks over, and they talk, and when Abe mentions that he doesn't want their marriage to be over, Lexie tells him that it doesn't have to be over. Abe gets very happy, as does Lexie, but Abe has to go for a second. Dr. Bader comes by and shows Lexie to a cubicle to get a check up. She gives her a pregnancy test, much to her surprise, and after she's done with it she goes back to the cubicle only to see Sami. Sami congratulates her on Abe, and Lexie knows she doesn't care and leaves to see Dr. Bader. And she gives Lexie the good news, she's pregnant! Which Sami overhears! Meanwhile, Brandon tells Abe that once Lexie comes to her senses she'll leave Abe for good, then leaves. Lexie goes back to Abe and tells him to take her home, she has something to tell him. They kiss, as Brandon and Sami watch, Brandon being angry about the present, and Sami being worried about the future...

HOSPITAL/NANCY - Pretty much all of the Craig/Nancy magic is him trying to calm her down, and Dr. Bader tells him to be a husband, not a doctor. Chloe and Brady come, and she is very worried. Craig tells her about Nancy's condition, and Chloe breaks down and leaves. Brady tells Craig that he'll help Chloe, Craig needs to be there for his wife, which he does.

WESLEY HOUSE - Chloe runs inside and Brady follows, pleading with her to let him help. Chloe says that she knew this was going to happen, that things were just too good to be true. Brady mentions Colorado and how it was great, and how they love each other - it isn't just some fling. She tells him that she wishes he hadn't fallen in love with her and closes the door, goes to the stairs, and cries while Brady thinks to himself outside.

DOT COM - Cynthia arrives to see Phillip working, and tries to do her magic, but DENIED by Phillip. She leaves him as Jack and Billie come in. They talk, and she's still upset about being "used" by Larry Welch. They talk about lost loves, and Jack says how love is blind and just plain stupid. Phillip comes and agrees (Billie mentions Chloe), and Jacks tells them that they are all part of the "love 'em and lose 'em club." Cynthia tries one more time at Phillip and walks away. Billie jokes about Phillip being a babe magnet, but Phillip says that the one girl he wants just doesn't want him, and they all think of lost love. Phillip thinks of Chloe, Jack pulls out a picture of his "happy" family, and Billie sees a "Bo and Hope Reunite!" newspaper article, and thinks of Bo.

THE BLUE NOTE - Bo and Hope are as happy as can be when Billie and Jack come in, with Colin and Jennifer close behind. Everyone is very uncomfortable, and Hope comes by to give it to Billie a little bit more. Bo tells her to go, and he tells Billie and Jack to politely leave which they end up doing. Colin and Jennifer come by their table to say hello, and that since everyone wants to be alone with their special someone, they'll go to the other side of the restaurant and talk (romantically). Bo and Hope chat about what he did for her little welcome back from Iowa, surprising Hope. She's also surprised when Bo gives her a LOVELY bracelet with the birthstones of her sons: Shawn, Zack, and J.T. ((awww)). A song begins at the Blue Note, and Bo and Hope dance. Colin and Jennifer also come and dance, and Colin gives Bo a little "I'm comin for YOU" look. The music ends and they all clap, fade to credits...

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