Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/5/02

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/5/02

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

Tony tries to decipher Stefano's journal while Celeste tries to get Lexie to return to Abe. Roman and Kate get hot and heavy under the sheets while Cassie plots to murder the happy woman. Marlena discovers "the man of her dreams" while Sami is confronted by Brandon.

Cast: Tony, Rolf, Lexie, Brandon, Sami, Abe, Roman, Kate, Caprice, Celeste, Belle, Shawn, Rex, Cassie, Man, Mickey, Female Officer, John, Marlena, Man's voice.

In Abe's office Celeste arrives to find Abe holding a picture of Lexie. She asks him what he is going to do, knowing he still loves her as they talk about the love between Lexie and Abe. Celeste suggests he continue chasing her daughter until he gets her and he agrees.

At the hospital Brandon calls Lexie and she answers. Lexie tells him off and then, hangs up as Sami walks up to him. Sami asks what the jealous tramp wanted as Brandon says that it's her fault Lexie hung up. Sami calls Lexie a liar as Brandon asks why she would go through with the divorce then. Brandon accuses Sami of erasing the messages and realizes that she thought she was protecting him, but really, she was protecting herself. He also mentions how she is insecure due to her past. Brandon tells her that they are going to be together for ever as they kiss; he gets paged and walks off. Sami thinks that Lexie should feel threatened by her.

At .Com Replay of Kate damning all the DiMera's, Victor, and Nicole as Rex and Cassie walk in. Cassie picks up a knife, ready to strike, but Belle and Shawn arrive just in time. Belle and Shawn confirm that they are going to the movies and just stopped to get a hot chocolate. Shawn offers to buy one for the twins as Rex agrees, slipping a letter opener in his pocket. Rex and Belle sit in a booth after some man gets up and leaves.

Elsewhere, Roman arrives and runs into Kate, trying to check on Billie. Roman asks Kate to stay and she agrees, only if he promises not to mention Stefano DiMera. He agrees and she tells him that if he does, her car is right outside as Rex overhears, still sitting with Belle. Roman promises not to mention anything.

Back at Belle and Rex's table, he spies on Kate as Belle asks if he's on a mission. She thinks he is going Christmas shopping and Rex lies, when he agrees while spying on Kate. Cassie and Shawn return with the chocolate as Caprice walks in, back from shopping. Meanwhile, Kate changes her mind and heads outside to her car as Roman stops her, calling her a remarkable woman. Still, she goes outside. Back at the table, Rex and Cassie tell Belle and Shawn that they are going to the movies too as Rex slips out back with gloves on. z

Outside, Kate walks to her car as lumber begins to fall from a construction site and she screams. Roman hears and rushes outside, pulling her to the ground as the debris falls. An officer (female) checks on Kate as Roman suggests she close the site or something. Kate wants to go home, so Roman takes her home. Rex returns inside and Belle asks if he completed his mission.

At the DiMera Mansion Tony looks at his Marlena picture as he sits down and opens Stefano's journal. Inside, he finds Stefano DiMera's entries from 1960-1980. As he flips through the pages, he finds all them blank and he damns his father. Tony throws the journal on the floor as Lexie walks in and picks it up, learning that he found it while she was playing dead. Tony gets angry about the pages as she suggests Rolf, but he disappeared. Lexie gets a call from Celeste, asking her to come to .Com and she agrees.

Back at .Com Lexie meets with Celeste and Abe is there too. Lexie agrees to give Abe five minutes as Celeste walks off. Celeste runs into Caprice and asks how she knows her as Caprice flashes to the paper dolls. Later, Caprice is outside, saying that Frankie doesn't understand how much they have in common, including a certain man. Back inside, Abe tells Lexie about how he realized he loved her so much when he thought she was dead and then, Hope came home and Lexie was genuinely happy. Abe begs his wife to come back to him, but before she can answer, Mickey walks up to them. Mickey tells Abe that Cameron Reese called and said that Lexie was contesting the divorce as Lexie gets up and walks away.

Later, back at the hospital Lexie arrives and runs into Brandon, lashing out at him for using her to get back at Abe as Sami walks up. Brandon asks where she got that idea. Cue shocked look on Sami.

Back at .Com Cassie is surprisingly happy about the holidays as she stares at Shawn from a distance and Belle notices. Shawn notices that Rex is acting weird two as the twins return and tell them that they are going to the movies with them. An officer rushes in and explains the accident as Cassie figures Rex knows, remembering him going outside. Abe walks up and assures them that it was an accident as the teens head to the movies.

At Roman's apartment Kate and Roman enjoy a scotch as he is surprised she chose his house instead of her own and she is surprised that he didn't see that she needed a friend. They talk about friends and lovers as Kate suggests it's hard to find a man as a friend and a lover. Roman disagrees as Kate tells him that it won't happen with them. As they argue, they are caught up in a kiss and Roman drags her into his room. There, the two begin to make love.

At the penthouse Marlena is thinking as John joins her and talks about the ISA. He spots the flowers on the floor and wonders why they are there as he threw them away. Marlena fears that Tony will overcome her the same way Stefano did. Later, John wraps up a call with Shane and tells Marlena that they haven't found out the truth about the DNA yet. John confirms that the fingerprints are hers, Tony's, and Stefano's as he talks about wanting to return to the island. Marlena convinces him to postpone. Even more later, Marlena is asleep as John sits by her and strokes her face. She dreams of when she was younger and a shadowy man comes up to her. John holds her as she says "Stefano."

Back at the DiMera Mansion Tony summons Rolf and questions him about the diary. Rolf cannot answer his questions, so Tony throws him out. Angry, Tony sits near the fire, ready to launch the diary in, when Rolf rushes in and orders him not to. Tony denies it and throws his servant out again. Tony says that the truth is frozen in time as the pages of the diary fill up. The page reveals that Stefano wanted his next of kin to learn all the family secrets as the credits roll.

The End.

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