Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/4/02

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/4/02

By Rebecca
Pictures by Juanita

BRADYWOOD - Lots of afterglow, very sweet. Chloe's first time pure happiness. The call comes and Brady tells her the bad news, they can leave (since the car works now) They go outside and tape all the nice scenery. They also pledge their love to each other on tape. Chloe leaves a thank you note for the cabin owners and for the man who brought them there. She's a little sad, but Brady tells her not to be and they leave.

HORTON CABIN - Larry's talking to himself (or Alice Horton, rather) saying that she left him the perfect hideout. He talks of Bo and Hope's end, and that what Stefano has for him will insure that. '10 years in prison... while you Hortons were enjoying your cabin by the lake, your family get-togethers, your damn sunsets. You think you took something away from me? Wrong. I'm a rich man, and a very powerful one. My ace in the hole. Poor old Raymond grant doesn't know I have this, but with Stefano DiMera's help, nothing can stop me.' Hmmmm...interesting. He pulls out a photo of Colin and we find out that Colin's been actually working for him! (Colin thinking that he was working for Stefano) Larry calls Colin and tells him that they must meet, they have a mutual friend...and mutual enemies.

HOSPITAL - Craig wakes up next to Nancy's bed and sees her still worried. No blood pressure change also. Dr. Bader comes in and Nancy wants the truth! They doctors leave and she tells Craig that he shouldn't tell Nancy about him and Chloe, no excitement what-so-ever! He goes back in and tries to calm Nancy down. He makes her imagine something peaceful to see if that would help and Craig leaves.

Bo is at the hospital about a gunshot victim when Colin sees him. Bo goes to see the patient and Colin stops him, wanting to talk but Bo blows him off. He catches him on the way back and he tells Bo that he would have wanted to help with Hope's kidnapping if he was let in on it. Bo tells him there was nothing he could have done, and he also mentions how he has no trust in Colin. He knows Colin had a smile on while he was in jail, but Colin tells him he derived no pleasure from his troubles. Bo also mentions the Dimera connection, which Colin denies. They also talk about Jennifer, and if Hope could change Bo years ago, Jennifer could do the same for Colin, and Bo says NOPE! (paraphrasing of course)

Colin and Craig meet outside Nancy's room as he enquires about Nancy's condition, and Craig gives him the update. He talks about families being complicated and Colin goes off on the subject. Craig thinks he's talking about him and the Brady's (Bo in particular), but Colin says he's just speaking in general. Craig goes off to see Nancy and Colin gets a phone call (see HORTON CABIN)

SALEM PD (hard at work, lol) - Hope confronts Billie (who was just getting her things) in front of all the hard working Salem PD but Billie would rather have it in private. In Abe's office, Billie is pleading her case but Hope doesn't listen, knowing that she is NOT the victim. She's heard enough and throws Billie's box (with her things) but Billie throws it back just as Bo comes in to see it. Hope has hurt her wrist (oh please) and Bo lashes out at Billie and also tells Hope that he didn't want her to confront Billie. Billie leaves and Bo tends to Hope's wrist. Hope tells him that she doesn't want Billie Reed anywhere near her and that she truly hates the woman.

Outside the office, Billie makes a phone call saying 'It's me - Billie. I need a favor - a really big favor' freeze frame as the credits roll...

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