Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/3/02

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/3/02

By Justin
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Today: Hope confronts Billie after she is chewed out by the three top-cops (Abe, Roman, Bo) as Jack continues to give Jen the cold shoulder, who was just asked out by Colin. Mr. Grant is visited by Kate and later, the twins turn evil on her. Belle and Shawn celebrate.

Cast: Hope, Billie, Bo, Abe, Roman, Jack, Colin, Jen, Raymond Grant, Kate, Cassie, Rex, Nicole, Victor, Woman, Belle, Shawn, Rolf, Zack.

In Raymond Grant's office Kate arrives to be faced with a very angry Raymond. He questions her about not answering his phone calls, but she makes excuses. Kate talks about her reward for her discretion and tells Raymond that she wants something else in return. Raymond wonders what Stefano DiMera can do while he is six feet under and Kate asks for help in breaking up Nicole and Victor. Grant refuses to help her, offering his advice about other ways Stefano DiMera silences people. After Grant tells her that it is her problem, Kate storms out.

At .Com Jack and Billie are chatting as she thanks him for meeting her. Jen arrives and spots them as Billie watches them exchange looks, suggesting he talk to her. He refuses, so she sends him to get coffee for her.

Outside, Colin arrives and runs into Nicole. Colin goes on and on about how his family excluded him in the plan to bring down Welch and is surprised to learn that Victor didn't even tell his fiancée. Nicole tells Colin that she and Victor understand each other and are entering a world of commitment as Victor walks up and hides, overhearing that fact. He approaches Nicole and Colin and tells her that he is happy to hear that, hoping it's true. Colin tells them that he goes to .Com everyday, because the coffee is swill at the hospital, saying that he never knew people like them go to places like this as Nicole reminds him that Philip works there. A woman walks up, carrying her son as Victor opens the door for her. Victor tells Nicole that the baby looked a lot like Philip as Nicole comments that Philip looked cuter. Victor and Nicole go inside as Colin smiles, remembering Victor's history with unfertile women.

Back inside, Jen stops Jack in line for coffee and apologizes, but he just walks off and returns to his table with Billie. Billie hopes she didn't make it worse.

Later, Colin stops Jen and invites her to dinner. She accepts, but leaves to check on Abby and says that she will get back to him.

Elsewhere, Nicole asks Victor if he's upset about Colin and he assures her that she knows why he wants her to stay away from that man. Nicole notes that Colin seems interested in Jennifer Horton, spotting them talking. Victor leaves to find Philip as Nicole says to herself that she can see whoever she wants whenever she wants and not even Victor can control her life. Colin joins her, asking if Victor told her to sit and stay as she hands him her private cell phone number. Victor returns and Colin says that he was checking up on Nicole's health. He asks if she saw that specialist he suggested as he leaves. Victor and Nicole walk off as Colin says Nicole is playing with fire.

At Salem University Belle arrives to find her room decorated and Shawn takes credit for the winter decorated room. Shawn gives her a heart that says I love you and they kiss as Rex and Cassie walk in. Cassie interrupts, telling them that they wanted to drop off their books as Cassie congratulates Belle on the room decorations. Belle says that Shawn did it as Cassie finds a Christmas present under a small tree and Shawn gives it to Belle as an early Christmas present. She opens it to find a sweater with a snowman on the shoulder. Belle tells Shawn that she loves it as Cassie is green with jealousy, saying she loves it too. The twins leave as Shawn shuts the door and the lovers kiss again and again.

In Professor Putnam's (Rolf) office, Rolf holds the blue cobalt key, thanking Count DiMera for returning it. Cassie and Rex arrive for the next step in discovering their identity. Rolf tells them to close their eyes and count to ten as he slips on the alien bracelets. Later, Rolf makes them vow to protect the DiMera name and they leave.

At the Brady's In the kitchen, Hope complains about Bo having to go to work as he says that he has a few loose ends to tie up. Hope knows he means Larry Welch and she also wants to tie up loose ends with Billie. Hope is sure that Billie was working with Larry as she saw them talking outside of her prison. Bo is still guilty about arresting Lexie and doesn't want to make another mistake, admitting that he has been looking through rose color glasses ever since she came home. Bo promises never to let that happen again as she unsnaps his shirt, but he heads off to work.

Later, Jen rings the doorbell and Hope answers it. They hug as Jen asks where Zack is and Hope tells her that he's sleeping. Hope admits to overhearing the conversation between Jen and Julie about her problems with Jack. Jen says that Jack has a right to hold this over her head as she has done the same to him for the past 4 years. Zack cries out on the baby monitor as Jen leaves to do errands and Hope rushes upstairs.

Back at Salem U. Belle finishes calling Marlena as she tells Shawn that she wants to get Cassie a sweater too. They both want to help the twins. Shawn promises a full month of surprises each day.

Back at .Com Victor heads off to get a Mocha Java as Nicole runs into Kate. Nicole and Kate spar as she walks off. Kate damns Victor, Nicole, and the DiMera's out loud as Cassie and Rex arrive and overhear. Cassie repeats the vow she made to Rolf and picks up a knife, ready to kill Kate.

Later, at the hospital Jen arrives and runs into Colin, explaining that Abby is at a friend's house. Colin gets paged and calls someone.

Back at Raymond's office Raymond answers the phone and it's Colin. Grant questions Colin about his latest assign. as Colin reassures his "boss" that he will get his job done and hangs up on Raymond.

Back at the hospital Jen stands nearby as Colin hangs up on Raymond. Jen asks about the phone call and he assures her that it was nothing and he's all hers tonight.

At the police station Abe and Roman are talking about Billie and how without Larry, they have nothing to prove against Billie. Later, Bo arrives with Roman telling him that Shane had to cut through a lot of red tape to get the charges against him dropped, also mentioning that the judge and DA Palmer weren't happy. Billie and Jack arrive as the three cops stare at Billie. She asks if he still blames her with him wondering why she's there. Billie claims to have came to clean out her desk. Bo tells her that she isn't a victim of Larry as he talks about her scheming and plotting against his family while she claimed to have wanted to be a cop for the past 12 months. Jack defends Billie as Abe kicks Roman, Billie, and Jack out of his office. Abe keeps Bo in to talk with him about something.

Outside, Roman gives Billie 15 minutes to clean out her desk. Jack comforts Billie by asking her out and she finally agrees. Billie tells Jack that she needs time alone as he leaves. Bo and Abe come out of his office and Bo is ordered to go down to the hospital to get a gang shooting victim's statement. Bo tells Billie to get a lawyer and then he heads off. Before Billie can leave, Hope arrives and tells Billie that she's not going anywhere as the credits roll. Split down the middle/freeze-frame on Billie and Hope. The End. 

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