Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/2/02

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/2/02

By Rebecca
Pictures by Juanita

DIMANSION - Tony is tearing apart his little phoenix box when John comes barging in. He puts it back together quickly as John tells him that he knows what he wants, Tony want Marlena. Tony turns around, brushing him off and John turns him back. Tony pushes him away and John gives him a good punch in the face, leaving Tony out on the floor. John goes to get some water to wake him up, but just then Tony pushes the box somewhere and stands up (He also takes the water from John and drinks it, very smug!) John explains to him why he thinks Tony's after his wife (the anniversary party, the island) Tony tells him that he sent her the flowers as a thank you for saving his life. John mentions that she wants nothing to do with him, she gave him back the pillow. Tony replies that the pillow has to do with his father, NOT him. And John reminds him of the twins, and how they have nothing to do with him either. And that he is also using his fugue, or fake, states to get Marlena closer and that he has to same sick obsession Stefano had. Tony denies all of this, and tells John that he and Marlena are family, and that they had shared a step-daughter - Carrie. Tony tells John that HE was the one who ruined his marriage and his life and HE was also the one who corrupted Kristen. John realizes that this is all for revenge, and Tony is amazed his admission that he's done him wrong, but tells him that he does not want Marlena, but he does admire her. Tony tells him about Kristen as a young girl, how innocent she was before John Black but it should surprise him since John is part of the family *flashback to saphne letters - John and Tony are brothers* John grabs his collar and tells him that he is not a Dimera, but Tony only said it because of him being a former pawn. He also tells John that if Marlena was gone, he would return to the family ways. John denies this and threatens Tony about Marlena and he leaves. Tony tells himself 'Well, did you hear what he had to say? He's going to fight to the death to hold onto you. May the best man win.' and opens 'Pandora's box' to find a greenish glow saying to himself 'Oh my God.'

BRADY HOUSE - Hope is glad to be home! Bo puts Zack to sleep and comes down to greet Hope. They cuddle on the sofa and he tells her about Shawn. He says no more Dozer, now Rex! She's not all thrilled that Rex is Shawn's roommate, but no harm has been done...yet. Hope thinks of Larry, and Bo tells her that he will never hurt her again, he's in hell where he belongs (Hell being to Horton cabin?) He tells her to just associate Larry Welch with their love. He made them realize years ago how much they loved each other. Hope is ready for some lovin! and Bo is up to the task.

HORTON CABIN - Larry stumbles in to find himself in the Horton Cabin (Irony he mentions) and looks around at all the Horton photos. He talks to the Pope saying that Hope and him will be together again. He finds an envelope with his name on it, and says 'The phoenix won't rise again, but thanks to Stefano, I will!'

HOSPITAL - Nancy is rushed to a room in the hospital and the doctors plan what they are going to do. Craig mentions something, but the nurse tells him that in his current state, he wouldn't help right now. Craig goes inside to calm Nancy down and tells her everything is going to be okay. He goes to the small church and prays. I know I couldn't really type it in my own words, so I'll use his (wonderful performance Kevin!)

'I know I don't, um, I don't make it down here all that often. I think last time was a, um, was a patient's funeral. I guess. And I don't usually -- I don't usually ask you for anything. I never -- I never really needed to. I've got the best wife and the best daughter, and my work is fulfilling, and every day I get to help people save lives. But now... now I just feel like the skills you've given me are just useless. When Nancy's amino results came back and we found that the baby was healthy and was a perfect bone marrow match for Chloe, that was a miracle, god. It felt like a miracle because...the odds -- they just -- they seemed so -- and, of course, now I understand why, because Chloe's my daughter, too. I just -- I keep thinking -- I just keep thinking you wouldn't give us something -- so many things to be thankful for with so much hope to just take them away. Would you? Every day -- every day, I... I see families left asking, "why? Why us?" But when Chloe was diagnosed, god, I-I never asked you why. Not once -- not -- I just felt somehow, somewhere, it was going to all work out, but now I'm -- I'm just not so sure, and I don't know how much good it does to pray for Chloe or Nancy or our daughter who doesn't even have a name yet. But I have to ask you -- I have to ask you to help us and me. Please, god, no matter what happens -- no matter what is meant to be -- just give me strength, please. Just give us our strength. Give us strength...'

Craig goes back and asks Karen (the other doc) if she thinks they need to take out the baby. Karen thinks it's a possibility and Craig knows there will be no hope for the baby if it's born this early, and she agrees. Craig goes inside to see Nancy and they look at each other, Nancy touching Craig's face. She looks at him, and knows something it very wrong...

BRADY/CHLOE - Chloe tells Brady in between kissing to make love to her. Brady says no, that it's a big step and she should think about getting better first. After she convinces him, he wonders about protection. She tells him that she saw something in the bathroom cabinet, and that it's fate. After he comes back from putting it on, he carries her to the bedroom. Then lots and lots of sex occur. At the end, she tells him that for once in her life everything is perfect and they kiss, as the credits roll...

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