Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/29/02

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/29/02

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CABIN - Brady and Chloe talk about the wonderful food they have had, but Chloe's in the mood for s'mores! they get some stuff together and make them and eat them. Chloe is still afraid of her feelings, but Brady says that they've survived through so much and they do have a future together. Chloe then tells Brady that she loves him, over and over again. They start to kiss, and Chloe tells Brady she wants to make love with him.

CRAIG'S OFFICE - Craig is on the phone wanting to get the DNA results (he has flashbacks of testing himself) and screams at the phone when they are not in yet. Nancy comes in and asks why he's so upset. He dismisses it and trys to get rid of her (which Nancy catches) He tells her it's a surprise, and Nancy giggles but suddenly feels ill. She tells him she just needs to air and leaves. Craig then gets the call and afterwards sits down in amazement. He practices how to tell Chloe that he is her father when Nancy comes in. But right before he tells her the good news, she faints in his arms.

BRANDON'S LOFT - Sami is at Brandon's deleting messages from Lexie when Brandon walks in. They talk about each other's thanksgivings when they hear a knock on the door - Lexie. She's talking quickly saying that she's sorry and not to cut her out of his life since he didn't reply to her messages. Brandon tells her he got no messages, and they both turn to Sami. They argue about how he was left out, but right when Lexie tells Brandon of her upcoming divorce, he forgives her. He also apologizes for being so rough on her. He gets beeped and has to go to the hospital, leaving Sami and Lexie alone. Sami snaps at Lexie saying that she will never be with Brandon (calling Brandon, Lexie's spare) but Lexie says that they're just friends. Sami tells her that he was only her friend to get back at Abe but Lexie wont hear anymore and leaves.

PENTHOUSE - Marlena dreams about John painting a portrait (we think its of Marlena) of an island and then he takes out a syringe with drugs saying its time to sleep. John comes in waking her up, and she explains her dream to him. They look at the snapshots she took at the Dimera Compound and she sees her portrait that was there. She tells him that they have to find out if its true, if he's really Tony's brother. John gets angry saying it was a lie, and Tony planted that there. Then a delivery guy comes with flowers and John attacks him, seeing their from Tony Dimera and puts them in the trash. Marlena, by herself inside, day dreams of being in the portrait, saying 'I don't want t.. I don't want to sleep. If I sleep... it will break and fall.' then the flowers in her hand falls and the vase holding them breaks (the same kind of flowers Tony sent her) John comes back to Marlena (who is staring into space, but stops when he kisses her) and gives her a phony story about the delivery guy, but she asks about the flowers. He's amazed that she knew about that, and tells her they were from Tony. He leaves to go to the DiMansion, and Marlena goes in the hall and picks up the flowers from the trash, being mesmerized by them.

DIMERA MANSION - Colin and Tony are chatting, and Colin asks how the trip went. Tony says 'In a nutshell... the present is what it is. The past is still a mystery. But let me introduce you to my future' and shows him the portrait of Marlena (from the island) He tells Colin about how John and Marlena were at the island, and how John was willing to see Tony die just before Marlena saves him. He also tells Colin about Marlena's own episode in the mansion and how she said 'Stefano told me that I am to save the future of the DiMeras' and Tony tells him that Marlena isn't just the key to everything, but his destiny as well. He shows Colin the container from the island with the phoenix on it, and Colin tries to open it but gets electrocuted instead. Tony figures it's for his hands only. Colin leaves, and Tony discovers that the top of the box (certain parts) are removable. He finds two notes, one saying 'Fire reveals the truth' and the other saying 'The truth is frozen in time.' John comes barging in and Tony tries to get him to leave but John tells him that he figured out his agenda, that Tony wants Marlena. Tony turns from him but he turns him around and snaps at him. Tony gives him one of those confused/angry looks as the credits roll...