Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/27/02

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/27/02

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

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Today: Another great show as Colin plots against Bo. The Brady's/Horton's/Black's dine out at our favorite restaraunt--Tusacny for Thanksgiving while the DiMera's enjoy a home meal. Brady and Chloe bond as Craig hopes that he's the father.

Cast: Colin, Hope, Bo, Belle, Shawn, Shane, Abe, John, Marlena, Roman, Alice, Doug, Julie, Shawn Sr., Caroline, Sami, Will, Abby, Zack, Maggie, Mickey, Philip, Craig, Nancy, Tony, Rolf, Cassie, Rex, Lexie, Celeste, Eliana, Chloe, Brady, Eugenia, Guard, Guard #2.

Episode: 9443

Meetings Before Tuscany......

At the penthouse

Belle brings her laundry down as John teases her about not remembering. They joke about her not knowing about the trip. She asks Marlena and John where they went, so they tell her that they went to find Hope. There is a knock at the door as John and Belle answer it to find Rex and Cassie. They say happy Thanksgiving to each other and then, the twins leave.

At the DiMera Mansion

Lexie continues trying to call Brandon, apologizing for letting him believe that she was dead as her mother reassures her that he only needs time. Celeste pleads for Lexie's forgiveness, so she forgives her.

In the secret room, Rolf and Tony discuss the trip as Tony thanks him for revealing all the passages, hideouts, etc. Rolf compliments Tony on the Marlena portrait as he takes the cover off. Then, Tony shows Rolf the box, which he has never seen before. Tony wonders if he reminds him anything at all like his father and Rolf confirms that. Tony is confused at all the secrets and surprises Stefano has left him.

At University Hospital

In Craig's office, Eugenia tells Craig that the DNA results are back as he is shocked to learn that Sikes is not Chloe's father. Craig calls Roman and informs him of the newfound info and Roman tells him that he will contact the Witness Protection Program and have them pick Dr. Sikes up. Later, Craig swabs himself, unsure whether or not he is Chloe's father.

At Tuscany, before the whole gang arrives, Shawn is playing with Zack as they watch Bo and Hope kiss. Doug and Julie arrive to get a glance of a smiling Bo and Hope, still kissing. Shawn, Sr. and Caroline arrive, followed by Mickey and Maggie. Julie goes off to make her cranberry sauce as every other person leaves to do something, except for Doug, who thanks Bo for bringing home his daughter. Bo kisses his wife. Maggie brings out a plate of snacks as Jen and Abby arrived, followed by Colin, who is brought in by Shawn, Sr. Bo taunts Colin, but he is welcomed by Hope and then, he visits with Jen, who is very ignoring (She blows him off). Philip arrives for a short minute and everyone says hello. The Brady's ask if he wants to stay, but he talks about spending time with Lucas, Billie, and Kate, so he leaves.

Later, Belle, Marlena, and John arrive as Belle hooks up with the bartender (Shawn). Abe, Shane, and Roman arrive as Sami and Will follow. Will complains about there not being a TV. Maggie brings out a plate of food for the guards outside. Bo and Hope talk about Larry as she is unsure if he is dead, but he assures her he is (not!).

Elsewhere, in Tuscany, Shane and John discuss the fingerprints found at the DiMera Compound. Shane says that he'll have the prints analyzed as John refuses to believe his paternity. Roman wonders if the DiMera Island was where Stefano kept him (After he knocked him off the cliff; ; click to find more info on Roman's mysterious disappearance) as the Wesley's arrive. Everyone greets Craig and Nancy as Sami asks John why no body trusted her with the secret about Larry Welch. John suggests she quit hanging around Tony. Later, Maggie comes out with the wishbone as Abby and Will pull it. Abby wins and Will gets mad as she wishes that her mommy, daddy, and her can spend Thanksgiving alone together next year. Sami tells Abe that she's happy for him as he was reunited with Lexie. Abe makes an apology to Alice, who is also there while Sami hopes to seperate Lexie and Brandon for good. The turkey is brought out.

Brady and Chloe's Thanksgiving.....

In Colorado

At the cabin, Chloe wakes Brady up after realizing it's Thanksgiving. When asked what he usually does on Thanksgiving, Brady replies "Watch football." He was kidding as he says that they say what they are thankful for. He for baseball and Belle for stuffed animals. Chloe gets an idea as she finds the things she needs. Brady gets the video camera as they goof around with football and stuff. Later, the phone rings and it's Craig and Nancy, wishing them happy Thanksgiving. Belle also talks with Brady. Much later, Brady makes spaghetti and Chloe says that she is thankful for him as they get a string of spaghetti and meet at one end, kissing.

DiMera Thanksgiving.....

Back at the DiMera Mansion

Rex and Cassie are served a slice of pumpkin pie from Eliana, who gets compliments from the twins. Rex and Cassie question everyone about Thanksgiving as Lexie, Celeste, and Tony try their best to answer. Lexie goes outside for air and runs into Abe, but she blows him off.

Brady/Horton Thanksgiving continued......

Back at Tuscany

The families are seperated into tables: Bo, Hope, Alice, Jen, Abby,Zack/Marlena, John, Belle, Shawn/ Doug, Julie, Caroline, PopShawn, etc. Colin gets a call and steps out, much to Caroline's disappointment. John announces that it's time to say what they are thankful for.

Shane: Family and friends.

Shawn, Sr.: Caroline.

Mickey: Alice Horton and Maggie.

Julie: Elastic.

Doug: Second chances (As he stares at Bo and Hope, they kiss).

Nancy: New life.

Craig: Possibilities.

Hope: My life.

Bo: My wife (Hope).

Abby: Wishes.

Will: TV.

Jen: My sweet daughter (Abby).

Sami: My son (Will).

Roman: Future.

John: The past and Marlena.

Marlena: Family.

Belle: The family reunion between Bo and Hope.

Alice: Love.

Belle and Shawn share a kiss as do Bo and Hope. The families at Tuscany begin eating and chattering away as we are lead outside.

Outside, two guards walk past Colin as he holds up his bullet. Zoom in on the bullet as we see the name: Bo. Colin says, "Bo Brady. Sorry, cousin, this one's for you." There is a freezeframe on the bullet as the credits roll.

The End.