Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/26/02

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/26/02

By Rebecca
Pictures by Juanita


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Abe tells Lexie that all the charges have been dropped as Tony pops in telling that even so, this is NOT over. Lexie tells him she just wants peace and quiet and for them not to sue the PD, and she tells him to wait outside. Afterwards, she tells Abe that she wants nothing to do with him and storms out.


Shawn-D, Bo, Hope, and Zack are in Hope's room reuniting. Shawn takes Zack to the vending machine, and Bo worries about Hope, but she worries about him and how he murdered Lexie. Bo tells her that he didn't kill her, and starts to explain. He says that Lexie was their first suspect, and the evidence (Isaac in her arms, the itenerary, the bloody sweater, etc) proved her guilt. Then as he studied the letter, she kept repeating 'how we' for howie hoffstedder! The man who helped them get her to safety the first time Larry took advantage of her. Then they knew that Lexie really was framed and then they got another lead, this time from Billie Reed. Bo doesn't want to jump to arrest her since he made that mistake with Lexie and just then Lexie pops in and finishes the story. Flashback of Bo and Abe in her cell (after the strangle-fest) telling her that they know she's innocent. She tells Hope she was already planning to escape and that was the perfect time for Bo to kill her. She mentions how Bo had tryed to strangle her once before, and Bo quickly apologizes. She tells him that they all have regrets. Bo tells Hope that mostly everyone was in on it (Shane, Roman, Abe, Craig, etc) and Hope thanks Lexie. Lexie tells her that Zack needed her - his mommy.


Jack is trying to put the puzzle together as Jennifer leads him to Billie's room where she was talking to Shane. He's amazed that she's alive, and she explains to him that she thought Larry was her ISA contact and that she had no idea what was really going on. Jack is hurt that everyone kept secrets except for him (for once) as Billie explains that her family knew and the whole 'pull the plug' story was just a story. Billie feels bad about everything, but Jack tells her that he knows Larry Welch and that he just wanted to use her. Afterwards, Jack is hurt that Jennifer never told him about Billie, Lexie, and Hope. He thinks she used him to get the story for the Spectator and storms off, leaving Jen devastated.


After Jack and Jennifer leave, Roman comes to see Billie and tells her that he knows everything she said was a lie and he knows the truth - she helped Larry to take Hope so she could have Bo. Billie denies this, but Roman won't hear it. He tells her that she is suspended from the PD and that she'll be behind bars for this.


Everyone is glad to hear of Hope's good health, and wait for her to arrive. Then Hope comes on Bo's lap on a wheelchair and hugs all around. She thanks everyone for their support. Abe sees Lexie and Tony in the back of the group and goes to them as their leaving. The group tells Hope of how at the pub Bo gave them all the news of Larry being their guy, and for them to act their parts of remorseful family members. Hope thanks them all again as the nurse comes in telling Hope she'll be free to go home, and she is VERY happy to hear that! She thanks Maggie for hosting Thanksgiving at Tuscany and they talk about the wonderful foods as they leave. Belle tells Shawn that it was really love that brought his mother home.


Lexie tells Tony that she doesnt want to go yet, and she needs some fresh air. He understands, and goes to wait in the car. Abe walks up to her, but she doesn't want to talk to him. She tells him 'I'm not contesting the divorce. In fact, I am expediting it, and I'm excising you from my life. Goodbye.' ouch!


Bo and Hope are alone and she tells him how lonely she's been and that the Thanksgiving feast will be a treat. Bo comforts her, telling her that Larry will never hurt her again. Just then, we see a man crawl to the beach. He turns to reveal his identity - Larry Welch....