Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/25/02

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/25/02

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

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Today: Bo and Hope reunite after a shocking standoff between Larry&Bo, with Larry going overboard with a big bang. Jack is confused, Brandon is angry, and the Brady's are happy in this great episode as Sami finally learns the truth about Brandon and Lexie. Finally, John hypnotizes Marlena to learn the truth.

Cast: Bo, Hope, Jack, Jen, Roman, Man, Shane, Billie, Larry, Lexie, Abe, Celeste, Brandon, Sami, Intruder Reporter, Salem Gazzete Reporter, Man, John, Marlena, Man's voice, Man #2, Coast Guard.

Episode: 9441

At "Lexie's" Wake

At the DiMansion, Lexie's wake is being held as reporters gather around the door, lying to Shane&the guards about being friends. Celeste and Abe stand glum as Brandon barges in with Sami behind him. He begins yelling at Abe, blaming him for Lexie's death. Shane holds him back, but he breaks away and tells Abe that he'll spend eternity in hell. Shane goes into the room and pays his respects to a closed casket as Celeste tells Abe that Brandon is just a loyal friend to Lexie. Abe says that Lexie sure did have a big heart as Shane recieves a call from Roman. He pulls Abe aside and whispers that Bo's escaped as they rush off. Celeste sends Brandon in for time alone with Lexie as Sami eavesdrops. Brandon expresses his feelings to the casket, telling "Lexie" that he will never regret that night they spent together as Sami's eyes widen. He leaves the room and comforts Celeste as Sami slips into the "respect room." Sami tells "Lexie" that she deserved to die as she slept with her boyfriend and she hates her. Before she leaves, she says "Rest in peace, if there is any in hell," and smirks as she walks out. Brandon asks Celeste if the funeral is tomorrow and she confirms that as Sami returns, but goes back in to get her purse, mentioning to "Lexie" that she will always hate her.

O' Brother Where Art Thou?

On the Black jet, Marlena pulls out the letter, shocking John with the truth that he and Tony are brothers. John reads the letter and doesn't believe it. He questions Marlena, who tells him about the portrait of herself. John says that the letter is a fake as they argue. John threatens to turn the plane around and parachute back to the island, but his wife convinces him to just hypnotize her. He does so and she remembers a man telling her to sleep as he holds up a syringe. Marlena tells John that she is lying on a bed as he questions her as to who the man is. She starts to focus in on his face, but can't tell. She begins crying out "breaking and falling," as John comforts her. She begins crying in real time as John holds her, remembering what the letter said.

Larry Welch v.s. Beauragard "Bo" Brady

On Pier 12, Larry arrives with Hope, ready to board the boat, when Bo emerges from the fog and yells, "you're not going anywhere, Welch." Larry engages in some small talk as Bo orders him to let his wife go. Larry moves away with her, until Bo pulls out a gun. Larry says "it's Bo Brady to the rescue, the sequel," as Larry draws a gun around Hope's neck and orders him to drop it. He does and kicks it in the water as Larry notes that they missed the boat, so he may have to kill them both. Bo pleads for Hope's life and Larry considers it if he does one thing. We return to see Bo untying the ropes to the Fancy Face and orders Hope to board. While Bo is untying them, Larry knocks him out with the gun and he falls in the water.

On the Fancy Face, Larry sets off as Hope screams Bo's name over and over again. Larry can't concentrate as Hope secretly unties herself and attacks Larry, with him pulling his gun on her, and we see Bo's hands holding onto the boat. Bo jumps up and struggles with Larry. They fight over the gun as Larry hits Bo again. They lose the gun on the other side of the boat as they continues wrestling. Hope lunges for Larry and knees him in the crouch as Bo gets ahold of the gun, pulling it on Larry. Bo comforts Hope as Larry launches for the gun, but Bo shoots him straight in the heart and he goes backwards overboard.

Meanwhile, Jen is on the phone with Abe, who is refusing to tell her where all the action is taking place. She decides to find out for herself as she rushes off and we see Jack secretly following her.

Back on the pier, Jack is watching Jen as a hand covers his mouth. We return to find Jen and Jack both having been discovered by S.W.A.T. team members. Roman arrives and begins yelling at Jen and recieves a call, sending his troops to the Fancy Face dock. He tells Jack and Jen to leave, but they follow him.

Back on the Fancy Face, the coast guard announces that Bo needs to shoot a flare to pin point their exact location as he does. Hope and Bo hug each other.

Later, back at the DiMera Mansion, Brandon and Sami leave as Celeste recieves a call from Abe, telling her that the plan is over. Celeste wants to tell Lexie, but Abe notes that he already took care of that. Cue to a smiling Lexie in Abe's office.

Later, at the hospital, Shane arrives and begins babbling about Larry Welch being dead and Hope was rescued by Bo and is alive as she is alive too. Cue to Billie, who is happy to hear the news (She has a bandage on her head).

Later, back on the pier, Jack and Jen watch as the Fancy Face docks and Bo and Hope get hugs from Roman. Jack questions Jennifer, but she assures him that she'll tell him later. He is angry to learn that she new all along. Roman leaves to search for Welch's body as Bo pulls Hope's wedding ring out and slips it on her finger and they kiss as the credits roll.

The End.