Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/22/02

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/22/02

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Chloe and Brady are chatting about the fire, and they have flashbacks of their time together, afterwards Brady says 'as they say in hollywood... toots, you ain't seen nothin' yet.' They get ready for a wonderful dinner at Bradywood's finest restaurant, and Brady sets up a candle-lit dinner. Chloe comes out in her pretty orange floral dress and is amazed. Brady is cute with his lil french accent, and they eat beans (Brady calls it something fancy, it escapes me though...) and they also dance to some opera, which in Bradywood means elvis, and they dance. Chloe comments on how uncomfortable that sofa looks, and maybe the sleeping arrangements can be different tomorow night. He looks surprised as she walks to her room.


Tony is grabbing on to the floor and begs John for help. John wants to know where Marlena is, and Tony says he does not know. We see Marlena with a note and says that John has to see this. She screams for him, but he does not hear her. Tony tells John that he'll tell him of Marlena's location AFTER he helps him, but John refuses. Marlena comes out of the fireplace and screams for John to save Tony. Tony is saved with John still accusing him, but Marlena clarifies the situation. (Tony doesn't even get an apology?) Marlena convinces John to take her home, and Tony looks around. He sees the Dimera Family Crest (the phoenix) on the wall, and puts his ring to it. It opens a small compartment and he takes out a container. The blue keys fits perfectly and it opens. He find a small box with the Phoenix on it, but cannot get it open. He says to himself that his past and his future lye in that box...


Just back from the dimera mansion number 2, John asks Marlena why she wanted to leave. He gets a call from Shane and he tells him that a lot has happened and he will explain everything once he's back. Afterwards, he goes back to Marlena and asks her again, and she tells him that Tony is indeed his brother.


Sykes says repeatedly that he can not be Chloe's father, but Craig doesn't believe him. He tells Craig that he is a changed man and is very sorry for what he did to Nancy, but he got a vasectomy 25 years ago therefore cannot be Chloe's bio. father! Craig gives him some pain killers and tells him to stay put. He gets the bloody towels and is going to analyze them. He puts a wheel borrow in front of the door and leaves.


Kate, with Lucas and Phillip wait for Austin to show up, while the press yell and scream for a story. Roman gives a statement to them (With a disguised Larry with them) and tells them that the family has decided to take her off life support, and Kate breaks down in Phillip's arms. Phillip screams at the reporters, saying that they are heartless etc and they leave (But not before Larry asking when her eldest brother will arrive) Roman comforts Kate, and then she gets the papers to pull the plug, and Kate signs them and tells the doctor to wait for Austin so he can say goodbye. And with her sons by her side, she falls to pieces.


Hope looks around for some way to get out, and goes back to the newspaper article. She knows Bo couldnt have killed Lexie, and she fears for the worst. Larry comes back, and sees a very smug Hope. He speaks of Billie's soon-to-be death and of Lexie's wake, then Hope pulls out a very sharp...stick. They struggle, and Hope ends up dropping it. Larry laughs it off, and tells her that she'll never see her boys again. She tells him not to under-estimate Bo. He tells her to say good-bye to Salem, and tapes her hands behind her back. She thinks to herself 'Please, God, help Bo. Help him find a way to save me. Oh, God, I'm running out of time.'


Shane comes to Bo for a personal conversation and gives him an update on Shawn-D and Zack. He wants to know about Billie, but Shane has no new info or leads. He tells Bo that Kim and Kayla wanted to come to Salem, but he convinced them not to and there was nothing they could do. Bo thinks of Hope, and prays for her. Roman then comes by and opens this cell - telling him to do what he needs to do, and gives him a gun. It's time to save Hope!!