Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/21/02

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/21/02

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

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Today: John leaves Tony hanging on for his life as Marlena finds a very useful piece of information. Cassie and Rex try to comfort Shawn as Chloe and Brady's trip to the Rockie's continue. Sikes admits to not being Chloe's father.

Cast: Tony, John, Marlena, Shawn, Belle, Rex, Cassie, Rolf, Brady, Chloe, Dr. Sikes, Craig, Man's voice. In Salem.....

At Salem U.

Rolf is teaching Rex and Cassie, noticing Cassie's depression as she complains about Shawn and his problems, with Rex suggesting she forget about it. She throws a hissy fit as Rolf reaches for the bracelets. Cassie refuses and goes to leave, but finally agrees to put them on. She takes them off though and rushes off with Rex, not pleasing to Rolf.

Colorado..... Rockies

Brady and Chloe check everything out as he calls for info on the jeep. Later, Chloe calls Nancy and gives her the cabin number. Brady and Chloe go outside. Outside, the duo videotape each other doing romantic, silly, and loving things. Chloe squirts Brady with water, so he chases her. Later, they enjoy hot chocolate.

Back in Salem..... In the barn

Sikes puts pressure on his bleeding leg as Craig returns with a bag. They argue about him helping him as Dr. Sikes talks about his wife. Later, they both argue as Craig reveals him a doctor, accusing him of raping Nancy, and revealing Nancy's name: Nancy Miller. Sikes says that was a long time ago as Craig tells him about his daughter, but Sikes says it is impossible.

At the Brady Pub

We see a sign revealing it's closed because of a family emergancy. Inside, Shawn mopes around as he reads the Spectator headline with Belle. Shawn thanks Belle for being there. Later, Belle sees Rex and Cassie peering through the window as she opens the door. Cassie tries to comfort Shawn, but Rex insists that it was a bad idea and Belle agrees, so the twins leave.

On the DiMera Island

Replay of Marlena opening the secret passage, falling in, and John shining his light into the mirror, revealing Tony's reflection. He asks Tony where his wife is as Marlena pounds on the door. Tony and John question each other as to why they are there as Tony says that it is his island. John again asks where his wife is as Tony asks if he's lost her again. Inside the passage, Marlena searches all around, finding secrets and stuff (pretty boring) . Later, Marlena finds a letter and says that she must find John.

Outside, John continues screaming at Tony as they argue. Later, Tony falls through the floor and hangs on by his fingers as John walks away, with a smug look on his face. Tony screams for help as the credits roll.

The End.