Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/20/02

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/20/02

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

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Today: Bo is sent to prison without bail as the Brady's struggle with the news. Larry shows Hope the headlines about Lexie&Billie as Brady and Chloe are "rescued" by a "cowboy." Sami and Brandon's love fest continues.

Cast: Bo, Roman, Caroline, Mickey, Shawn D., Abe, Celeste, Cameron, Jack, Jen, Carson Palmer, Judge Segal, Woman reporter, Man reporter, Mr. Taylor, Reporter #3, Cop, Bailiff, Cop #2, Larry, Hope, Brandon, Sami, Woman, Brady, Chloe, Man, Philip, Belle, Waiter.

In Salem.....

At .Com

Shawn D., Belle, and Philip talk about Hope's kidnapping and Bo's trial as a waiter gives his sympathy to Philip&Shawn. Shawn remembers the hearing and wants to go as Jack&Jen walk up. They leave and take Shawn with them. Later, Belle assures Philip that everything will work out for him.

In Denver.....

In the field

Chloe and Brady awaken in the car as they think they hear a car, so they rush to the highway. They see nothing, so they return and the cellphones don't work either. The two hear something again and up walks a horse-drawn carriage and the man asks if they need help. Brady makes a crack about the "Lone Ranger," which offends the driver. He agrees to take them up to his brother's cabin as they climb up into the carriage. The driver explains that he came from a wedding as they set off. Music plays as we see a sign on the back of the carriage. The driver tells Brady and Chloe that he's taking them up to his bro's place.

Later, at the cabin

Brady and Chloe arrive and thank the driver as they head in. Chloe looks for the thermestat and Brady finds it, pointing at the fireplace (LOL).


At the hotel

Brandon and Sami wake up in the afterglow of lovemaking as they begin talking about the night on the rooftop. They are happy to have finally made love as they kiss. Brandon gets hungry as room service arrives with food and brings the newpaper. Sami reads the headline about Lexie's death and hides it as Brandon returns and finds it. He starts packing up as Sami grows angry.

Back in Salem.....

In the prison/warehouse

Larry arrives and wakes Hope up, bringing in coffee and the newspaper. He makes her read the two Spectator headlines about Billie getting shot and Lexie's death. Hope refuses to believe that Bo did it as Larry brags about shooting Billie. He continues to brag about partnering with Billie over a year ago and how he thought he could trust her, but he was wrong. Hope worries about Shawn and Zack as Larry shows her the headline of her death too. Later, Larry tells Hope that they are leaving as she realizes that they are in Salem, so she refuses. He draws a gun, which she knocks out of his hand and she runs for the door, screaming. Larry drags her back in as she launches for the gun, but he gets it first. He finds the message on the wall and makes Hope scratch it out. Hope struggles with him again and runs to the door.

In Bo's cell

Caroline, Roman, and Mickey arrive as the guard lets them in with Bo saying that he is going to plead guilty. They try to talk him out of it as the guard mentions it being time to go.

At the courthouse

Reporters beg for statements as Celeste, Abe, and Cameron arrive, with Cameron screaming at the reporters. Finally, she scares them off. Later, Roman and Caroline arrive and are seated as the cop brings Bo out. Bailiff tells everyone that the trial is about to begin as Judge Segal walks in. The judge asks Bo how he pleads and as Shawn walks in, he takes a long look at him and pleads not guilty. We see lots of expressions from Jack and Jen, Roman, Caroline, Shawn, etc. as Mickey asks for Bo's release without bail, but Carson Palmer, the DA objects. Palmer and Mickey argue as both men are sticking to their statements. Mickey claims that Bo was trying to stop the prisoner from escaping as the judge decides to release Bo without bail. Abe fires back that Bo shouldn't be allowed free. Judge Segal announces that he's reached his decisions as the cop leads Bo out of the courtroom. The camera moves in on Shawn's face as Bo leaves as the credits roll.

The End.