Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/19/02

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/19/02

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Today: John searches for clues and Marlena disappears again while Brady&Chloe's plane has to make an emergancy landing. Craig chases Sikes while many chat at .Com.

Cast: Tony, John, Marlena, Man's voice, Brady, Chloe, Pilot, Flight attendant, Craig, Dr. Frederick Sikes, Nancy, Kate, Lucas, Jen, Colin, Waiter, Man.

Episode: 9,437

On the plane

The pilot apologizes as Chloe holds onto Brady. The man tells everyone that they are going to land. When we return, we learn the plane is to land in Denver as it continues to shake. Chloe is happy that she has Brady there with her as she tells him that in case something happens, he needs to know something. Later, Chloe opens her eyes as the plane has safely lands, but the pilot explains that due to the weather, they are going to stay in Denver for a couple of days. Brady gets angry, complaining about not being able to go to Hollywood as Chloe reminds him that they are good at camping out. He figures that if they are going to be stuck there, they need to see more than the airport.

Later, on the road

Brady and Chloe drive in a car from the airport as they talk about different things. Later, they blow a tire and decide to stop for the night as Chloe cuddles up to him.

At .Com

After Jen gets two coffees, she runs into Colin, who asks her if it's true that Bo killed Lexie Carver. Jen acknowledges that and he apologizes, but she doesn't believe him, accusing him of working for the DiMera's, but she later apologizes.

Elsewhere, Kate and Lucas arrive, with her telling him to order takeout, but he refuses, telling her that they are in no hurry, explaining that Billie is brain dead. Kate explains that she believes that Billie is in a coma and feels there presence. Nearby, Craig and Nancy overhear. As Kate and Lucas drink their coffee, they talk about Philip as a waiter comes over and offers their sympathy to Philip.

Back at Nancy and Craig's table, she wants to go over and talk to Kate, but Craig assures her that they have two daughters to worry about. Nancy talks about missing Chloe as Craig feels the baby kick. When a man walks in, Craig recognizes him as Sikes and tells Nancy to talk to Kate. Craig holds up the picture and realizes it is Sikes as he grabs the coats and his bag and tells Nancy that he got a call and rushes off, only to be stopped by Colin. Colin asks Craig why he got switched to the clinic as Craig explains and rushes out after Sikes.

Outside, Craig watches Dr. Sikes, who is sipping his coffee as Craig yells "Hey, I know you!" and Sikes takes off. Craig runs into someone as he chases Sikes.

Back inside, Colin and Jen talk as he wishes he would have been there when Lexie and Billie were brought in. Jen explains that Jack is at the paper as Colin talks about seeing Tony earlier and trying to explain that Bo killed Lexie out of anger. They talk about the DiMera/Brady fued, wondering who will survive it as they leave.

Outside, Jen apologizes for jumping. Silently, Colin hopes Bo rots in jail as it will keep him out of his way.

Back inside, Nancy reassures Kate that Billie will live as she cries about when Lucas was in the hospital. Lucas puts his arm around his mother as Nancy tells her that she used to wish that she had leukemia instead of Chloe. Later, Lucas returns from a call to Austin as Nancy and Kate talk. Lucas insists on taking Nancy home as they talk about Billie's condition. Nancy feels a twinge, but refuses to go home.

On the road, Craig chases Dr. Sikes with his car as Sikes wonders who is following him. Sikes gets a flat tire and rushes off as Craig follows him.

In a barn

Dr. Sikes hides as Craig searches for him. Dr. Sikes steps in an animal trap and screams as Craig approaches, seeing that his leg is bleeding and he says "good," as he walks off.

On the DiMera Island

John shines his flashlight around as he searches for Marlena. He yells "Doc!" Inside the secret firplace, Marlena walks through secret passage after secret passage, knowing how to open them. She finds a bed and sits on the bed, remembering sleeping on it. Back in the main Compound, John presses buttons as he opens the door to where Marlena is and she remembers the man telling her to sleep as we hear his voice. He asks her what's wrong as she stares into space. Marlena assures him that she is fine as she can't remember anything and John tells her about the shell. She can't remember, but she does remember the sound of the ocean as John finds two sets of fingerprints; both Marlena's. One is fresh and one has been there for awhile. They leave that room as Marlena mentions wanting to get out of there. Marlena promises not to go anywhere as he returns to the other room for the finger prints. Back in the secret room, John says "open sesame," as he disappears into the fireplace again.

Back outside, Marlena stares into the painting again and it morphs into a picture of her. When she returns with John, it is the ocean again. John tells her that it's DiMera's mind game as he also says that he is probably watching him right now. Marlena wonders if she is hallucinating as they hear a noise. John investigates, but when he turns around, Marlena is gone. John aims his flashlight into the mirror as he sees Tony's reflection (Not knowing that Tony is right behind him) as the credits roll.

The End.