Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/18/02

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/18/02

By Rebecca
Pictures by Juanita

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HOSPITAL - The hospital roof is the place to be. Lexie is dead, Abe is grieving and angry at Bo, and Bo is in shock and confesses that he killed her. Shane and Craig are there, but Abe wont give up Lexie's body. He cries that he should have protected her more, and talks to her as if she's just sleeping. He carries her to the rolly-bed and kisses her. Celeste, Jack, Jennifer, Belle, and Shawn (with a lot of reporters in the background) want to know what's going on and Roman delivers the news of Lexie's death. They bring Lexie down to the hospital and Celeste breaks down, cursing Bo. Shawn wants to see his dad, and is finally aloud to speak with him. Bo tells him that he'll be gone for a while and take care of Zack. Shawn tells him that what he did to Lexie was right, but Bo says it wasn't, he shouldn't have taken a human life. Abe and Celeste talk, hoping now Lexie is at peace, and Abe breaks down. Shawn and Bo say their good-byes, and everyone leaves. A reporter asks how Shawn feels, and he responds 'My father killed the woman who killed my mother. I'm still alive, but I feel dead' and leaves to the pub with Belle and Shane.

HOTEL ROOM - Brandon and Sami are introduced to their hotel room, wanting this place to be the first place they make love since it matches their love, 'star crossed lovers.' Brandon mentions Austin jokingly, but Sami returns to the subject of her new love. She asks about his feelings for Lexie, and he has some flashbacks. She suspects more than just an attraction, but Brandon dismisses it. And then on to the loving...and more loving...and more...then the afterglow, and he gives Sami an engraved bracelet with their initials. She knows he's worried about Lexie, but he tells her that he's only interested in the two of them, and the more love comes...

 DIMERA HIDEOUT - John and Marlena come to the Dimera hideout with booby traps including a wired fence and a laser-filled yard. He jimmies the lock and their in. They see the Dimera family crest and they know they're at the right place. Marlena falls through the trap floor but John comes to the rescue, reminding her of his warning to just stay home. She gets mesmerized by the painting of an island while John sees a genetic engineering book. She disappears (I think through a wall-door thing, I was really paying attention) and John gets worried...

SPECTATOR - Jack and Jennifer arrive at the spectator and Jen tells Jack to hurry up on the story, hustling him out at the same time. She leaves and Jack wonders which Jennifer will come back: The one who depends on him or the one who shuts him out.

END - The show ends with Bo getting booked, sent to his cell (Lexie looked soo much better in that outfit) with Roman right behind him with a sad sad look. Freeze frame on Bo's face.