Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/15/02

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/15/02

By Justin
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Today: Suspense fills the show while Lexie makes a dashing escape to the roof, only to have Bo waiting right there. Shawn gives a stunning speech about Hope while Hope carves a message for Bo. Brady opens up to Chloe on the plane. 2 Thumbs up for Jason Cook and Peter Reckell's performances.

Cast: Bo, Lexie, Abe, Roman, Shane, Artie, Shawn D., Caroline, Jack, Jen, Belle, Celeste, Harold, Intruder reporter, Salem Gazzette reporter, Nurse Brenda, Male nurse, Male nurse #2, Unconscious cop #1, Unconscious cop #2, Female officer, Nurse, Hope, Larry, Brady, Chloe, Flight attendant.

Episode: 9,435

On the plane to Hollywood

We find Chloe waking up from her nap as she asks the flight attendant where Brady is. He returns and has his hair slicked up. Brady turns into his "second half," Bradford Frame and begins questioning Miss Lane about her hopes and dreams. Chloe finally gets into it and says that ever since she was a little girl, she's always wanted to debut on stage (Opera) as Brady suggests a real opera house where stars perform (forget the name). Chloe wants to do opera on the love aria. When we return to them, Brady talks into a recorder as Chloe takes off his glasses, asking what he wants. Later, Chloe tells Brady that she loves him, but of course it is a dream. Brady asks what her dream was about as the plane starts bouncing around and all the passengers fly around in their seats. Chloe is scared as even the flight attendant rushes up front.

At the Brady Pub

We find that Caroline, Bo, Shane, Roman, and Jen are the only ones left. Julie and Doug took Alice home as Mickey and Maggie left too and PopShawn is up with Zack. Jack arrives as Caroline tells him that she was just closing, but Bo allows him to stay. Jack asks Jen if anything happened while he was gone and Shawn jumps up, refusing that Hope is dead. Belle is also there as her and Bo try to comfort Shawn when Abe arrives, breaking the news that Lexie is at the hospital. Both Roman and Bo know she is faking it as Abe says that Shane, him, and Roman are going, but Bo wants to go to. Abe tells him that the comissioner is angry and if Bo goes anywhere near Lexie, he'll be arrested. Shawn throws it in Abe's face that he should be thrown off the case (Jason Cook is marvelous in these sceens) as the three leave for the hospital. Caroline suggests Bo comfort Shawn as he tries, but Shawn asks about the connection between him and Hope. Bo says that the connection is there and it always will be.

At University Hospital

Lexie is rushed into the hospital as Celeste is by her side, but Nurse Brenda suggests she wait outside, until Dr. Wesley arrives. Lexie is taken into a cubicle where a female cop tells Brenda about the police procedures. In the ER, a bald "nurse" tells Lexie, who wakes up that he is on her team. After he tells her the plan, she gets up, but he tells her to wait as Celeste arrives. Nurse Brenda orders Celeste to leave, so she does as Lexie asks the man to get her out of there.

Out in the lobby, Shane, Abe, and Roman arrive as Celeste pleads with them not to go near her daughter. They head to the cubicle, but an officer informs them that the prisoner has escaped. Roman, Abe, and Shane find an unconscious nurse on the gurney as Abe orders all exits blocked. Roman tells him that one nurse is missing and he could have helped Lexie.

Up the stairs, Lexie and two other "nurses" are rushing up the stairs, heading for the roof.

Back in the lobby, Abe remembers some talks with Lexie as Celeste pleads with him not to let anyone shoot Lexie. He tells her that there is nothing he can do.

Back at the pub

Both Jack and Jen are shocked at how easily the Brady's and the Horton's accepted Hope's death. They talk about Abby as Jen says that she adored Hope and she isn't ready to tell her. Jen asks Jack if he can take over the Spectator for awhile while she is with her family and he agrees. He goes to check on Lexie, but Jen suggests he stay with her. Bo and Shawn mourn Hope as Bo explains that his connection is spiritual as Shawn cries. Bo goes to check on Zack&Shawn, Sr. as Mr. Sleazy (As I call him; the Intruder reporter) and a Gazzette reporter arrive and asks for a story. Shawn steps up and screams "My mother is dead and the DiMera's killed her," as the two reporters are stunned with silence. Meanwhile, Bo sneaks out the back door and heads to the hospital. Downstairs, Jack tries to stop an emotional Shawn, but he continues on.

Back at the hospital

Abe questions the nurse from the cubicle as Roman returns and explains that Lexie escaped through the vent. Meanwhile, Bo arrives and sneaks up the stairs. Shane returns and tells them of the helicopter approaching as Abe radios for backup. Celeste is saddened as Harold approaches her, questioning her about her daughter, also mentioning the rough times Lexie went through. Celeste tells Harold that she senses danger.

At the secret prison/warehouse

Hope is looking through the door as Larry returns and she is now, sitting down. He tells Hope that he took care of the problem (Billie), saying she took one bullet to the brain, but unfortunately she is still alive. Hope has a flashback of seeing Billie, knowing that it was her as Larry brags about framing Lexie. She eyes a bullet on the ground. As he chats away, she "faints" and clutches the bullet. Later, Larry leaves and immediately, Hope gets up and starts carving something in the wall with the bullet. When Larry returns, she is sitting on the floor. He talks about moving her to a new location as he leaves once again. Hope continues carving the message, which is hard to make out.

Back at the Brady Pub

Shawn tells the sleazy reporters about Lexie killing his mom and how the DiMera's hate the Brady's. Jack decides not to stop Shawn as he really gives it to the Intruder for printing lies about the Baby Switch and tells him that if he's so good at writing stuff that people love to read, then write this, but Jack butts in. Shawn explains that Jack is also a one reporter looking for "the scoop," as he continues with his story about how much of a great mom, Hope was and how she loved her family. With him breaking into tears and Belle also crying, Shawn tells them that he has lost his mother and the world has lost Hope Brady. He also tells them to print that the Brady's will always carry her in their hearts as the reporters, sadly leave. Jack and Jen congratulate Shawn for shutting up the reporters. His phone rings and it is Harold with an update: Lexie has escaped! Caroline goes to check on Zack, PopShawn, and Bo.

Later, Jack breaks it to Jen that Lexie has escaped. Jen is shocked as Caroline returns, telling everyone that Bo is gone. Shawn says that he went to the hospital to confront Lexie.

On University Hospital's rooftop

Bo arrives to find Lexie next to the male nurse, with two of the Salem PD cops knocked unconscious. Bo screams "Gotcha!" as Lexie has a worried look on her face. Later, when Abe, Shane, Roman, and the other two cops get up there, Bo is standing over Lexie's body as we see a bruise on her neck. Abe rushes to Lexie and screams for a doctor as Bo says that one's not needed as Lexie's dead. Abe breaks down, screaming "No! No!" as there is a freezeframe on Bo's angry face.

The End.