Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/14/02

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/14/02

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LEXIE'S CELL - Lexie is still sick while telling Tony how she's afraid that Bo would have killed her, but she does understand why he did it. Tony doesn't want her to make excuses for the man, though Lexie says that she blames the kidnapper and he should pay - and tony says the ultimate price. Tony gets a call and Rolf is on the other end telling him about Shane's arrival. Tony and Lexie are confused as to why ISA are here and he tells her not to worry and to focus on her escape. Abe comes wanting to speak to his wife alone, and Tony waits outside as Abe says this is the last time he'll come to her and if there is anything she wants to say. Lexie says goodbye, and he leaves. Tony's back and tells Lexie behind th bars that it's time for him to leave and he should not be in Salem when this goes down. Tony tells her he won't rest until he sees her again and Lexie tells him that she will, since she is a Dimera. They laugh under their breaths.  He leaves and gets a call from Rolf about the jet leaving to some islands near the Bahamas, and Tony says 'Suddenly, there really is somewhere I need to be.' Right afterwards, Lexie falls to the ground in her cell and the officer on duty calls for help.

BASIC BLACK JET - John is having flashbacks of a conversation between him and Marlena and we reality snaps in he finds her behind him. She tells him she convinced the pilot to let her stay told him that she was a crucial part of the mission. John gives her hugs and kisses and tells her that she is crucial to everything in his life. Marlena is relieved and John tells her he has missed her and calls to turn the plane around. (lol) They argue (and joke a bit) and he ends up giving in. Marlena almost faints, and takes it as a good sign that they're close to the truth. John gets the update on Hope from Shane, then Marlena aeach otherug, thanking God they have each other.

SALEM BEACH - Belle and Shawn are at the water, thinking that the water would remind Shawn of the good times growing up with his mom. Shawn says that he doesn't feel her anymore and that he has lost hope, but Belle reminds him of his mother's teachings and that he always needs hope, but he wants to be alone. Belle comes back after a little while and Shawn is pleased, but he says that he got a call from his dad. Bo wants a family meeting at the Pub and Shawn figures that all hope is lost.

HOSPITAL - Billie (accompanied by Shane) is going to the ER and Craig and Brenda are on the case. Brenda tells Craig that she is an organ donor, and the fear for the worst - that she could be brain dead. Roman, Abe, Bo arrive and Roman tells them that he'll break the news to Kate. Bo tells the rest that he's gathering the Bradys and Hortons to give the news about Hope. Later, Phillip and Kate come and to see Billie. Roman wants to call her otseparatedren but Kate says it's up to her and they go their seperate ways.

COP SHOP - Victor tells Roman that Nico recovered some jewelry from a pawn shop a little while ago - hope's wedding ring and some other personal effects. The man who sold them to the pawnbroker said he took them off a woman's corpse. He asks if Bo knows and Victor verifies, and we hear Bo's scream from Abe's office. They come in and calm Bo down, and then they get Billie's update and rush off.

SALEM INN - Kate's talking to herself when Phillip comes in. She's glad to see him but can tell that he is upset, and asks him about Chloe. He says that she's doing goknockst with Chloe. He wants to be happy for her but he also just wants her with him. Roman kncoks on the door and tells them that Billie has been shot. Kate is in tears and she and Phillip leave for the hospital.

BRADY PUB - Jack and Jennifer are outside the pub discussing Hope. Jack gets the update about the jewelry and the pawn shop and Jen brakes down, but Jack is a good comfort. Caroline comes and asks her whats wrong but Jack covers. Jack gets a call from Bo for a family meeting at the Pub and Jen figures it's to give the news, the news they already know. Doug, Julie, Shawn, Belle, Mickey, Zack, and Maggie arrive also getting the call. Victor comes, and he and Caroline (with a bit of Shawn Sr.) chit chat, and hope for the best. Alice appears, and she and Shawn talk about the good and bad in her life, and she gives him some hope. Jack gets the call about Billie and Jennifer urges him to go so he does and Shawn Sr. comes by to keep her company. Then Roman, Bo, and Shane come and Shane gets lots of hugs and everyone knows why he's come. Everyone is there except for Sami (her trip with Brandon) and Colin. Bo makes the announcement that he has bad news about Hope, camera to everyone's face and it stop on Alice, and the credits roll...