Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/13/02

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/13/02

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

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Today: As Shane meets with Billie, Larry aims a gun at her and fires while Bo goes ballistic and attacks Lexie. Belle and Nancy surprise Chloe with hair extensions while Brady surprises her with a trip to Hollywood.

Cast: Billie, Shane, Larry, Hope's voice, Bo, Victor, Abe, Roman, Tony, Lexie, Officer McMillin, Man, Man #2, Cop, Cop #2, Brady, Chloe, Craig, Nancy, Belle.

At .Com

Nancy and Chloe arrive as they spot Belle and she invites them to sit with her. Chloe tells her the good news about the baby and the amnio results as Belle promises to tell Shawn. Chloe also tells them of her hair growing back, but explains that she doesn't want a wig yet, so Belle shows her an article in Bella Magazine. Chloe wonders if it will work as Nancy and Belle exchange looks.

At Brady's loft

Brady gets off the phone with someone as Craig arrives, saying that they need to find Sikes. Brady asks why as he says that Nancy has some unsolved issues with the man. Brady states that he spotted him the other day as Craig yells at him for not telling him. Brady then talks of his plans for Chloe as Craig likes the idea. Later, Chloe arrives and shows off her hair extensions as Brady and Craig comment on them. Craig leaves.

Back at .Com

Nancy and Belle are talking about how well the idea worked as Craig arrives and he and Nancy start kissing. Craig shares Brady's plans as Nancy finally gives him.

Back at the loft

Brady hands Chloe the Hollywood globe as she is confused, but he tells her about booking them two first class seats to Hollywood. Chloe is excited as she thanks him.

At the police station

In Lexie's cell, Tony is comforting Lexie as he promises to get her out. Abe arrives and asks to speak with Lexie. As Tony objects, Lexie reassures him that it's alright and he heads upstairs as McMillin opens the cell. After Tony leaves, Abe makes an offer to Lexie (if she tells them where Hope's body is, then she won't be given the death sentence; just life in prison) as she claims to not know. Abe leaves Lexie in tears.

In Abe's office, Victor arrives to see Bo, who is looking over the letter again. Bo states that even if Lexie was standing over her, Hope would have left some clues. Victor encourages Bo to continue to work on it. He pulls out paunshop items that Nico found and Bo identifies them as Hope's. Victor encourages Bo to face the facts that Hope is dead. Bo bolts out as Victor follows.

In the corridor, Tony comes up with McMillin, who gets yelled at by Roman. Victor and Bo come out and yell at Tony. Victor gets permission to talk with Tony as Bo asks to get some fresh air. Abe returns and hopes Victor gets the truth out of DiMera.

Back in Abe's office, Victor talks to a clueless Tony about the hit that was put out on him after he stopped Lexie from escaping with Zack. Tony explains that he has no clue and hopes that whoever did it, finishes the job as Victor threatens Tony that he will pay if he hurts his family again. Tony and Victor continue to threaten each other, until they finally come out.

Back in Lexie's cell, she lay on her bed, still crying as the cell opens and slams shut with Bo grabbing Lexie by the neck and throwing her against the wall, demanding "what have you done with my wife." Bo lets go and when she tells him that she doesn't know, he chokes her again. A cop arrives and tries to stop Bo, but he throws him out of the way. The officer gets up and sounds the alarm as upstairs, Abe, Roman, Tony, and other cops hear it and rush down. The officer tries to stop Bo again, but Bo decks him and strangles Lexie. Finally, Abe, Roman, and the other cops peel Bo off of "the prisinor." Abe has Bo cuffed and they take him upstairs. Tony comforts Lexie. Later, he forces her to take her pills, promising that Bo will never hurt her again.

Back upstairs, the cops tell Bo to cool off in Abe's office as Abe tells Roman that he may have to take Bo's badge for this.

Back in Abe's office, Bo looks at the paunshop items and reads Hope's letter. We hear Hope's voice say "by the time you read this letter, I'll be dead."

Showdown on Pier 51

Replay of Billie arriving and Shane coming in on one side and Larry on the other side of the dock. A hand covers Billie's mouth as she freaks out when she sees Shane Donovan behind her. Billie figures that Shane is there for the meeting, but he doesn't know what she's talking about. She talks about her ISA assignment as Shane says she doesn't have one. Larry watches from a distance as Billie explains that she was contacted by Martin Ross. Shane knows him and asks exactly what happened. They hear a noise and they both draw their guns as he discovers two fisherman. They chat about fishing as Larry gets hidden more. Later, Billie explains that Martin Ross contacted her and told her to help Bo. Shane shows Billie a picture of Ross, who has been dead for two years. Billie tells him that is not the person who contacted her. Shane tells her that they need to go down to ISA headquarters. Just when they are about to leave, a gunshot rings out as Billie spins around onto the ground. Not knowing she's been hit, Shane goes to investigate, but discovers Billie in a pool of blood, unconscious as the credits roll. Freezeframe on Billie.

The End.