Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/12/02

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/12/02

By Rebecca
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TITAN - Victor is finishing a phone call about Hope when Nicole comes in. He says he is busy, but Nicole knows why he has been avoiding her. She begins to explain, but Victor does not want to hear it. Then she brings in the waiter. Vic says that he is dismissed (from his job too, lol) But Nicole insists he speak. Toby then explains that he met Nicole at the cheatin heart, but that Nicole and this Nicole are two different people. When he scurries off Nicole plays common sense, saying which is more likely, that she would make up something so stupid, or that Sami would do something so stupid. Victor calls Kate over and tells Nicole that there's a surprise coming, one that was meant for her. Kate enters the office, and Victor confronts her about the Halloween surprise, but Kate denies it. He then gives her the divorce papers for Nicole and Lucas and tells her to pass them along. Nicole brags about her future wedding, and future wedding gift, but Kate tells her that that is nothing to gloat about and she'll figure that out soon enough. Then Nic and Vic leave to celebrate their good news. Kate calls Sami saing 'Mayday!' but Sami only hangs up (since she's talking to Brandon)

DOT COM - Brandon and Sami meet and kiss, and Sami tells him about a vacation she's planned. Brandon says he cannot go and Lexie needs him. Sami explodes, saying that he'll always be on emergency call when she's in jail for the rest of her life, and that her Aunt Hope is the one in trouble. Brandon tells her that he wants to find Hope and clear Lexie. Sami realizes that Brandon is blowing off a vacation she's paying for, and he leaves to see Lexie. After he's done with Lexie he calls Sami and tells her to stay at Dot Com. He arrives and tells her that Lexie told him to go with her. He find that fishy and thinks Tony wants him out of the way and he doesnt want her to get in even more trouble. Sami gives him an ultimatum, either her or Lexie. He eventually agrees. At this point, she gets the quick call from Kate and covers afterwards. They kiss, then leave.

DIMERA MANSION "HIDDEN" ROOM - Rolf enters and Tony screams at him to spill about Hope's kidnapping. Rolf tells him that he would never do that to the Dimera's and tries to change the subject to the twins, but Tony brushes it off. The only thing on hims mind is his sister.

COP SHOP - 'You think somebody besides the dimeras are involved in Hope and Zack's kidnapping?' Billie asks Roman. She then realizes that he thinks SHE was involved! (Heavens no!) He denies it saying that she is EMOTIONALLY involved, and she agrees that everyone is. He agrees to have her on the case, and asks her if she thinks things were placed to neatly. She says maybe, and thanks for understanding and leaves. (scroll down to pier 12) Outside, Roman sees Kate and she asks about Hope, but Roman says no good news. He tells her that she could help out with the investigation because of her secret connection with Stefano. She gets a phone call (Victor), and Roman doesn't have time to wait around and leaves.

BASIC BLACK - John and Shane discuss Basic Black being a ISA cover. John states that no one suspects him of being a spy, and Shane asks about Marlena. Marlena is outside to office and chit chats with Kate and they wonder who is inside his office but Kate leaves. He tells him that Marlena knows very little, and he never wanted her involved. Shane mentions Roman (he still may be working for ISA) and John wants to keep it a secret from him too. They talk about finding Hope, and John gives him photos of the secret Dimera island which she could be on, photos Tony doesn't know he has. Just then Marlena walks in to see her good pal Shane, and they hug. She figures he is back because of Hope. Shane then gets beeped with news about Hope - she could really be dead. They all talk about how things were done to perfectly, and Lexie must have had an accomplice. They raise the idea that Lexie could have been framed by Tony, but dismiss it because of no motive. John asks Marlena what Lexie is capable of, but Marlena doesn't know. Shane leaves, and Marlena tells John she wants to go with him to the island. John objects and leaves, but it looks like Marlena's gonna do it anyway!

LEXIE'S CELL - Celeste arrives to a half asleep Lexie who also wants her out! Celeste says that she is on her side, and Lexie asks if she believes in her innocence. Celeste says 'I believe... deep down inside you want to do what's right' and Lexie wants nothing more of it. She yells at Celeste that no matter what, she and Abe wont believe her and that Tony and Brandon are the only ones that do. She says that Regardless of the facts she is still a Dimera, and Celeste replies that she is only half a Dimera. And Lexie says that she can only count on half her family then. She calls the guard, and Celeste tells her that she will pray for her, and that she is about to do something foolish and that if she would never see Lexie again she would grieve for her forever. After she's gone, Lexie says to herself that Tony is the only person who can help her. Afterwards, Brandon shows up to see a somewhat sick Lex. He wants to get her a doctor, but she reminds him that she is a doctor and that it is just stress. She wont feel better until her name is cleared. He asks about Tony, and she tells him that he is also on her side and not to be suspicious of him and Tony is helping. Brandon asks how, and Lexie hesitates, saying he is letting the truth speak for itself. She realizes there was a Brami fight, and convinces him to go away with Sami, and that she only wants him to be happy. He replies with the same and leaves. Tony comes in and says that he had told her to play sick, but she really isnt looking well. She tells him that she is nervous, and he replies that she shouldnt, and everything is in place. We then see Roman lurking behind the corner. Tony tells Lex that she is trembling, but she cannot help it. He asks if she has done everything he has told her to do, and she says yes. (Another Roman shot) Tony tells her that because of that, nothing can go wrong. Lexie almost faints, and Tony tells her to be patient and soon she will be free.

PIER 12 - Billie comes to the pier and calls Larry, giving him an update about Roman's suspicions. He tells her to meet him there to discuss step 2. Then we see Shane coming towards her, and Larry close behind as the credits roll...