Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/11/02

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/11/02

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Today: Larry threatens Hope while some of the people at home worry. The amnio results come in as we learn what the baby is. Cassie and Rex figure that they can't trust anyone as Bo promises Shawn that he will find Hope.

Cast: Larry, Hope, Billie, Bo, Zack, Shawn, Belle, Rex, Cassie, Rolf, Bart, Philip, Brady, Chloe, Isabella, Roman, Cameron, Craig, Nancy, Dr. Bader, Colin, Sid, Woman, Nurse. 

In "Dr. Putnam's" office

Cassie and Rex arrive and visit Rolf. They talk about their friend, Shawn as Rolf suggests they go be with him, so they leave.

At the Brady's

Philip arrives and comforts Shawn, who is on the phone with Bo. Bo assures Shawn and tells him that he will be home with an update. Rex and Cassie arrive as Philip leaves. The cops stop the twins as Belle comes out and sticks up for them. Meanwhile, Bart is waiting in a limo, talking to Rolf on the phone and he assures him that the twins made it their safely. Rex and Cassie rejoice that Zack was found, but Shawn yells that the DiMera's are to blame as the twins defend their "family." Shawn warns the twins that they could be the next target as the twins leave, upset and confused. Rex and Cassie tell Bart that they aren't going to the mansion as Bart says that Rolf won't like this. He calls Rolf and tells him about the problem.

Later, in the woods, Rex and Cassie are running as they wonder who to trust. They go to see Dr. Putnam.

At the hospital

The nurse gives Craig the documents as he reads through them, passing Colin on the way. Colin asks him if he wants him to break the news as Craig tells him that he'll handle it. Craig goes into the office and tells Nancy, Chloe, and Brady that the baby is a girl, and she matches Chloe's bonemarrow. They all celebrate as Chloe wants to get sundays, but Craig suggests she and Brady get some, so they head out. Craig slips the Sikes picture to Brady as Nancy notices something on the report. They call Dr. Bader and she tells them that everything is fine.

In the hall, Brady and Chloe laugh and talk as they leave and Philip arrives watching. After they are gone, Nancy asks Philip if Chloe told him the news. He goes on and on about Brady and Chloe, congratulating the Wesley's on their baby as he leaves.

At the police station

Bo asks Roman if he got Lexie to admit the truth and he says no, so Bo threatens to kill Lexie. Cameron overhears and threatens to press charges. Bo goes to leave, calling Cameron an ambulance chaser and a money grubber. After he is gone, Cameron leaves.

At the secret warehouse

Hope opens the peephole and sees Larry and Billie together, shocked. After Billie leaves, Larry talks about killing her.

Later, on a hill Philip, arrives and breaks down against the "P&C4ever" tree. He cries as he thinks about Brady and Chloe.

Later, at Brady's loft

Brady and Chloe arrive as she has fudge on her shirt, blaming Brady for swirving. After she leaves to get a T-shirt, Isabella appears and congratulates him, but warns him about the journey being far from over. Chloe returns and he gives her a gift as they kiss. Izzyb reappears and says "you must find Chloe's birthfather."

Later, back at Dr. Putnam's office

Rex and Cassie return as they ask Rolf to help them find out about genetic engineering. He says that he may be able to help them as he reaches in his drawer for the bracelets.

Back at the police station

Billie returns and Roman orders her into Abe's office as he asks where she was. He talks about the report he got from her partner as she tries to cover. After Roman screams at her, he orders her off the case, or she is fired. He dismisses her as Roman wonders if they really have who kidnapped Hope. Cue to Billie's face.

Back at the Brady's

Bo arrives home and Belle goes up to check on Zack. Bo gives Shawn the news that Hope is dead, but he refuses to believe that. Bo promises to find his mom as they hear Zack on the monitor. Belle comes down and comforts Shawn. Upstairs, Bo shows Zack a picture of Hope.

Back at the warehouse

After Billie is gone, Larry returns to Hope and brags about how easy it was to set Lexie up. Hope tells him that he will never get away with it as he talks about her being "dead." Later, Larry chokes Hope as he says that after they are done, she'd wish she were dead.

The End.