Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/8/02

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/8/02

By Justin

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Today: Hope discovers Larry's partner as the copshop is full of worrying people with Bo vowing that Hope is alive. A favorite ISA agent returns and discusses things with John as Marlena works on Lexie. Brady thinks he sees Sikes as Nancy picks out baby names.

Cast: Hope, Larry, Billie, Bo, Jen, Roman, Jack, Abe, Lexie, Marlena, Tony, Shane, John, Mark, Dr. Frederick Sikes, Man, Nurse, Craig, Chloe, Brady, Nancy, Isabella.

At Brady's loft

Replay of Brady telling Chloe about his plans and stuff when he discovers her asleep. Isabella appears and tells him to find Chloe's father and he gets on the internet. Later, Brady finds a picture of Sikes just as Chloe wakes up and he shows it to her. Chloe hugs him and they kiss. They leave for the hospital.

Later on the pier

Brady and Chloe are walking along as Brady spots Sikes walking down the walkway. He chases him and returns as Chloe points out a man who looked exactly like Sikes (Sikes really was there, but Chloe only saw the man who was wearing the same clothes as Sikes). Brady says that he's sorry as they leave.

At the hospital

Craig arrives in his office to find Nancy picking names. Later, when Craig walks out, Brady and Chloe arrive. He tells them about Nancy's name picking as Brady shows him the picture of Sikes. He wants it photocopied, but warns them not to tell Nancy. Brady and Chloe walk in as Nancy asks if they like Rock for a boy's name and Daisy for a girl's name as Daisy was the name of Julia Roberts' first movie character and she is Nancy's favorite actress. Nancy suggests Julia Fiona (Julia's real middle name) as Brady suggests "Aaron Brockevich Wesley" for a boy and they all laugh.

Later outside, Craig is returning when a nurse hands him the results. He opens them and gets a shocked look on his face.

At Basic Black

Marlena and John are talking about the mysterious island. Roman calls Marlena and orders her down to the station to get the truth out of Lexie, so Marlena leaves. John calls his contact and orders them to make his family safe. Suddenly, his movement sensor detects someone in the private elevator. He loads his gun and points it as we see feet walking in with John asking, "what the hell are you doing here?" It's only Shane Donovan as Shane tells John that he's lucky he isn't trigger happy. They chat about Kimberly and the kids as John shows him his newest "toy." Shane seems really impressed, noting that it had to have costed some pretty good pocket change.

At the Salem Police Department

In Lexie's cell, she whines to Tony about being framed. He promises to help her as Marlena arrives and accuses them of hiding something. Tony covers talking about how no one will believe his sister as Marlena asks to speak with her.

Elsewhere in the police station, Jen finds Jack and Abe, hoping for good news, but they remain silent with Billie standing nearby listening.

In Abe's office, Roman stands with his brother as Bo reads the letter. We hear Hope's voice as she says, "By the time you read this letter, I'll be dead. I pray to god this letter will be found and gotten to you somehow. Lexie kidnapped me and zack. She's crazy, Bo, and I know she intends to kill me and take our child and disappear forever. There were so many times in the past you've saved me from certain doom. I marvel at how we always managed to defy the odds and beat what seemed to be our inescapable fate. But this time I know there is nothing you can do. I don't have much time, and I can't risk lexie discovering this letter. Just know I love you and shawn and zack more than life itself. I cherish every moment I've ever spent with you. And I'm comforted, even now, by all those special memories of how we (Notice how she says "How we (Howie, get it?) fell in love as children, how we kept that love alive no matter how people or circumstances tried to separate us, how we always felt that love across time and space, and how we will continue to feel our love even after death. Bo cries as he reads this.

Later, Roman shows Abe the letter and he confirms that it is Hope's handwriting. Abe lets Jen read it and she gets upset as Jack comforts her. They begin to talk about Hope's death as Billie watches, uncomfortably. Jen goes into Abe's office as Bo tells her that he knows there is a message in the letter. Billie tries to go into Abe's office, but Roman sends her and Mark off to the pier. Abe returns with the reults and the note was ripped out of Lexie book. Roman explains that things don't look good for Lexie.

Later, back at Lexie's jail cell, Abe arrives explaining to Tony, Marlena, and Lexie that the hair on Hope's sweater matches her's. The blood is Hope's.

Back outside Abe's office, Jen asks Jack if he believes Hope's dead. He explains that he believes that Lexie hired someone to kill Hope.

Back in Abe's office, Bo tells Roman that he knows Hope isn't dead as he would know it if she was.

At the secret dungeon

Larry returns, celebrating to himself. Inside, Hope wonders why Bo didn't find the clues yet. She tries to find out where she is by prying open the peephole. Larry leaves again.

Later back on the pier

Billie ad Mark are searching for clues as she spots Larry going up the steps. She sends Mark to get donuts and follows Larry.

Back at the dungeon

Billie catches Larry and explains that she wants out as he tells her not to worry. Hope pries the hole open and is shocked to see Billie with Larry.

The End.