Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/7/02

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/7/02

By Justin

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BRADY'S LOFT - Chloe comes to the loft, saying that she couldn't sleep, thinking about how Brady told her that he loved her. Brady invites Chole in, and she's a little hesitant. She explains that when she left, he kept thinking about that moment over and over and she cried. She said it was a good kind of crying, and that he was so generous and understanding. He mentions that time is important, and they sit down. She says that she's wanted to tell him for months. She said that when she was younger, good things always followed with bad. Now she says that she has this illness, and they haven't found some kind of cure, and that her survival is slim. Brady says that she thinks that if things go well for them that something will happen wrong with her treatment, and she says yes. He understand, saying she doesn't have to tell him now, and he'll wait forever. And they kiss. :) Chloe thinks she's hopelessly superstitious, but Brady denies it and gives her a history lesson about the Gods. He also tells her to say the opposite, so nothing bad can happen, and she tells him that makes sense. He trys it out on her, and they laugh. She does the same. And they kiss....again. They laugh, and Chloe asks Brady to play his mothers song. Brady hesitates, but eventually goes to the piano, with Chole right beside him. Chloe plays as he hums and we see Isabella right beside the piano, smiling at Brady. She tells him she feels his moms presence, and Brady is amazed also when Chloe knows when she disappears. He then finishes the song, with her head on his shoulder. Brady gives Chloe hope, and we see IzzyB saying 'You've told her that you love her, brady. Now give her what she needs... to know her father'

PENTHOUSE GRILL - Victor and Nicole are at breakfast, and Victor finishes a conversation about trying to find Hope Brady. Sami and Kate also meet their, waiting for their plan to go into motion. Just then Nicole gets a call from one of the men at the cheating heart. Nicole hangs up on her "lover" as Sami and Kate glow. They chat about their plan, she leaves to see Brandon and tells Kate to tell her about it later. We then see a waiter (who was at the cheating heart) and he wants her baaaaaad. Kate gives herself a mental pat on the back when she sees it. The waiter comes by and tells Victor and Nicole that he is their waiter and puts a napkin on Nicoles lap, along with a not saying to meet him on the terrace in 5 minutes to continue where they left off last night. Nicole’s confused as Kate watches. Nico calls Victor and Nicole tells Victor she has to go to the bathroom. She meets Toby on the terrace and he tells her what happened that night and pulls her in for a kiss. Victor looks out in time to see the kiss and leaves the restaurant. Kate watches and hides behind her menu and calls Sami. Nicole takes her phone, tells Sami that it won’t work and puts it in Kate's drink.

POLICE STATION - Abe is still interrogating Brandon, but Brandon keeps defending Lexie, and the actual truth. He tells Abe that he is a weak man, and everyone who is close to him is being set up for a fall. Abe then tells Brandon that he only feels hate, and anger, and soon he will explode. Brandon says he has the right to leave now, and does so. Bo, Abe, John and Marlena are chatting, awaiting the fax about the evidence. Then they learn that the blood on the sweater is the same blood type as Hope. He hears the good guys chatting about the evidence (hopes sweater) Marlena asked to talk to Brandon and they go into Abe's office. Roman gets a call (about the note) and Abe and Bo talk about hairs being found on the sweater. Brandon defends Lexie to Marlena, and she tells him she blames Stefano for starting it all with the baby switch. Marlena tells Brandon that he is lucky, not getting involved with Stefano. And not to get it worse by getting into fights with Bo and Abe. Marlena tells him that he has a job, a life, and that Sami is worried about him and needs him, just as she comes in. Marlena leaves and Brandon apologizes for last night. He tells him that Abe interrogating Brandon all night, Sami tells Brandon not to go near Lexie but he refuses. Sami pleads for him to go home, but he refuses again.

LEXIE'S CELL/STATION - Tony arrives in Lexie's cell, and they hug. Tony mentions the escape, but Lexie says she is staying - wanting to prove her innocence, then Tony tells her about the new discovery...Tony and Lexie talk about the sweater and Lexie mentions they need to find Hope since the baby needs a mommy. Just then Abe tells Lexie she is needed at the lab for DNA testing. Bo finishes a convo on the phone about the DNA, and they talk for a second when they hear Tony yelling at the PD about the testing but Lexie says she wants to have it done. She leaves, and Brandon wants to follow her put Tony stops him, saying that he will protect her. Brandon says that if he really wants to protect her, to go after Abe Carver, and leaves. John then tells Bo that he's going to go after the Dimeras, starting with Tony. They tell Bo about his fugue states and the island, and that John will be going to that island today. Marlena protests, but John says he must protect their families from the Dimeras, and John and Tony exchange looks through the blinds.

BRADON's PLACE - Brandon and Sami arrive at the apartment, and she tells him she admires him for his friendship, but he doesn't gloat. She reminds him of Europe, and asks why he's in the rescuing business. She tells him she loves him and he starts to kiss him. She comes back from the bathroom to see a sleeping brandon. She goes to cuddle and he mumbles 'Lexie...'

BACK AT THE CELL - Tony trys to convinces Lexie that the law will not set her free. Lexie almost faints again, and Tony reminds her that she's been under the weather for weeks, and she needs a doctor. Lexie refuses, saying it's just the stress, and Tony asks her how much more can she take. She agrees that everyone is against her, and she needs to get out of jail, by any means necessary. Tony hugs her, promising that he will set her free.

FINAL SCENE/THE POLICE STATION - Roman asks to see Bo alone, and informs him of the note (from hope to bo) at the crematory. He begins to read it, saying 'Dear brady, this is goodbye...'