Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/6/02

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/6/02

By Justin
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Today: Larry asks Hope to write a good-bye letter to Bo, so she does but secretly ends up turning the tables on her kidnapper. Cameron Reese returns and tries to bribe Abe to let Lexie go; Brandon does, too. Sami waits for Brandon while Roman almost catches Billie offguard.

Cast: Larry, Hope, Billie, Bo, Abe, Cameron, Celeste, Tony, Lexie, Brandon, Sami, Roman, Cop, Nurse, Shawn, Zack, Belle.

Roman searches an alley for clues but instead finds Billie and her partner poking around. He yells at her and then rushes off to the police station. After he is gone, Billie finds Hope's bloody sweater. Meanwhile, Shawn rushes into the hospital with Belle and hugs his baby brother all over the place. He babbles on and on about sleeping over at the hospital. Bo and Roman arrive (They were at the cop shop chewing Tony out for defending his sister) and explain about Hope. Later, they leave as the nurse takes Zack somewhere.

Sami awaits Brandon's arrival and when he arrives, he is angry at her for being there. She tries to seduce him as he remembers making love to Lexie. Soon, he leaves to be with Lexie, as Sami smiles. At the jail, Cameron Reese and Lexie are talking as Celeste arrives. Celeste believes that Lexie did it, as the lawyer goes upstairs. Bo and Abe chew Tony out as Cameron arrives, yelling at them both. She takes Tony to Lexie. He devises an escape plan, but she won't go for it. Later, Billie arrives with Hope's bloody sweater and Bo identifies it as Hope's.

Hope wakes up as Larry arrives, talking about how easy it was to set up Lexie, and assuring Hope that Zack is safe. Later, Larry demands she write a good-bye letter to Bo. Finally, she does. Larry reads it and agrees with it, leaving to put it somewhere. After he is gone, Hope smiles.

The End.