Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/4/02

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/4/02

By Justin
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Pictures by Juanita

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Today on Days, Dr. Rolf reveals the twins' true purpose as Mimi tries to separate the twins from Belle and Shawn. Chloe visits Nancy as Brady spots Dr. Sykes in Salem Place. Kate and Sami start a plot with a man named Toby.

Cast: Rolf, Tony, Belle, Shawn, Philip, Mimi, Rex, Cassie, Dr. Frederick Sikes, Brady, Dr. Bader, Chloe, Nancy, Craig, Sami, Kate, Toby, Guys at bar, bartender, Patty.

At Salem University

The five Salem U. residents: Belle, Shawn, Mimi, Cassie, and Rex, are watching a horror movie in Belle's room. Mimi comforts Shawn, who is upset about Hope and Zack. Mimi comes up with an idea to cheer Shawn up and goes outside. She immediately runs into Philip and she tells him that she needs his help. Mimi and Philip return to Belle's room with the game "Twister," and the twins grow excited as Mimi explains. Mimi whispers to Philip that they need to divert Cassie and Rex’s attention from Belle and Shawn. Later, the game gets crazy as Mimi keeps changing the rules until they finally give up. Shawn goes out for fresh air as Cassie offers to go with him, but Mimi suggests they go to DotCom instead.

At Salem Place

Kate and Sami meet up as Sami brags about all the candy Will got trick-or-treating. Kate hands her a paper bag and tells her to change. When Sami returns from changing, she is dressed as a hooker. Kate pulls out business cards with Nicole's name, phone number, address, etc., and Kate tells Sami that she is going to go to the Cheatin' Heart and hit on guys, leading them to think that she is Nicole Walker. Then, the next day, the guys will start calling Nicole, and Victor will think she is cheating on him.

Elsewhere in Salem Place, Brady runs into Chloe and talks about how they need to live in the moment, and he apologizes for making her think he was rushing her into a relationship as they sit down on a bench. Craig calls Chloe on her cell and explains about Nancy's appointment for her amniocentesis. Chloe excuses herself and leaves to be with Nancy.

At the Cheatin' Heart

Sami arrives, and starts flirting with the men. A few minutes later, Kate tries to spy on Sami but is pushed into the bar. Kate sits at the bar as Sami asks a man named Toby to put a song on for her. While dancing, one of the guys puts Kate up on the bar, and Sami has another guy put her on the bar. The guys cheer them on as they dance together. After the dancing, Toby asks for "Nicole's" number and she gives him, and all the other guys, a business card as she and Kate leave. Outside, the two "friends" celebrate, but they insult each other as they realize they’re mortal enemies.  However, as they walk off, both are smiling.

At University Hospital

Craig and Nancy are in an exam room waiting for Dr. Bader as Nancy talks about how it would be a miracle if the baby saved Chloe's life by being a bone marrow match. Nancy is nervous as Craig reassures her about the test, and Dr. Bader walks in and also reassures her. Craig calls Chloe while she’s with Brady, and she rushes to be by Nancy‘s side. Later, Dr. Bader and Chloe walk in, almost at the same time as Nancy is glad to see Chloe. When the doctor is ready, Nancy tells Craig and Chloe to leave, as she‘s too nervous to have them in the room. They leave and Nancy sees the long amnio needle, and almost faints. In the hall, Craig gives Chloe a fatherly advice chat as they wait. After the test, Dr. Bader returns and mentions how well Nancy did. But back in the room, Nancy gets abdominal pains.

At .Com

The teens arrive; Mimi drags Rex off, and Philip drags Cassie off, to go play video games. Belle spots Brady, and she tells him about not being able to help Shawn. She sees Shawn tear a wanted poster of his mother and brother off the wall and follows to see where he goes.

Later, back at Salem Place, Brady talks to himself about how Dry Creek was the only chance to find Chloe's father, and then we see Dr. Frederick Sykes on a cell phone. Sykes tells the person on the other end that he has relocated to Salem.

Back at Dot.Com

Belle follows Shawn to the copy machine and they make more wanted posters. As Belle watches Rex and Cassie, she wonders why John thinks they are so evil. The teens grab posters and hang them up around Salem Place.

At the DiMera Mansion

Tony threatens a very afraid Rolf, who starts to explain the twins' purpose. He talks about how he was driving the plane during the meteor shower and a meteor hit the plane, leading to the twins crashing (He also explains that he was planning to send them to Salem anyway). Rolf explains that he got a job at Salem U. to keep an eye on the twins as Tony asks why he is playing with "innocent lives." Rolf talks about them being the phoenix risen from the ashes. Tony asks if they are a recreation of Stefano, and Rolf answers vaguely that the twins are continuing the DiMera legacy. Tony complains that he is supposed to do that as Rolf pulls out the blue key, explaining he will need the key to carryout the plan.

The End.