Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/1/02

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/1/02

By Justin

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Today: Larry knocks Hope unconscious as Bo, Abe, Kyle, and another cop find Lexie with Zack! Rolf returns to the mansion and is questioned by Bart and Tony as Abby asks Jen about her love life with Colin. The twins have unanswered questions.

Cast: Hope, Larry, Bo, Abe, Lexie, Zack, Kyle, Man, Tony, Rolf, Bart, Trick or treaters at DiMansion, Shawn D., Doug, Julie, Boy's voice, Jack, Jen, Abby, Woman, Danielle, Boy, Man #2, Woman #2, Belle, Cassie, Rex.

In the secret warehouse

Hope wakes up to find Zack missing and tears the room apart, looking for him. When she can't find him, she panics.

At the DiMera Mansion

As Lexie paces around, waiting for Abe to call, Tony walks in, noticing her pain. She remembers finding the evidence and tells Tony that she feels guilty. She even screams when trick or treaters ring the doorbell and yell "trick or treat." Finally, Lexie decides to go to Salem Place as Tony hopes she is careful.

At Salem University

Belle and Shawn arrive, with Belle wondering where the twins are. Shawn has had enough and rushes off to find his mom and brother. Belle beats herself up for being only concerned about the twins.

Meanwhile, Rolf is talking to himself as Rex and Cassie walk in, wanting to know the whole truth. He wonders how he can help as they talk about his profession in geneology and bio- ethics, but he claims to know nothing. As the twins explain their sessions with Marlena, Rolf gets a worried look on his face. The twins leave as Rolf says "damn you, Marlena." Rolf decides that it's time to go back to the mansion, saying "better dust up the secret room, Bart. Rolfski is coming home."

At the police station

Bo walks in on Abe and yells at him for not arresting Lexie yet. They both threaten to have each other removed from the case as Shawn arrives. Bo tells Shawn that Lexie kidnapped Zack and Hope as Shawn tells Abe that he will never forgive him and rushes out, followed by Bo. Bo encourages him to go back to the dorm, so Shawn agrees. Shawn leaves as Bo is angered when Abe won't get a warrant. Abe tells Bo to trust him as he leaves.

At Salem Place

Jen and Abby run into Doug and Julie, who were handing out missing posters. Abby asks Jen if she is going to marry Dr. Murphy. Elsewhere, Jack runs into Larry and Zack as Larry rushes off and Jack yells "wait!" Jack didn't recognize Zack, but hands Larry his "son's" candy. Jack walks up to Jen and Abby and asks when's the wedding, talking about Abigail, who is dressed as a bride. Abby sees her friend, Danielle and goes off trick or treating with her and her mom. Jack and Jen talk about Colin and promises to give her space, but not Colin. Later, Abby returns with lots of candy and goes off with Daielle and her mom again.

Elsewhere, Larry continues to push Zack around in the stroller as Zack sees Doug and yells "grandpa!" Doug and Julie hear this and search for Zack as Kyle and the other man tell them that it was another boy, who rushes to his grandparents. Larry rushes off with Zack as he sees Lexie standing alone. Shawn arrives and starts to tell his grandparents who kidnapped Zack until he sees Lexie and attaxks her. Doug, Julie, Kyle, and the man break it up as Lexie rushes off. Shawn leaves to tell his dad. Later, Larry spots Lexie again and says "trick or treat, Mrs. Carver."

Much later, Abby is back with Jack and Jen as Jen rushes off to find Abby's veil. Now alone with Jack, Abby tells her father that she isn't getting married for a long time and her mother isn't marrying Dr. Murphy, either.

Later in the secret room

Rolf sneaks up on a very excited Bart. Tony walks in, wondering who he is as Bart babbles about Stefano and Rolf being friends and telling each other everything as Rolf tells the idiot to shut up. Bart tells Tony that Rolf can answer any question he has as Tony sends Bart upstairs. Tony threatens Rolf and demands the truth.

Back at Hartley House

Belle finds Rex and Cassie as they talk about finding out who they are. Later, Shawn returns yelling that Lexie kidnapped his mom and Zack.

In an alley, at Salem Place

Lexie hears a boy's voice call out "mommy," so she investigates. She comes upon a hidden door and realizes it's Zack's voice and rushes in, with the door locking. After she's in, Larry plays the boy's voice on the tape recorder. Back inside, Lexie tries to get out as she hears rustling under a box. She flips it over to find Zack. She takes him out as Bo, Abe, Kyle, the man, Doug, and Julie pund on the door. Bo kicks the door open, demanding that Lexie hand over his son and tell him where his wife is.

Back in the warehouse

Hope hears Larry returning, so she grabs a crowbar and attacks him with it when he comes in. Hope gets Larry onto the bed and chokes him with it, until he turns her around and slams her head off the wall. As Hope slides down the wall, we see a blood spot where her head hit as the credits roll.

The End.