Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/31/02

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/31/02

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Today: Larry kidnaps Zack from a frantic Hope as the Halloween Party goes up in flames. Literally! Rolf sends mysterious emails as Bo and Abe argue about Lexie. Lexie goes against Brandon's wishes and gives Abe the clues. Finally, we see a flashback from when Brady and Chloe first met on the pier.

Cast: Larry, Zack, Hope, Abe, Bo, Roma, Brandon, Lexie, Rolf, Margot, Rex, Cassie, Belle, Shawn, Philip, Cynthia, Cree, Girl, Mimi, Boy, Boy #2, Caprice, Man.

At the police station

Bo rushes in and yells at Abe for not doing anything. Roman rushes in and breaks them up as Bo threatens to have the commissioner throw him off the case. Abe assures Bo that he is leaving to get Lexie now and he leaves. Bo tells Roman that he is giving Abe and hour and then, he is going to the commissioner.

In "Dr. Putnam's" office

Dr. Putnam (AKA Dr. Rolf) is typing an email to somebody, stating that Rex and Cassie's bracelts are back at the government. After typing, Rolf says "By the pricking of my thumbs...something wicked this way comes (Remember, back in February 2001 when Stefano was with Lexie, he used this same exact statement)." Rolf also mentions that Halloween is the perfect night.

At the warehouse

In the middle of the show, we find Larry spraying a syringe and inserting it into a juicebox. He says that it's time for Hope's trick or treat.

At Salem Place

Belle, who is dressed as a biker chick finds Philip moping around. Belle tells him about buying more decorations as Philip complains about Brady and Chloe meeting on the pier. Belle suggests he come to the party.

On the pier

Chloe arrives and tells her mysterious admirer that she knows who he is and asks Philip to come out. Out steps Brady, who asks if she's disappointed. Chloe talks about seeing Philip following her and she thought it was him as Brady walks off for yet another surprise. When we return, Chloe is in a black gown and veil as Brady returns dressed in his zorro type mask. Chloe has a flash back of when they first met as he asks her to dance. After they dance to Hero by Erique Inglacious, Chloe pulls his mask off and they kiss. Later, Brady almost tells Chloe he loves her, but she rushes off.

At the Salem University Halloween Party

Caprice finds Shawn moping and hands him two bags, which they assume belong to the twins. Shawn is Jimmy Dean. We hear a knock at the door as somebody answers it, to find very angry twins. Rex and Cassie walk in with a knife and an axe as everyone screams. Shawn tells them that the contests didn't start yet, but Caprice thinks they won. Mimi arrives as Caprice makes an announcement about alcohal and talks about them never going to be having a party again if she catches them.

Later, Cynthia arrives as Marylin Monroe with Cree and her other friend. Two boys whistle as Mimi asks Cynthia if she is going to obey the rules. Cynthia asks Shawn if she can ride on his motorcycle and he says no. "Marylin" asks where the alien freaks are as a vampire hand and a werewolf paw land on her shoulders. Shawn pulls them away from her as Cynthia thanks Jimmy Dean and Rex asks if that's breakfast owner or something, but Mimi says "it's Rebel Without a Cause." Evil Cynth asks Shawn where the heartbreaker is as Belle walks in with Philip. Belle explains about why she invited Philip as Shawn hugs and kisses her. Mimi and Philip join Rex and Cassie with Rex giving Mimi a corsage and not knowing where to put it. Cassie talks to Philip about knowing him for five minutes and then, kisses him.

Outside, Rolf, dressed as an evil clown, watches and decides to turn on the twins' full power. Back inside, Cassie pushes Philip away as Rex grabs Mimi. The twins look like statues and when they return to normal, don't know what happened as Cassie tells Philip that Shawn kisses better. She talks about him being in love with Chloe as Ghostbusters plays and she asks Philip to dance. Cynthia calls them freaks as Rolf makes them freeze up again and they leave as Caprice, Belle, and Shawn wonder what's up. Rex and Cassie meet with Rolf as he tells them to do what they were programmed to do.

Back inside, everyone wonders where the twins went as Caprice privately yells at Cynthia and Belle looks pleased. Margot announces that the scare contest has started as we see Cassie in the basement and she turns the lights off. Caprice is angry as she heads to the basement. Cynthia steals a couple candels off of Belle and lights them in the corner as Cree and the other girl make fun off her for being afraid of the dark. The curtains catch on fire as Shawn pulls Belle away and Rex rushes in with a fire extinguisher. Cynthia's dress catches on fire as she whips it off, leaving her naked when the lights are turned back on. Cassie hands Cynthia her cape as Caprice thanks her. Belle asks where they were as they don't know. Back outside, Rolf is proud of them. Caprice talks with a fireman and he states that it was an accident.

At the DiMera Mansion

Lexie heads out with Hope's wallet and itinerary when she runs into Brandon at the door. He discourages her from going to Abe as he thinks he set her up. Later, the doorbell rings as Abe walks in and Lexie hands him the wallet and itinerary. He tells her that he believes her. After Abe leaves, Lexie gets dizzy as Brandon watches.

Later back at the police station

Abe returns and gives Bo and Roman the evidence as he tells them that Lexie thinks someone is making her take the fall.

Later back at the warehouse

Hope awakens to find Zack missing as she frantically calls out his name, tearing the place apart (Serves Larry right).

Later at Salem Place

Larry is pushing Zack around in the stroller (Larry is a jester/clown and Zack is a orange thing) as he tells Zack that he loves Halloween as no one can recognize you. Larry also says that you can even get away with murder as the credits roll.

The End.

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