Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/29/02

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/29/02

By Justin

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Today: Rolf makes an unxpected return as Cassie and Rex are tricked by Cynthia. Sami stops Kate's plan to bring Eric back to town as Nicole taunts the "witches." Chloe recieves a strange message from someone and finally, Jack catches Colin in a lie.

Cast: Cassie, Rex, Rolf, Belle, Shawn, Cynthia, Cree, Caprice, Mimi, Philip, Chloe, Patty, Brady, Kate, Sami, Nicole, Lucas, Will, Brandon, Jen, Colin, Jack, Maggie, Man, Man #2, Girl.

At Salem University

Shawn is talking to Bo on the phone as Belle's radiater shakes and rattles and Shawn kneels down to fix it. We see the blue key under it.

Meanwhile, Cynthia, Cree, and her other friend talk about the "aliens" as red smoke starts emerging from the doorway, when out comes Mimi dressed as a genie. Everyone laughs as Caprice tells her that the party didn't start yet. Mimi had wondered if she got the wrong day. Later, Mimi, still in costume walks into Belle's room as Belle laughs. Caprice comes in, assuring her that other students are wearing costumes too. Belle talks about getting the twins sweatshirts and needs to put the emblem on as Cynthia and her friends overhear and get an idea. Cassie and Rex are also there as they are anxious with Cassie grabbing Shawn's hand and Rex grabs Belle's and they leave. Mimi talks to Caprice about it. After everyone leaves, a man throws a hook threw the window and climbs up, pulling a searching device out as we hear it beeping.

Later, Cynthia and Cree arrive and sneak into Belle's dorm as the man in a black costume hides. They search for the shirts as Cynthia opens the closet and we see the guy hiding. They rush out as the man emerges from the closet and finds the blue key, pulling off his mask. It's Rolf. Rolf says "Mission accomplished...the phoenix has risen."

Elsewhere on campus, Brady arrives in a suit as Chloe wolf whistles, saying that she is the envy of every girl there. Brady gives her a book as she is surprised. Brady talks about having to go to work and how he can't go to Java Cafe' with her. We see Philip, who spots Chloe and runs into her, with Brady yelling at him. Philip rushes off as Chloe finds a note for her on the ground (obviously from Brady). She opens it, asking if it's from Brady. He denies it and Mimi runs into them as he leaves. Mimi tells Chloe to look at Rex and Cassie all over Belle and Shawn (We see them hanging all over them). Chloe reassures Mimi that no one can break up Belle and Shawn.

Back by the doors, Philip joins Belle, Shawn, Rex, and Cassie who have been talking to people. Philip growls as Cassie hops into Shawn's arms with Chloe watching. Chloe thinks that Mimi is right, but they can't traumatize them. She figures out a plan, saying that Philip can help them as Philip joins them. Chloe asks him to take Cassie to the dance and Mimi can take Rex. When asked, Chloe tells Philip that she's not going as she gets a call from Brady. Brady tells her to meet him at Java Cafe'. Chloe agrees as she wants to find out about the letter as Philip watches.

After Belle and Shawn tell Philip that they need to leave, he offers to watch the twins. After Belle and Shawn are gone, Cynthia and Cree arrive and tell Rex and Cassie about the sweatshirts and that Caprice finished them. Philip suggests they wait for Belle, but Mimi tells Rex and Cassie to go with Cynthia. The two girls take the twins as Philip leaves.

Later, Shawn calls his dad and finds out that they haven't learned anything yet. Angerly, he hits the wall, stating to Belle that he and his family were going to spend Halloween together.

At the hospital

Jen is revisiting her kiss with Jack as he arrives and snaps her out of it by saying that he thinks he knows what happened to Hope. Jack tells Jen that he thinks Colin and the DiMera's did it. We see Colin walking to a payphone as Jen tells Jack that she suggested Colin quit working for Tony as his doctor. Maggie joins them as Jack takes off and spots Colin at the payphone. He hides behind the wall as he pulls out a recorder, taping every single thing Colin says. Colin tells the person that the plan is in motion.

Later, Colin stops by Jen and Maggie and wishes them a happy Halloween. Maggie then, asks Jen if she's still seeing Colin as Jack returns. Jack asks that himself as Maggie leaves. Jen gets up as Jack plays the tape for her and he wonders if Colin is trying to bring down her family. Colin returns and tells Jen that Carolin is planning a party for when Hope and Zack return. Jack walks off as Jen asks Colin if he is working for the DiMera's. Jack listens as Maggie arrives with two men dressed up. Colin talks about how Alice arranged it as Jack butts in, playing the tape. Jack and Colin both leave as Maggie talks with her niece alone.

At Salem Place

We find Java Cafe decorated as Patty has on a witch costume and is scaring the kids. We see Kate on the phone as she closes a business deal. Nearby, Nicole is warning Brandon to dump Sami. Back at Java Cafe', Sami pulls Kate's cellphone away and tells her that she knows what she up to. Sami tells her that she knows how she's been trying to get Eric back into town and reunite him with Nicole. Sami tells her that she knows how she's been trying to get Eric back into town and reunite him with Nicole. Kate tells Sami that she is going to go to jail as Will and Lucas walk up with Will asking why she's going to the slammer. Sami says that they were kidding as Patty takes Will to bob for apples. Lucas eventually leaves as Nicole walks up and gloats. Brandon spots Sami and pulls her away as they kiss. Nicole and Kate watch.

Later, Brandon asks Sami if there is anything she wants to tell him. As they talk about the kidnapping, Nicole arrives and tells Sami that Will won the contest. Sami leaves as Nicole pleas for her brother to dump Sami.

Back at Java Cafe', Kate and Sami find a useful article and plan to use it as a way to make Victor think that Nicole is cheating on him.

After Chloe recieved the call from Brady, she arrived at Java Cafe'. Chloe runs into Patty who gives her a present. When Chloe opens it, she says "oh my god..." as we see Philip lurking in the background and we see Brady in front of him.

Later in Bioethics Class

Belle, Shawn, and Mimi arrive for class as Belle wonders where Cassie and Rex are. All of the sudden, Mimi and Belle hear giggling in the hall as Cassie and Rex come in, with UFO painted under Salem U. on their sweatshirts and they have headbands on. The evil teen duo (Cynthia and Cree) arrive and laugh as they all take their seats. The professor (who is new) walks in and writes his name....Professor Chas Putnam on the board. "Chas Putnam" turns around and tells all that he is the new Bioethics teacher for the rest of the year. It's Rolf as he talks about a theory...."it's survival of the fittest," as Rolf stares at Cassie and Rex with them smiling as the credits roll. Freezeframe.

The End.